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  1. .. I dont play this game in years. And ho boy, it still kick some major ass. Exactly the sweet spot between arcade and sim.
  2. My letter to CombatAce community and thank you everyone

    Dude, i cried with you story. It`s absolutely nice to know that your doing better. I wish you the best in your life!
  3. After i had installed patch 2013 the mod worked.
  4. Nvm, still dont work. Its suposely instaled to the right place. Also my last patch is march 2012
  5. Su-25 Ukrainian digital skin

    Thx dude. I wil try this tomorrow asap. reached limit of download for today xD
  6. Su-25 Ukrainian digital skin

    Sorry for another post, but, do you know how to install the Su25 mod? I mean, i can make all work (the plane and the skin) but, i have no idea how to make the cannon work. Do you know how?
  7. Su-25 Ukrainian digital skin

    Thank u!
  8. Su-25 Ukrainian digital skin

    Dude, can you explain wich addon i need to plat with this skin?
    Ghost of Kyiv aproves this mod :D
  9. Sukhoi Su-25 "Frogfoot"

    I came here to say the same. 30mm cannon is not working, yet, there is a cannon file attach to this download, which i have no idea how or where to put it. Is anyone know
  10. MiG-29AC_Set_of_2_Ukrainian_SKINS_Digital_and_Postsoviet.7z

    Dude, i have a black texture, can you help me out? Ive installed this mod: Them this skin mod. Ive got black texture on digital camo.
  11. SU-30SM

    How do i install this? im confused.
  12. Wings Over Vietnam

    Very nice to see that people still play this game. It would be nice to have populated carriers in SF2V. Awesome topic man.
  13. Same here, where can I download the patch? Thx!
  14. First off to compete with DCS they would have to move the game to steam.

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