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Remember Chopper Command?

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Yup memories indeed,


I also remember Steel Talons in the arcades.It was the only arcade game that had a seat,collective,cyclic,and rudder pedals,the game kicked ass and was a task to master flying.Many coins spent on that machine.


I think the best chopper simulation back in those days was LHX for the sega genesis.I really played that sim to death.That was back in the days when they was plenty of simulation.games for consoles.Ahhhhh the memories.






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I loved chopper command! Back in the day you could reach some score, I think it was a million points or something like that and send activision a picture of your TV screen and they would send you a patch. They did this for a few games but CC was the only one i personaly got a patch for! Wish i still had it, i bet they are pretty rare now.


Edit: It was 10,000 point and heres a link to the patch...




LOL! Good Times!

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I have a few emulators and games (approx. 20GB) with which

I sometimes play around if I wanna go retro....

sometimes more fun than any new 3D game (except a good TW sim of course!)...

I have also a genuine Commodore 64 at home, with almost all accessories

and a crate of original games on tape and 5.25 floppies (the real ones!).


Thanks for the memories!



Have a nice weekend,






PS: nice Corsair, Dave! (2 weeks, right?!)

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