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  1. F-16B 302nd FS AFRES

  2. MICA IR and EM

  3. Mirage 3R which was in service with the 33rd Fighter Wing in Strasbourg Entzeim.
  4. http://forum.combatace.com/index.php?autom...ode=sst&id=4625 File Name: IRIS-TFile Submitter: airvee001 File Submitted: 4 May 2007 File Category: Weapons Mods/Skins Requested by Ravenclaw, who was the project manager on this one. the IRIS the most lethal A2A missile Enjoy Click here to download this file
  5. 1st Rafale lost

    Poor Booba; I had the honor to meet him while I was at the Air Force Academy in France Class of 2001, he is one of these who influenced me to become a wizzo. things like that happen and unfortunately we have to suck it up.
  6. What Do You Look Like in Uniform Thread

    Back in the days Sans_titre.bmp
  7. Hi everybody, Here is a little try I have done while adding the F110 that I have created. 200 knots to 600 in 24 seconds, Here is the F14B This is just a Beta Beta version I will have to wait the authorization from the MF to release it then. Thanks to JAT, Bibolicious and Capun for their precious help
  8. One step at a time my friend, one step at a time.
  9. Answering all the questions at one and the same time. The model displayed here is fit with the F110GE400 engines the real one. As far as I know the A+ model on this site does not integrate them.. Not only that but it will also incorporate the Gun Bay purge as on the F14B, the avionics of the F14B (as far as what can be done with the possibility offered by the game) and a modified cockpit. It will also integrate the skins of most of the Squadrons equipped with the F14B . That is a project requiring time...two weeks(lol) but it will not disappoint you!The canard are fixed BTW
  10. That's the refuelling probe on the Mirage IVA and P. Keep up the good work pal.
  11. By the way this is a F4E grea Job though
  12. It might depend on the year you select the A/C you're flying the missile with.
  13. The next poster who stirs the pot will find himself taking an unplanned vacation from Combat Ace. Cheers, the moderating staff
  14. All right. Almost done with the storm Shadow. Just need a little help here. I want to synchronize the animations for the ailerons on top and the winglets at the bottom. How can I do that? Same question for teh ATLIS 2 pod. How can I render the animation in SFP 1.
  15. So I guess the answer is no...that's all I needed to know tks
  16. Hi folks, I am looking for somebody to map my Mirage F1CT and CR for SFP1 is there anybody interested. in doing it? Thanks for the answers
  17. Well my friend, with all due respect to Bpao and his crew, the MF does its things, and I do mine. By the way, he does not have any extra time for 3rd parties projects.
  18. Well next question is...when will they be released?
  19. Thoughts On Barry Bonds Breaking HR Record

    well different times, different ways of cheating. And you'll see that tomorrow we'll find out that that some honorable guys back in the days had their own ways and they were never caught until then. Pro sports is a demanding world, crowded with riff-raffs, gangsters, different mafias and finally the players. We ask players to do more and play more to break records and make us dream. If they don't answer our "needs" then they are just good to be thrown into a trash and some new guy will be brought in! I know that BB is disliked by many people because of his uppity attitude. But as I said at the beginning, he is just a product of our time.
  20. WIP Mirage 2000C by the MF Mirage 2000N by the VAI (me)
  21. The 2000N was not sent in Irak and the D was not in service at that time.
  22. I am just guessing. BTW, My Mirage F1CR might be ready at the time of the release.
  23. Guess what I can smell the french Jaguar A

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