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  1. Sorry but I don't know how to programm multiplayer. But I'm interested by your work.
  2. Iran Defeats the Great Satan

    Very funny propaganda. Ridiculous, F4-D and old F14-A defeat F15 and Mirage 2000 . In reality they would be all destroyed.
  3. What is exactly the aircraft ?
  4. A-A missiles on the Mig-15bis?

    I don't think so . But I'm not a specialiste
  5. For double cockpit, edit the data.ini file search for the line "ShowFromCockpit=TRUE" and change it in "ShowFromCockpit=FALSE" For the Rafale if you want to make carrier opérations, edit the data.ini file and at the end of the first section add the line "CarrierBased=TRUE" Hope it will help you. Regards
  6. I used a SFP1 skin (from VF84) with the stock F4-J of SFP2. It works very well. Just need to create a subdirectory with same name of the plane in the directory decals and put the decals in.
  7. I don't understand, as I said it works fine on my computer.(I have several SFP1 aircrafts installed on SFP2 and they all work fine) I have : SFP2 SFP2 Europe SFP2 Israel SFP2 Vietnam SFP2 NA SFP2 Exp1 SFP2 Exp2 all installed merged and patched with latest patch, and my video card is a N'Vidia GTX 460 with the latest drivers. What is your installation and your video card ? Maybe there is on your computer a problem of installation. Try to reinstall SFP2 and patch it with latest patch. Try so to install last drivers for your video card. Hope it will help you to resolve your problem.
  8. The Marcfighter's SU27 works fine in SFP2 on my computer. You can download it at the adress : http://marcfighters.combatace.com/Aircrafts.htm
  9. i had the same problem, I tried this solution and it works very well. Thank you very much !!

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