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Shahak Over Israel. SF2. 1.0

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About This File

This is total pack of Shahak Dassault Mirage III and its versions used by Israeli Air Force.
Pack contains all required models and it is based on regular TW model and available mods on Combat Ace.
Be aware that this pack after unpacking is around 1GB big.


All skins are based on templates by ludo.m54 => http://combatace.com/files/file/13128-mirage-iiic-dlc-templates/


Ive rearanged camo paints and made different versions for different squadrons etc.
Ive also edited ini files mostly in weapon stations to seperate bomb stations from IRM, FT etc. Also i did some limits i weight for recon versions.


There are few versions of Mirage III used by Israeli Air Force. As on original TW models it is divided into '62 and '71 versions with different engines.


All mods (two seaters and recon) are based on denisoliveira models. Ive renamed all required folder /fake pilots/ mods to avoid causing problems with older versions.
You need fake pilot mod to run some of the parts from this pack.


To run this mod you need also access to TW lod files from SF2:I (lods and cockpits for shahak and nesher)
Generaly full merged instal of SF2 family is recomended.

All canopies can be open by Shift+1 animation key.


Aircrafts in this pack:


Shahak BJ Two seater version deliverd in 1966 and 1968 with serials 86,87,88,89.
Shahak BJ '66 two seater version with Atar 9B engine
Shahak BJ '71 two seater version with Atar 9C engine


Shahak IIICJ 70 fighter jets delivered between 1962-1964 serials (01-85 not obligingly in sequel)
Shahak CJ '66 single seat fighter with Atar 9B engine
Shahak CJ '71 single seat fighter with Atar 9C engine


and recon versions:


Tashbetz. Two recon aircraft delivered with serial numbers 98 and 99. Those aircrafts carried also other camera noses in future.
Shahak Tashbetz '64 recon version with HYCON HR-231 Oblique Camera
Shahak Tashbetz '71 same as above but with upgraded Atar9C engine.


Tarmil. Two fighter aicrafts converted in 1964 to recon role (serial 53 and 85) equipped with Zeiss RMK-15/23 Vertical Camera. Later also Tashbetz 98 and 99 could carry those noses.
Tarmil '64 one version with Atar9B engine


Moshel. One IIICJ fighter jet serial 59 (one of the two top scorers amid Shahks) converted to recon role by adding new nose with low-alt panoramic camera. Equipped with Atar9C engine.


Tsniut. One IIICJ fighter jet serial number 58 (2nd top scorer) and recon aircraft (98) converted into special high alt recon aircraft with Tsniut nose equipped with LOROP camera. Also with Atar9C engine.
I didnt follow other reco aircraft serial no 41 because I have no photo reference.
There were also two other noses used by IAF by unfortunately ther is no mod to cover this...hope Denis will do it one day.


All skins are done by me in 2048x2048 format based on templates by ludo.m54
numbers.lst and some of the decals are based on wilco pack => http://combatace.com/files/file/10786-mirage-iiicj-shahak-for-sf2i/


single seaters:


Ive made decals for early versions covering years 62-69.
All Shahaks carried two digits numbers. But it also carried three digit numbers in some time of service so based on photos and documents ive made few covering those years (events)
All decals for camo versions are from wilco pack => http://combatace.com/files/file/10786-mirage-iiicj-shahak-for-sf2i/


Two seater versions:
Based on original pack by denissoliveira => http://combatace.com/files/file/15494-mirage-iiibj/
decals by Coupi (some edited into 3digits by me)
3d mods - denissoliveira
nose skins in 2048x2048 format yakarov79
data.ini Coupi and small fixes by me.


Recon versions:
based on pack by paulopanz => http://combatace.com/files/file/15132-mirage-iiirj-iiicj-recon-converted/
decals by paulopanz some by me.
3d mods - denissoliveira
nose skins in 2048x2048 format yakarov79


National and squadron markings as always in my case are painted on skins.


Kills decals.
Ive mede new decals sets covering kills due to aircraft / squadron / year. Not all of them are 100% acurate but i was trying to do my best. For sure kills needs some updates in the future.


Also if user needs can change real kills markings to standard TW type of kills which will be based on actual player score. You have to edit decal.ini file by removing specific lines. Also required lines for different kills are already there.


Effect files are added.
Aircrafts are using standard TW weapons. Ive added few recon pods "camera noses" for recon versions it uses tga files from ravenclaw's Phanoms pack.


Ive also used standard sound files that everyone should have at this point (year 2017).


report bugs.
Hope you will like it.


Jarek Hereda

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