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  1. Hat in the Ring!

    Right on, thanks for sharing! I love flying with the 94th Aero. Hopefully this flight won't stay boring for too long! Cheer's
  2. WOTR Screenshots and Videos

    Awesome pics! I also can't wait to see what the future holds for both sims!!!!
  3. Welcome!

    Good to be back here!
  4. EVGA 790i MOBO

    Is the keyboard switched off in the bios by some chance? Are both keyboards you used usb?
  5. Sounds good, looking forward to it.
  6. So go in hugging the ground eh? Sounds like a good idea. Thanks Spectre, I'll give it a try.
  7. Wonderful mod, thanks guys. Now if I can learn to stay alive. I've only come back from one mission. Seem a SAM gets me every time. Need to figure out how to evade those darn things.
  8. Your first combat flight sim...

    Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe, back in '94. Man I loved that sim! And also 1942: The Pacific Air War. Both are timeless classics to me.
  9. Thanks for tweaking my interest. Because of your post I'm finally gonna break down and give this one a look. I mostly play SF-P1 with its many mods, OFF and MAW, (mods for CFS3), and I'll fire up Falcon 4-AF once in a while. I've been close to trying it before, but now I will take the plunge. Thanks brotha! Ya, I sure wish an up to date version of Mig Alley would come down the pipe, I sure did love that sim. Be cool. rtoolooze out.
  10. Thanks, I'm up and flying too!!! Having a blast. Wonderful work!
  11. Well, I think I'm done...

    Looks great! Nice job. I need to get me a pit like that. Would make the immersion factor go up for sure.
  12. Roll Call

    Checking in and reporting for duty, sir!
  13. Hey guys After installing SFP1 with the latest patches, weapons pack, Korea Mod, and the Korea update, everything is fine untill I choose to fly off a carrier. When the game launches, my plane instantly crashes in the water cause the carrier its suppose to be on is not there. Am I suppose to manually install the carriers? Thanks for the help.

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