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  1. Non-vertically squished Greece/Turkey map? Mike.
  2. Duh! There's a Ratel in the SFP1 Groundobjects section! Mike.
  3. Ah, I forgot to mention that I only have SF2, none of the other games. As of yet anyway! I had a rake through the site and I found something I could use. I renamed the Jungle.tga from Stary's Green Hell 2 to City_trees1.tga and that fixed the square trees issue as it seems the mapping of the 3d file for the trees in the city tods matches that particular texture rather than the stock one. So, all good now! Does anyone know if the Ratel and Buffel are available as ground objects? Mike.
  4. Great looking terrain, Spudknocker! I have noticed that the trees on the city tiles look a bit odd, though. The City_trees1.tga included with the terrain doesn't seem to match whatever tod file the city tiles are using, so they look like square blobs ingame. Not a major dealbreaker as far as gameplay is concerned, but it does look a bit strange! The link for the effects pack you posted earlier doesn't go to the download, but the provider homepage? Any chance of adding it to CA? Mike.
  5. Caudron G.4

    I'll delurk to second that, Stephen's models are great and cover a nice variety of subjects. I admit to having a partiality to the two seaters as well, in particular the German and Austrian C types. My current favourites are the Phonix and UFAG C.1's, but I also like the various Albatros machines as well. Keep up the good work, Stephen! Mike.
  6. Italian Front (WIP)

    I'll agree with that! It's amazing what a well constructed terrain can do. I can appreciate what gterl is going through with placing the targets. Many moons ago when I was massively into SF1 I had a go at making a Persian Gulf terrain (http://combatace.com/topic/10692-new-terrain/ - lost everything in an HD crash!) and I remember laboriously placing the airfields and changing the tiles. Mike.
  7. Italian Front (WIP)

    This, I like! Mike.
  8. Mike1's model thread.

    Hi everyone, Thought I'd post some examples of my handiwork, all in 1/72 scale: Mitsubishi A6M2 Model 21, Hasegawa kit: Curtiss P-40B Warhawk, new tool Airfix kit: Lockheed Hudson Mk IV, Italeri/MPM kit (this was a pig to build!): Supermarine Spitfire PR Mk IV, Tamiya Mk I conversion: and Brewster B339D, Hasegawa kit: Finally here's something nautical: HMS Fury, F class destroyer built from the Tamiya 1/700 E Class kit. Mike.
  9. Thanks for uploading, Wrench! Works OK in Paint Shop Pro as well. Mike.
  10. Very, very cool! "Magnum opus" springs to mind! Mike.
  11. Any luck with the templates, Wrench? I fancy having a crack at a Bangladeshi machine to get the skinning talents back up to speed. I can also confirm that it does work in SF1, though a fair bit of tweaking is required to get it to work. Mike.
  12. Never say never - underestimating a potential opponent is not a great idea. I'd imagine that the DoD, and other countries in the region, are probably going to err on the side of caution about this. IIRC, the JMSDF have a pair of 20,000+ tonne "Helicopter Cruisers" on the stocks that are enlarged versions of Hyuga and Ise. If the Japanese were willing to go through the political hoops, I'd bet they'd be able to operate JSF. You also have India expanding it's carrier arm as well, both with the ex-Gorshkov and a domestically produced class. They do know how to conduct conventional carrier ops as well, though it was a while ago. I tend to agree with Gepard - short term, something to keep an eye on. Long term, let's see what the Chinese do with what they learn. Mike.
  13. So, what have missed?

    Hi everyone, A random comment over on another forum I use made me re-install my copy of SFP1 and have a muck about, which led me to buying First Eagles second hand and having a go at that. I'm glad that the skins I did for the Mirage Factory's F-5E haven't gone to waste and I'm astounded to see how many people downloaded the "New Nations Pack" for SF! I see that TK expanded his own Nations.ini in the later patches! I see that a lot has happened in the interim, so what, exactly, have I missed? Mike.
  14. So, what have missed?

    Thanks FC - I've bought FEG, but I'll see about getting one of the 2nd gen games and having a nosey. Thanks again, Mike.
  15. Mike1's model thread.

    Thanks guys! Vava, I used Eduard's canopy masks on all of them except the Spit. I'd thoroughly recommend using them if your able to source them locally. They make things much easier, especially with "greenhouse" canopies like on the Zero and the Buffalo. Web site here: http://www.eduard.com/. Mike.
  16. I've only had this game a few days and I must say I'm impressed! I have to agree with what's already been posted - haven't had this much fun since I played European Air War. I think I'll have to expand my WW1 aviation library - I need to know more. Mike.
  17. 'Dallas' star Larry Hagman dies in Texas

    Saw this earlier today - anyone remember him in "The Eagle has Landed"? Mike.
  18. So, what have missed?

    Aaah, that's even better news! Wonder why Thirdwire's store says they won't? I assume that means that the games aren't supported on XP, but will run? Mike.
  19. Hi everyone, Just a quick question about the above: Were they ever available in boxed disc form, or would I be right in thinking that they were only available via download? I've just picked up FE second hand, so I'm on an info gathering spree! Thanks in advance, Mike.
  20. Thanks PR, that's what I thought! I'm still running XP (family computer, not a gaming rig), so the newer versions are closed to me just now. Looks like I'll have to see if I can get a hold of FE Gold off Thirdwire's store. Thanks again, Mike.
  21. So, what have missed?

    Hmm, interesting. I did see the version 2 of the games, but as my comps still running on XP, they're a closed door at the moment. I'll possibly have a look as and when I upgrade. In the meantime I'll have a good rake through the archives and see if I can get myself more or less up to date! Thanks for the welcome cocas! Much appreciated! Thanks again, Mike.

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