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SF2 Scooters! Vol.2 - Aggressors for TW A-4 and Fractures TA-4 Skyhawks 1.0

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Scooters! Vol.2 - Aggressors for TW A-4 and Fractures TA-4 Skyhawks


*** DLC A-4G Skyhawk required. Tested in full 5-merged installation ***
*** SF2 or SF2V for the A-4E cockpit and A-4F model ***


This pack contains 14 Aggressor-Skins for the Scooter as used during it's career as plane for DACT - Dissimilar Air Combat Training. These planes were used to simulate enemy aircraft vs. regular Squadrons.
Although a certain camouflage was applied often to 1 plane only, I decided to do 8 planes per skin for playability reasons. To difference the real planes and the "filler" I added the BuNos for the real planes in the loadout menu. The ones without BuNo are fictional.


This pack contains skins depicting the following planes/squadrons:


A-4E/F Mongoose without Hump
- A-4E/F of VF-43 Challengers, 1992 in a light gray/gray wraparound camo.
- A-4E/F of VF-126 Bandits, 1992 in white/gray/blue with light blue bottom
- A-4E/F of VF-126 Bandits, 1991 in tan with brown stripes and gray bottom.
- A-4E/F of VF-126 Bandits, 1991 in tan/brown/green with gray bottom.
- A-4E/F of VFC-12 Fighting Omars, 1993 in an overall glossy engine gray camo.


A-4E/F Skyhawk with Hump
- A-4E of VF-45 Blackbirds, 1987 in brown with green tiger stripes ("Brown Tiger")
- A-4E of VF-101 Grim Reapers, 1972 in 2 shades of bluegray with light blue bottom.


TA-4J Skyhawk
- TA-4F/J of VFC-12 Fighting Omars, 1989 in an overall glossy engine gray camo.
- TA-4F/J of VA-127 Cylons, 1986 in a tan/green wraparound camo.
- TA-4F/J of VA-127 Cylons, 1983 in a light gray/dark gray/blue wraparound camo.
- TA-4F/J of VC-8 Redtails, 2000 in tan/brown.
- TA-4F/J of VC-8 Redtails, 2000 in blue/light blue ("Baby Blue").
- TA-4F/J of VF-45 Blackbirds, 1993 in bluegray/gray wraparound camo.
- TA-4F of H&MS-31 Aggressors, 1989 in 3 different gray wraparound camo.


Included is a variation of the ACMI-Pod. For that I combined ravenclaws ACMI-Pod model with the data.ini of 331Killerbees CAP-9 to make it a missiletype-store than uses a build-in rail.


New Hangar- and Loadingscreens are also included with a resolution of 1920x1080 as default and 1024x768 as optional.


I changed the cockpit by removing the radar screen. Additional changes are the switched positions of the Accelerometer and AoA-Indicator and Levers for Arresting Hook and Landing Gear are operational now.


As in dtmdragons original mod, I retained the cannons for playability, although they are not visible in game.


I hope you have fun with it!


- Scooter! The Douglas A-4 Skyhawk Story, Crécy 2011
- A-4 Skyhawk Association, http://a4skyhawk.org/
- Airliners.net
- Google in general to gather pictures of aggressor skins.


1. unzip to a temporary folder
2. open "Put_Content_In_Your_Mod folder" and do as you were told, if asked to overwrite, say 'yes' :P
3. enjoy!


If the Squadrons are missing in the loadout screen, you should add content of the "squadronlist_ini_addon.txt"-file to the squadronlist.ini ("<mod>\pilotdata"-folder) with XXX changed to the next free numbers.
If the Aggressors-"Nation" is missing, you have to add the content of "nations_ini_addon.txt"-file to the nations.ini ("<mod>\flight"-folder) with XXX changed to the next free number.


- Thirdwire and TK for a great game, models and the cockpit-parts I used.
- Fracture, Wrench for the original TA-4J Pack and Model.
- dtmdragon for his A-4 Aggressor pack, on which this is based.
- RAVEN - LAU-129 missile-rail
- ravenclaw_007 - ACMI-Pod
- 331Killerbee - CAP-9 from his Ordnance Shop II Pack
- Alejandro - Escapac seat
- FastCargo - FakePilot
- ???? - TopGun pilot
- ???? - J52-Sound
- ???? - 150gal OV-10A-tank
- me - all skins, decals, loadingscreens, ini-work, modified A-4E cockpit.


Please PM me, if I forgot someone!


- mue for his great LODViewer, which was a big help while creating the camos and placing stuff!
- all modders at CombatAce for their work and inspiration!


If you have any problems with this skin or have suggestions and hints, feel free to PM me.

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