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  1. F-35A and Thunderbirds

    Look at the AOA on the F-35. Wonder why it can't turn? There's your answer.
  2. On this day, 600 years ago

    It never is.
  3. Anybody knows what's gonna happen in September

    Half Life 3 will be released the day before the apocalypse. You have been warned.
  4. Combat Air Patrol 2 preview

  5. Jet fuel Vs Diesel Vs Gasoline - how they burn..........

    No wonder it can't melt steel beams.
  6. F-35 pilot says it can't dogfight

    Meh. Even if the F-35 was the greatest aeroplane ever built by a factor of 10:1 it would still almost certainly be a colossal waste of money.
  7. Goodbye and thank you-USS Miami

    A $700 million screw up by one person. It's nice to know that no matter what most of us do in our lives we can never fuck up that badly.
  8. A Soviet test pilot F-5E evalution

    Wow, now I will feel even worse when I get shot down by Mig-21s in Strike Fighters 2.
  9. US Pilots: “Our Hands Are Tied.”

    There's a long history of intervention. First the British, now the Americans. ISIS is a bunch of sexually frustrated, bored, unemployed young men doing something they think is right (no matter how twisted it seems to us). Killing people and destroying things has a nasty habit of perpetuating a cycle of violence. If you want to defeat ISIS then give the foot soldiers a job and a girlfriend.
  10. US Pilots: “Our Hands Are Tied.”

    Well, considering American bombing was a key part of creating and fuelling ISIS I'm not sure why people think it's now suddenly a good idea to do more of it.
  11. SF2 RAF Washington B.1 (B-29A) Pack

    This made me so excited I almost burned my toast.
  12. Let's not forget that Microsoft is getting its act together and building Windows into a single platform scalable from telephones to supercomputers. Once they get their mojo working they will start dominating the tablet and phone spaces and there will be the money for app development... apps that will also run on PCs.
  13. Saudi Arabia is Hitting Yemen

    -Saudis +Americans
  14. War Thunder - Any takers?

    What's wrong with the flight model?

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