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SAAF Mirage IIIB/C/D/E/RZ Cheetah C-D-E Superpack (*) 2.0

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About This File

South Africa was one of the The largest export customers for Mirage IIICs built in France as the Mirage IIICZ (16). Some export customers obtained the Mirage IIIB, Mirage IIIBZ (3) and Mirage IIIDZ (3) and Mirage IIID2Z (11) were for South Africa.
A good number of IIIEs were built for export as well, South Africa had the Mirage IIIEZ (17) too. Export versions of the Mirage IIIR were built for South Africa as the Mirage IIIRZ (4), and Mirage IIIR2Z (4) with an Atar 9K-50 jet engine.
You will have ALL those SAAF Mirages (58) by numbers and letters in a single pack, designed for long waited south african scenery.
The IIIC/RZ served with 2nd squadron from 1963-4 till 1990
The IIIEZ served with 2nd squadron from 1966 till 1970, then with 3rd attack squadron untill 1975, when that unit was equpped with Mirage F.1. So they went to 85th Combat Flying School squadron and were retired in 1986.
The IIIDZ served with 3rd attack squadron and then 85th Combat Flying School, alongside IIIEZ from 1970 until 1986.
South African Air Force (SAAF) used Mirage III operationally to great effect in Angola. In 1979 a SAAF Mirage IIIRZ was shot down near Ongiva, in Angola. The wreckage of the aircraft was recovered by the Angolans.


What's in:


- 11 new flyable planes + 1 (DLC 10) updated + 5 Cheetah V. 2.0


- Mirage IIIBZ (early, late) (3 skins: 2 camo, 1 Silver)
- Mirage IIICZ (from DLC 10, 1 camo* skin added decals reworked)
- Mirage IIIDZ (2 Camo skin)
- Mirage IIID2Z (1 camo Skin)
- Mirage IIIEZ (early, late) (4 skins: 3 camo, 1 Silver*)
- Mirage IIIRZ (early, medium, late) (5 camo skins)
- Mirage IIIR2Z (early,late)(2 camo skin)


- Cheetah C-D-E (multiple skins inside) (V.2.0)


- ALL Historical decal numbers, and 90% decal letter by type;
- Rudder right & left flag by numbers; :heat:
- pilots;
- weapons;
- Hangar/loading screens;
- canopy open (not 2 seaters) key=10




Prerequisites for use this pack (*):


- DLC 07 Mirage 5BA
- DLC 10 Mirage IIICz
- DLC 17 Mirage IIIO
- DLC 20 Mirage EL




- Denis Oliveira: 3D parts, ini edits, skins (the great maker of this mod)
- Coupi: data, cockpit, loadout.inis, Cheetah tweakings
- Paulopanz: decals, skins(*), other textures polish/edit (mostly wings and tail), service ini tweaking


To Install:


- please remove every previous Dennis version of the above SAAF Mirages / Cheetahs
- put all in main mod folder








@ paulopanz

What's New in Version 2.0


  • - Remade Silver Skins
  • - Atlas Cheetah C-D-E

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