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  1. Battletech/Mechwarrior RPG?

    The classic BattleTech RPG was not an RPG - it was a turn-based strategy game played on a big hex grid. A company called Catalyst picked up all the BT IP, and they have rebotted both the RPG and Board game - have a look: http://bg.battletech.com/?page_id=400
  2. Battletech/Mechwarrior RPG?

    The pen and paper RPG was called Mechwarrior. You can find it pretty cheap on ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/MECHWARRIOR-The-BATTLETECH-Role-Playing-Game-Second-Edition-RPG-FASA-/290974352679?pt=Games_US&hash=item43bf6c4527
  3. You'd have to go a little farther back than the 80's - the game in question is Midway's Sea Raider, and dates back to 1969.
  4. Very nice - I have 1920x1080, so the wide screen is appreciated Are you planning on changing the font for the buttons on the main screen (or adding custom graphics for it)?
  5. MS Flight beta screenshots

    The main program is free - you will pay for DLC. The team said they would be adding TrackIR etc in later releases. So really they are using TK's release model
  6. More than likely the new terrain will be limited to the new maps. From discussions in previous posts, the new terrains will not be tiled based by LOD based, so I'll bet NA ships with two terrain code paths - one for the new, and one for compatibility with the old.
  7. I had only ever seen a single sketch of this in an old Jane's. Thanks for sharing, great video!
  8. Great Buy for your Library?

    Come on guys, the shipping is very reasonable - only $3.99
  9. RAZBAM Once in a lifetime sale

    Keep trying. Yesterday I kept hitting "this item has already been paid for" errors in PayPal, and then a couple hours later everything suddenly worked fine. Looks like a transient PayPal issue, not on Ron's side. Converted the A-6 to work on SF2 (only had to remove the shadow) and it is GREAT!
  10. Mig29A Pack

    Sweeet model. The VC great. One issue: No afterbuner effects (flame)
  11. I hope TK likes to spend his weekends not working!
  12. But hang on - your router has it's own admin level username and password to change settings. That is not stored in Windows anywhere (as in, Windows does not even have a place for you to enter those credentials). How could it then possibly change your settings? I don't see how that could be what happened.

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