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  1. That Moron In Syria is Going to Do It.....

    I hope this isn't the type of situation where inaction turns to regret. We turned our backs on Rwanda and hundreds of thousands died. It seems to me the time for playing politics is coming to a close and a military option considered before thousands of innocent people are viciously slaughtered.
  2. That's a fantastic video, would be interesting to see how some of the famous Pacific battles would look with 4 gen fighters, F-14D's and Superbugs attacking the Japanese fleet off Midway. Great idea! Looking forward to see how it pans out.
  3. In that case you'd have to set the campaign time to the 90's or 00's for the game to recognize those weapons, although flying gen 4 fighters with guns only could be interesting...
  4. US Insignia 1943 to Present

    Agreed, those are fantastic!
  5. Funny.....

    But on the other hand, still funny though.
  6. Funny.....

    I think Alex should have put a little more thought into his revenge, having to personally deal with robbery suspects on a regular basis, odds are that that wallet, credit card and cell phone all belonged to people this guy had robbed before bumping into our hero. He may have caused more harm than good. For any other heroes out there, just call the cops.
  7. What does it feel like to be shot?

    Well, bb's paintballs and staples hurt, thats the extent of my experience...
  8. Iran new helo

    This is nothing new, countries copy or improve other countries weapons all the time. The Americans and British improved on the German V2, the Russians copied the B-29 and AIM-54 to name a few. A country such as Iran that has trouble obtaining weapons from other nations is sometimes forced to build its own based on what it has. IMHO that helicopter is kinda ingenous, especially if the design actually has stealth characteristics.
  9. Well actually I'm a retiree retured to university claiming disability while working under the table as a government administrator for the armed forces liason office in my local county but got caught and am on my way to prison... ...so good luck, and my dog needs walking, and my car needs new tires, I need my suit drycleaned and I'm still waiting for that pizza I ordered. No rush
  10. Iraq AF to order F-16s

    American goverment representative talking to Gen Ahmed regarding new fighter acquisition: Gov't guy: Well Gen. Ahmed, its time for a new airforce, have you decided? Gen Ahmed: I'm thinking of going American, maybe the F-16 Gov't guy: Lets not be too hasty, have you looked into Europe? The Swedes have that nice fighter, and I think the Germans and English built one. Gen Ahmed: Um, how about the F-18 then? Gov't Guy: I hear the Russians have those new high tech fighters, ever consider those? Gen Ahmed: I really like those F-16s Gov't Guy: *Sigh* Okay, well I'll see what I can do, but don't make it seem like you were pressured or anything... Seriously, thats how it happenned, I was there
  11. You can try here: http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autoc...p;showfile=6494 Looks like it covers Israeli kill marks, but its a start
  12. Some info on Royal Canadian Air Force units in Europe at the time... In August 1949 Canada joined NATO, and as part of its military commitment, established an Air Division (No. 1 Air Division) in Europe consisting of four wings. The first wing to form, No.1 Fighter Wing, was established at North Luffenham, England in 1951, but later moved to Marville, France. Other RCAF wings quickly followed, with bases established at Grostenquin, France; Zweibrücken, West Germany; and Baden-Soellingen, West Germany. Each of these wings consisted of three fighter squadrons each. The backbone of RCAF support to NATO's air forces in Europe in the 1950s were the CF-100 and the Sabre. Until 1958 the RCAF also trained aircrew from other NATO countries under the NATO Air Training Plan. 1 Wing (North Luffenham, England 1951-1954, Marville, France 1955) -410 Squadron (relocated to Baden, Germany 1954-1955) -411 Squadron (relocated to Zweibrücken, Germany 1954-1955) -439 Squadron -441 Squadron All four squadrons flew Canadair Sabres **In 1956 410 squadron was replaced by 445 squadron flying the CF-100 Canuck 2 Wing (Grostenquin, France 1952) -416 Squadron -421 Squadron -430 Squadron All flying Canadair Sabres **In 1956 416 squadron was replaced by 423 squadron flying the CF-100 Canuck 3 Wing (Zweibrücken, Germany 1953) -413 Squadron -427 Squadron -434 Squadron All flying Canadair Sabres **In 1957 413 squadron was replaced by 440 squadron flying the CF-100 Canuck 4 Wing (Baden-Soellingen, Germany 1953) -414 Squadron -422 Squadron -444 Squadron All flying Canadair Sabres **In 1955 414 squadron was replaced by 419 squadron flying the CF-100 Canuck Hope this helps a little, alot of this info is courtesy of Dr. Wikipedia. Good luck with your project
  13. Forum use instruction video

    Hi there, being a new forum user myself, I was very nervous about what to do or say, thankfully I found this Instructional Video I'm sure other new users will find it as useful as I did. -50
  14. PLANE Stupid

    This seems like typical 'change of the times' thinking on behalf of the brass higher-ups. Brings to mind the sixties mentality of no guns in the F-4 and the multi-service platform in the F-111. These were believed to be the way of the future until a conflict proved them wrong. As places such as Iran, Russia, Venezuela and China develop weapons to counter US carrier groups, only a conflict will once again prove the need for specialized air-superiority and other aircraft.
  15. 1981 was a good year for the USN, having CVN-68 and the CVW-8 birds (with the new MF Tomcat) in the area to deal with Paran as instead of Libya.

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