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  1. PBR-MK-II riverboat

  2. thank you for the response it all works well now, i have got all the installs for loooooong time, it has always been working like a streak something really weird has happened no idea what it was, it`s gone mad at the Vietnam terrain for no obvious reason, did fresh reinstalls twice, gave me the rats. the idea sparked to install sf2v (alone) a separate folder, gone through the updates up to 2011, there it is, back to downtown!
  3. a separate Vietnam install worked, did a fresh all merged install earlier was the same problem, strangely it has always worked, anyways i could live with a separate install at 2011 update
  4. extracted the cat archive, found out location map and briefing files missing!
  5. no worries, it must be something on my end
  6. thanks for your help i`m totally clueless, as if the engine is mad at this terrain in particular!
  7. all installs merged, 2013 update + hotfix the VietnamSEA file size is 103 Mb
  8. the file VietnamSEA.cat is where it has to be, just like the others which are working fine
  9. the installation folder isn`t on system drive
  10. another mission, it`s like the terrain isn`t even there, no home base, no targets, one big blank
  11. default, fresh game reinstall and default mod folder location
  12. thank you for responding all default to begin with, here`s how it looks like on the editor which doesn`t open normally, only with the saved missions, when i accept and start mission, it crashes at 80%, generated anew default mod folder, still nothing
  13. greetings game crash when Vietnam terrain selected, tried many things it crashes still, only the mentioned terrain, others work well any fix to this?
  14. BMS Falcon 4.35

    one of the best EVER
  15. this means there`s no way to land a sea plane? i haven`t tried it to be honest

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