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  1. Steven Dobbs has passed away

    It is with deep sadness that I inform that our beloved friend and lead developer, Steven Dobbs, passed away this last Saturday, victim of a terminal cancer. He was battling this illness for a long time, which caused the silence and distance to projects such as this one, since he had a much larger priority at hand. However, he instructed us to move forward regardless of his ultimate fate, and we will do so, to keep his memory and to fulfill his wish. Steven will be greatly missed.
  2. More at Jet Thunder

    jeanba, thanks for the words to him. gO_oSe, we still have a huge bottleneck regarding aircraft system simulations. We always had, stuff like HUDs with several modes (air-to-air, air-to-ground, CCIP, multi-mode fire control systems such as the Agave and the Blue Fox, even the Harrier GR3 laser) they seem quite simple in an aviation related stand point, but for software development in a small team (2 or 3 devs) they are a massive effort which always made JT almost an impossible dream. Everything else, like graphics, large terrain rendering, 3D cockpits, flight modeling, network/multiplayer, missions and campaigns, even VR Oculus Rift support from the ground up, which is cutting edge tech, are all well within our capabilities. But avionics again, they're always the barrier were we stuck. Much like the sound barrier before the Bell X-1. So, we're doing the MB-339 now, as it is one of the less "avionics intensive" *jets* of this conflict, at least it gets the ball rolling again. As a trainer it has a simple reflector gunsight, radio, basic IFR instruments, but was able to attack and damage the HMS Argonaut in one of the most daring attacks of the war. It's best than to have very (systems-wise) incomplete Harriers, A-4, Mirages or Etendards, which will not be a good first sight for a new sim platform. Thanks again for your words, guys.
  3. More at Jet Thunder

    Not really, this new engine/project has nothing to do with the original Jet Thunder of years ago, which is dead. The original developer of the Jet Thunder you know from years ago, is battling cancer, sadly. This one is a fresh start, even the art assets are being remade to up-to-date standards. But rest assured that now with a modern tool set and less ambitious goals it will not take much longer to enter in an early publicly playable state.
  4. More at Jet Thunder

    Aermacchi MB-339 and its 'nemesis', the HMS Argonaut Leander class frigate: https://www.facebook.com/JetThunder/videos/964788650222147
  5. Pucará attack video

    Video actually recorded by Steve this time. Anyway, I was pleased with the new cameras showed (like at 1:04 to 1:21), and you can see the first glimpse of the ground war, also naval fire support by the british frigate firing in the argentine troops in the hill in the very first moments of the video. Ground clutter is mostly made of placeholders, but even so it added a lot to the enviroment, specially the boulders in the hillsides. Also very noticeable is how WIP is the sound - it has been overlooked unfortunately as we focused in the visual department. And the Pucará cockpit is not displaying the cockpit glass for some reason (probably very simple to fix).
  6. Silly Question

    Thanks. Latest images I've been posted are not rendered, are all in-game: The problem was that the game was getting obsolete, and what we're doing now is refactoring it completely, with the help of Aerosoft, to make it look up-to-date. The Pucará cockpit will look absolutely amazing, it's being done with every single detail taken into account, and with clickable buttons. -- Español: Gracias. Las últimas imágenes que han sido publicadas no son renders, son en el juego. El problema es que el juego ya era obsoleto, y lo que estamos haciendo ahora es la refactorización por completo, con la ayuda de Aerosoft, para que se vea como un juego actual. La cabina del Pucará esta quedando absolutamente increíble, se está haciendo con todos los detalles en cuenta, y con botones operados directamente con el ratón.
  7. Harrier Gr.3 cockpit preview

    Here are some from the new Harrier Gr.3 cockpit which is much more detailed than anything we had before: And this from a day or so ago, whith less parts textured and less weathering in the canopy arc (maybe better):
  8. Some updates on my side

    Hi all, some updates on my side - those are parallel tasks - all should be set and ready as fast as possible, but here we go: Sea King / Royal Navy colors, new Ambient Occlusion maps and integration to the JT sim engine: Westland Lynx half-way mesh, lots of adjusts, getting better drawings right now as I post this: L118mm Field Gun/Howitzer, in the process of getting decent drawings, the temporary ones are terrible as shown in the picture: And lastly, the bare bones start of the new high qualityt Gr.3 cockpit with an ortographic diagram out of Aero Technika Lotnicza drawings: As exemplified above, it's been hectic times, of 12-16 hours work per day, but it will be worth in the end! Stay tuned!
  9. I'm re-creating the most important aircraft in Jet Thunder with more up-to-date quality standards. This will apply to cockpits too. The Gr.3 is armed and dangerous now - I've modeled the SNEB rocket pods which use 19x 68mm unguided rockets, and the 300lt fuel tanks. Also on centerline, there's a GP Bomb. Next task will be to do the uv-mapping and then add a paint job - the attractive RAF camo used in this campaign - notice that I didn't opened the landing gear doors yet - it's better to do uv-map and painting with them closed, specially a camouflaged aircraft like this, for practical reasons, and then cut them open and do their interior detailing. All this will follow in the coming days.
  10. Important news!

    In the link below: http://www.forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?showtopic=39766
  11. Unbelievable

    Thanks for your words. The game will be sold through the Aerosoft web shop towards the end of 2010.
  12. Thanks for the fix Crusader! Not sure why the link became truncated when I've first posted it, though.
  13. In the address below: http://www.cleared-to-engage.com/2010/08...on-jet-thunder/ I think it's a interesting read for anyone who has interest in realistic flight sims and the current challenges to develop them.
  14. Are you guys doing deal with 777 games?

    Sorry, I have to politely deny this speculation. :)

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