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  1. Old thread, I know, but for future references I just bought a Hotas X and I'm facing the same problem.
  2. Isn't that just something!? That AI pilot flyes better than me!
  3. I'd enjoy playing it. Don't you have in mind placing some Vulcan Squadrons?
  4. Precisely! @ace888, I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough. English is a barrier to me!
  5. Nice ones! It seems to me that you are using Times New Roman font to the brazilian aircraft? You'd be glad to know that Brazilian Air Force uses the same font as USAF, "amarillo". Any information needed concerning the brazilian aircrafts, don't keep it to yourself!
  6. Well, that's a hell of a wall. The Phantom disappeared...
  7. Indian Navy P-8I First Pic

    Niiiiiiiiice... [2] I think that one, maybe two months ago the firsts pics of the brazilian P-3 were released...
  8. @ravenclaw_007, I believe you nuked some friendly forces down there...
  9. @SoulFreak, I understood that, but as my only contribution to the comunnity is download it's excelent mods, I thought I could give a little help here. At least once.
  10. I've found other interesting models: Churchill Tank http://www.gfx-3d-model.com/2009/10/churchill-tank-3d-model/ AS365 Dauphin http://www.gfx-3d-model.com/2010/10/eurocopter-as365-dauphin-3d-model/ AH-1Z Super Cobra http://www.gfx-3d-model.com/2010/10/ah-1-super-cobra-3d-model/
  11. I do believe that big mods such as Malvinas and Cuba, wich modify a huge part of the game, are in need of major updates due to the latest patches. I can be wrong though.
  12. This will grab more than their attention! Nice one!
  13. Extreme Low Pass

    Crazy bastard!

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