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  1. Hi Paul, I've never tried to copy an exe file without its ini file, but I suppose that, if it works for you, the game uses the StrikeFighters2.ini by default. Using a specific ini could solve some of your problems. The simplest way to start is to copy the ini file corresponding to the exe used to create you mod. Here's what works for me: 1. Mod specific campaigns: Frist, in your mod folder rename the campaign subfolder to something like Campaigns_yourmod (I always keep the 'Campaign' prefix but I suppose any name would do). Then open the yourmod.ini file in the main SF2 folder, and in the [Directory] section, replace the 'CampaignsDirectory' value with the new name of your campaign folder. After that, this particular exe should only see the campaigns in this folder. 2. Screens: At the top of the same yourmod.ini file you have a [Sartup] section where the starting screen are define. The LoadingScreen is what you see when the game is initialised (note: this file does not exist in FE2). The StartupScreen is the basic menu that shows after that. Both can be replaced in the 'Menu' subfolder of your mod folder. 3. cat files? I'm not sure about what you mean by limiting the cat files. There is quite a few of them in the main SF2 folder, and by default, with a merged install, every single exe can access all of them. I don't think there is any ini edit trick to change this. However, if what you want is to prevent some terrains to show in the single mission menu there is a workaround. Say you don't want to see the Desert terrain. In the 'Terrains' subfolder of you mod folder, create a 'Desert' folder. In this folder, just create an empty text file named DESERT.INI. The Desert terrain should disappear form the map choice. Hope this helps. Cheers Franck
  2. Malibu, when you run the renamed copy of your EXE, if it doesn't find an INI file with the same name, I think it reads the "StrikeFighters2.ini". Try and copy your "StrikeFighters2 Vietnam.ini" and rename it to "V20.ini". Your new "V20.exe" should then behave like your original one. Franck
  3. Hi Spinners, Do you have this problem with all terrains? Because the Vietnam terrain seems to have some date limitations. At the end of the VIETNAMSEA.INI file (it's in the VietnamSEA.CAT file) you should find : [AllowedDates] StartDate=8/2/1964 EndDate=4/30/1975 For some reasons, it only shows in the vietnam terrain and I'm not sure what it does (I don't fly much over vietnam). Besides, that does not explain why you can fly between 75 and 83. Franck
  4. Hi all! You may all know what I’m talking about already, but I couldn’t find it in the KB. I think I found a really easy way to have multiple installs of SF2 (or SF2V or SF2E). Apparently, the name of the folder in your main ThirdWire Mod folder is not hard-coded but copied from the name of the EXE when it is first run. So you fancy another intall!... Follow me: Go to your main SF2 (or V or E) folder. Make a copy of your “StrikeFighters2.exe” (or Vietnam or Europe, but you get that now). You should get a new file called “Copy of StrikeFighters2.exe”. Rename that file “Whatever_you_like.exe”. Run it. There you go! This will create a “Whatever_you_like” folder in your ThirWire mod folder (by now everyone knows where it is!). This folder is a carbon copy of the initial mod folder created by your stock SF2, with its own “option.ini”. When you launch your “Whatever_you_like.exe”, it will read this “option.ini” file. In your “Whatever_you_like” mod folder, you can add or remove pretty much anything you want (as long as it’s SF2 compatible). However, if you remove stock aircraft (or other ground objects), you will probably CTD if you try Instant Action or stock Campaign. So far, I’ve remove most of the US aircraft (I want a Western Europe vs Soviet) and add a new terrain, and everything works perfectly fine. Haven’t done a campaign yet!!! Franck
  5. Hi Gepard Real nice idea. How about adding helicopters? They are often involved in civil protection. And kids usually love choppers. And yes, the loadout files confused me a bit. Franck
  6. Campaign .CAT file help

    Hi Vascrats I can see 2 problems here (there may be more). 1 - Once you've extracted the camp.INI and camp_data.INI files, you must put both of them in your \camp folder. (In fact you don't need to extract and replace the one already there) 2 - In wwiE1Camp2.ini your UNITID should be 24 (the air unit number), not 5. Hope this help.
  7. Hi NeverEnough How do you think I found the trick ? Froggy
  8. Hi P10ppy In the COCKPIT.INI file, if you comment out (or remove) the InternalClipDistMin, the cones reappear (and so does the gunsight for that matter). [CockpitSeat001] ... ExternalClipDistMin=0.03 ;InternalClipDistMin=0.01 ... I suppose changing the value would do fine, but I don't know the right value. Smashing aircraft BTW! Froggy
  9. Sorry guys I forgot to mention (but Tex came to the rescue) that the campaign file must be in the corresponding campaign folder. Another thing: if you want your aircraft flyable, pick a small "airunit" number. I wanted to have the Bristol M1 flyable, but for some reason (don't ask me why), she only shows if the airunit number is less than 30.
  10. No problem... Just open the WW1CAMPx_DATA.INI ("x" depend on the campaign you wish to mdify), pick any French/English/US squad and put your Camel on the "AircraftType=" line. You may have to extract the INI file from the "\Flight\missiondata.cat". If you absolutely want your Camel to be AI, make sure the unit you pick is not listed in the "wwiCamp1.ini" file.
  11. Bristol M.1C

    Very good point, Viper. I checked, and the engine doesn't spin anymore with engine 2 removed. I'm learning every day. The problem is when your main engine is destroyed, the sound keeps going.
  12. Bristol M.1C

    Thanks Laton; very nice plane ! One questions though : Why did you put a second engine (5 hp ?!) ? BTW, she flies fine with just engine number 1 (even a bit too fast).
  13. Bit of work on an Eindecker

    Hi Bort... I really love your bird.java script:emoticon('', 'smid_1') However, it's a bit to fast (150+ kph). So I checked in my books, and apparently, the EIII (and EII) were fitted with a 100 hp Oberursel engine, and were rated for about 134 kph. I had a look in your data_ini file (I need to reverse your rudder setting anyway) and I noticed you gave it a 200 hp engine. I downgraded it to 100 hp and guess what ... I got 135 kph (flat and level; congrats for your FM). Just FYI, TK uses International System in his INI files; so the value is in Watt: SLPowerDry=74570.0

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