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SF2 WW2 FAA Seafire Mk.IIb Pak by Cocas Aircraft Factory & Co

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About This File

SF2 WW2 FAA Seafire Mk.IIb Pak by Cocas Aircraft Factory & Co (ver 0.9)



-- Something for the WW2 Players For Various Theatres --


= For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) =


*Note: having whichever expansion pak gave us the Spit Mk. IX is required, as

this mod references the stock 3W destroyed Spitfire*


This is tagged as Ver 0.9, as some minor fixes may be required. We wanted to

get it out into the hands of End Users ™, both for your flying pleasure, and

further examinations.


The package contains the Seafire Mk.IIb as issued to Fleet Air Arm squadrons in

1942. Essentially (in Real Life), an extenisvely modified Mk.V, with new naval

hardware, most importantly the A-frame arrestor hook. This version does NOT

have folding wings. The data ini contains the SF2:NA required statements for

carrier parking; unfortunately, the RN Fleet carriers we have use a smaller

wingspan statement. Aside from that, it is fully carrier capable, in the NA

environment; and was tested in such.


Skin(s) included with the package are:


Royal Navy:


No. 885 NAS, HMS FORMIDABLE (circa 2/42 in the Atlantic; aka "Home Fleet")

No. 807 NAS, HMS BATTLER (circa 1942, MTO, a CVE)

No. 834 NAS, HMS BATTLER (BEIF, circa 1944, yes the same CVE)


(In essence, a slight mish-mash of theatres! It is suggested that End Users

™ select the skin wanted/needed for a specific theatre, and delete the rest,

editing them out of the aircraft's main ini (ie: SeafireIIB_CAF.ini)


This pack makes use of the Brain32 trick of having the skin maps in the MAIN

aircraft folder, NOT in the individual squadron folders. As all FAA Seafires (for the most part)

were painted the same camo, this reduces the size of the package (slightly). Only the

markings (squadron codes, national insignia) change.

However..both 807 and 834 (folder called 'BEIF") have seperate 1 maps, as their

prop spinners are different colors.


All marking are decals, and decal randomization is TRUE. Other squadrons can

easily be done by creating new squadron code letters.

See "Notes" for more infomation on the individual markings.

An SF2 version of my "box art" style hangar screens is included. It's more a 'generic' Seafire screen, as

it depicts both I, IIb and IIIC models.

All aircraft use a "pool" of serial numbers. The serial numbers, while

'generic' in nature (representing no particular aircraft), ARE correct for the

variant depicted. The other markings are specific to each ship.


The canopy operates via the Standard Animation Keystroke ™, Shift/0. Guns

are also grouped, MGs in Group 1, the cannon in Group 2.


When in game, you'll see:


Seafire Mk.IIb (CAF)


on the aircraft selection dropdown menu. This will diferentiate =THIS= Seafire

from any others you may (or may not) have.


As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are

included. So, please read them.


Good Hunting!


Kevin Stein


-for Cocas Aircraft Factory, Prop Works Division-

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