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SF2 Mescalero Proving Grounds Part 3

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The Apache Spirit Dancers have brought forth some more target drones for your new range. This is DRONE PACKAGE #2 for the Mescalero Proving Grounds. Please be sure to have parts 1 and 2 already installed.

INCLUDED with this package are the following NEW target drones and BONUS aircraft:



THE QF-9J Cougar: Former front line carrier fighter of the USN. An AGRESSIVE drone of good manueverabilty

but no countermeasures.Operated by permanent USN detachment from China Lake. Type was

fully expended by 1975.



THE PQM-102A DELTA DAGGER: Former front line USAF interceptor. Retired and placed in AMARC storage,Arizona.

Recalled for target drone use in 1975 because of its performance simularities to

the Soviet Mig-21. An AGGRESSIVE drone of fair manueverability and limited counter-

measures. Type fully expended by 1986.


THE CQM-10B BOMARC: Former USAF air defense missile. Retired in 1972 and converted for target drone use.

A PASSIVE drone of poor manueverability BUT SUPERIOR SPEED!! A pair of ramjet engines

can hold MACH 1.7 over the range and MACH 3.5 at higher altitudes. Limited countermeasures.

A "shoot quick or it's gone" target. Designed to simulate the MIG-25 Foxbat or SR-71 type

recon aircraft. Ground launched via self contained booster rocket.


THE QT-38A Talon: Former USAF supersonic Advanced Trainer. Obtained by USN in 1975. and converted to target drone.

Retrofitted with belly-pod containing limited countermeasures. A passive drone of fair/good manuever-

ability. Operated by permanent USN detachment from China Lake. Type still operational but retirement

is immenent.



THE QF-4B Phantom II: Former front line carrier fighter of the USN. An AGRESSIVE drone of good manueverabilty

and good countermeasures.Operated by rotating USN detachment from US NAVAL MISSILE CENTER in.

Point Mugu,Calif. Type was fully expended by 1990.





--------------DRONE CONTROLLER-------------------



THE FJ3-D2 Fury: Drone controller conversion of the FJ-3 Fury. Pilot can assume command of errant drones and activate

self-destruct mechanism via radio control. Armed with (4x) 20mm cannon as secondary termination

choice. Operated on a limited utility basis from 1955 until 1966.





-------------RANGE "HUNTER KILLER" AIRCRAFT------(one of my personal favorites!!)


THE F4D-1 Skyray: Short-lived, front line carrier fighter of the USN and later USMC. Designed as an interceptor for the fleet.

Holder of several speed and climb-to altitude records of its day. Has (4x) 20mm cannon in wings with limited

ammo. Primarily designed to intercept with unguided "Mighty Mouse" rockets in external pods. Can be con-

figured to use early sidewinder missiles instead. Capable, but NOT USED for air/ground operations (due to wing

stress problems). Limited internal fuel makes drop-tanks neccesary. VERY limited combat time over range

once tanks are dropped.....WATCH YOUR FUEL!! Non-carrier use over land requires carrying of external

NAVPAC which contains needed avionics for navigation (VOR-OMNI) and instrument apporach use (ILS). This pack

is non-droppable and carried on centerline. Your Skyray wears the colors of FAGU.....the Fleet Air Gunnery Unit,Pacific

out of NAAS ElCentro,Calif. 1958.



A full READ-ME file with installation and CREDITS is included. ENJOY!!!

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