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Angel Interceptor V.1.0 1.0.0

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Gerry Andersons amazing series of Animatronic kids tv programmes inspired model of the Captain Scarlett series Angel Interceptor
I found freeware model online but it was crap so decided to model this one....shape of it is as accurate as I im going to do...only found some pics after I had done most of it,then reworked some bits as it is now.
model is about 95% accurate
anyways....its free so what you worrying about ?.lol

Angel Interceptor 3d model created 100% by me ..
All textures by me with any borrowed,with owners consent...
Normal map and speculars....attached LOD with no specular for those who might prefer that...fussy buggers lol...j\k.

Female Angel pilot in Angel uniform to a degree........
based on a free pilot model that I adapted,if and when get a better 3d model then for now its what it is.

AA1 Rockets The Interceptor used these which are internal in nose area
Optional pylons ,
though the tv model didnt use any.

Landing gears\skids ( G )
on tv it was able to land nose up on a launch table but this one lands\takes off conventionally.

Canopy =shift and 0
stock. Flaps  ( F )

Sounds..J79 I think is stock.....these are,some use F15,sounds,the rest are stock which leaves you able to put what you prefer.

Decals by me.

Hangar and Loading screens by me.which I think are quite nice lol

Squadrons and Nations...
Copy these into respective ini`s ..

Loadout leaves bit to be desired but its working and basic,for starters.


DisplayName=World Army Air Force


Name=A1 SQD "Vipers"

TEMPLATE to follow when ive tidied it up

This model and files I created are NOT to be used outside of Strike Fighters 1 and or 2...unless by permission of myself,Not to be used for anything other than freeware,and not to be distributed for gain,or any part thereof used without consent ,by myself or any other contributor.

This model is what it is,if you have a gripe,tough...make your own....unless its a reasonable issue that I overlooked.....to many people moan when they cant create a box...lol...

hope you like flying it as much as I like creating it...have fun and dont get shot down.

Any errors you find contact me at CA.

Angel No Specular.7z

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Wow - this is really excellent! Now I'm going to have to go find some Mysteronised jets!

These are really great models and I love the loading screens!


Hmm did you ever see Thunderbirds...

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The only complaint I can level at this model is it doesnt turn well, I realise its an interceptor, and not a dogfighter per se, but still it does seem to have rather a large turn radius, and when you get into a knife fight it is difficult to get a on the tail of your opponent , you are forced to depart and stand off quite a way to enable a clean shot, maybe a little tweak to make the bird a little more squrirrelly is an idea ? 


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