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  1. Hawker Hunter FG Mk.61 - Dhimari Air Force

    No, it blows up on me too. A shame, really.
  2. Anatolia Project v2

    This is an amazing terrain. Thanks for the work.
  3. Chengdu J-10A Vigorous Dragon SF2

    By the way, are there any drop tanks for this beast?
  4. As a matter of fact, it does at that.
  5. Roger, out: "Go do your own." Well, I guess we all have to start somewhere. Thanks for the link though, it may come in handy afterall.
  6. Alright, they wouldn't necessarily HAVE to be in a desert scheme. It was just a thought.
  7. How about a simple re-skinning of two of Brain32's contributions. Namely, the EF2000 Typhoon: http://combatace.com...urofighter-sf2/, and the J-10A: http://combatace.com...ous-dragon-sf2/ , in Dhimari and Parani livery, respectively. Maybe each in some kind of desert scheme. Maybe something to the tune of; "Looking to Saudi Arabia's example, and acting on the advice of the Air Force senior staff, the Dhimari government seeks the king's approval for the purchase of three squadrons of brand new Eurofighter Typhoons to replace their aging and battle weary F-4 Phantoms. The much loved Phantoms have served their country long and well, and have undergone numerous upgrades over the years, but time is catching up with the forty year old airframes and replacements must be found. Having evaluated several types such as the F-35JSF, F/A-18 Super Hornet, F-15SE Silent Eagle, and so on, the Air Force and the Parliament agree that the EF 2000 selected by the Saudi's would be the logical choice for them as well. The king, therefore, gives his blessing and an order is immediately placed. This news comes as no shock to Parani intelligence and military circles, but panics key members of the government who are now desperate to find replacements for their dwindling numbers of outdated MiG-29A's, Saeqeh's and fifty year old MiG-21's. Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the loss of Soviet support, the Arab Socialist Republic of Paran (formerly the Empire of Paran) looks to China for its immediate military procurement needs. Newer Russian designs such as the Su-30 series prove cost prohibitive to the beleaguered economy of the country (as years of war with the Kingdom of Dhimar have proven costly indeed). The Chinese, eager to lure in potential customers, have offered to manufacture the Parani the J-10A Vigorous Dragon at a much reduced rate, on the condition that all refurbishment and supply/support come from China. To sweeten the deal, they are even willing to quietly divert to Paran a small number of completed examples that were meant for Pakistan. Chinese pilots will fly the initial sorties while the first cadre of the Parani Arab Socialist Republican Air Force completes it's conversion to the new type in China..." ...And so on and so on. Many of you are better with the back stories than I. Still, I'd love to pit these two particular planes against one another in the virtual skies of these imaginary nations in their "correct" livery.
  8. SFG1WMSpeech.rar

    Excellent pack. Good job.
  9. Chengdu J-10A Vigorous Dragon SF2

    Very nice, indeed!
  10. JH-7A Flounder For SF2

    It's an excellent mod overall, but I've found that the AI birds have a habit of bouncing in place or leaning over slightly on the taxiway, and then exploding.Where I'd start out with two full flights of eight aircraft, maybe two of us would manage to get airborne.
  11. HAF Zippers

    Sweet! The more well done aircraft I can collect for the outstanding Anatolia terrain, the better. This and the TuAF Starfighter both look awesome.
  12. TuAF Zippers

    Excellent. A pre-1972 version with the old Turkish Air Force red square insignia, before they adopted the red and white roundel, would really make it complete. ...Please? Nice work.
  13. B-52G/H Mega Era Package

    Now THIS is a nice collection! Great work! They're absolutely beautiful.
  14. Admiral Kuznetzov

    Excellent. I thank you. (For the life of me I looked, but obviously I must be blind. (lol))
  15. DBS Terrain, Full

    Finally, somewhere to realistically deploy my CF-101's (Canadian F-101B's). Thanks, Wrench.

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