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File Name: Soko G-4 Super Galeb

File Submitter: ID(io)T Team

File Submitted: 21 July 2010

File Updated: 21 July 2010

File Category: Trainers


Soko G-4 Super Galeb by ID(io)Ts TEAM


Soko G-4 Super Galeb is single-engined basic/advanced flying and armament trainer with light attack capability,powered by one DMB (Rolls-Royce/Bristol Siddeley) Viper Mk 632-46 turbojet .

The aircraft was meant to be the advanced trainer for the former Yugoslav Air Force , substituing the elder Soko G2 "Galeb"in early 80's.The aircraft is usually compared with other planes of the

same type like Bae Hawk,Alpha Jet , although it is smaller and lighter .

It has never exceed the speed of 921 km/h at 11,000 m and maximum level speed "clean" 920 km/h at 6,000 m .Despites the nickname"Super Galeb", the aircraft is completely different from the elder Soko G2.

The good aerodynamic qualities are obvious in many airshows proving a very friendly and easy control of the airframe, between -4.00 and +8.00 G ,besides the semplicity and the durability.

The main armament of the aircraft is composed by rockets, bombs, cluster bombs, droptanks and the specific gun pod using Gsh-23 cannon.Some references talk about a special recon pod mounted, which permits at

the aircraft to be used in recon missions.

The G-4 saw many combat missions at the beginning of the Yugoslav wars, used like light-attacker. In total there were three Super Galebs shot down with pilots safely ejected.

During the Kosovo War the G-4 was used in few combat missions attacking the KLA positions in Kosovo at treetop level without loss, proving the high qualities of resistance to light SAMs and ground fire.

However, seven G-4 aircraft from the Lete?e Zvezde display team were destroyed in an underground tunnel at Golubovci Airbase, afer lasr guided bombing.


In the early 1990s the G-4 was a contender in the Joint Primary Aircraft Training System program in the U.S and was highly praised by American test pilots who flew it.

It lost the bid to the Raytheon/Pilatus entry, which became the T-6 Texan II.the only export order made for the aircraft was for six planes by Myanmar



due to inconvenient issues about shadows, we revised the max source file and deleted the .shd file from the game.



3D Source Designer = Luka Midic - fs98luka@yahoo.com

Model modification to TW standards = aleks, Nghengo and Spillone104

Mapping and textures = aleks

INI files, sounds and testing = Spillone104



Thirdwire = for the cockpit of A-4 Skyhawk (not included)

Aleducat = for the splendid Martin-Baker MK10 seat


special thanks to: = Gunnar88 and to the Serbian Cace community that patiently expected so long from us to fix this wonderful birdie :)


this add-on is a freeware and we are glad to present a new airplane for those who seek or make scenarios for Thirdwire Sims.....we hope you'll like it!


Click here to download this file

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:drinks:" Burn Baby Burn......Disco Infernoooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!! ":drinks:


We have a little Party........................as the same for every newborn



Edited by NGHENGO

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Cool, thanks to Everyone involved! :drinks:



BTW, an SF2 Version would be very cool!

Edited by Soulfreak

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Maybe because it was from "Yugoland"? And fitted with the ancient and thirsty Viper........anyway for all the Dogfight lovers be carefull againest this bird, and when the M version will breaks up with his Aphid..................


Ahr ahr ahr ahr........






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Sorry for the shadow issue. Just corrected a couple of unwelded vertex and now is fine.

Updated 1.1 version is now aviable for download. :-)

Thanks to all of you.

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Tried to download and says file not found

[#10870] We could not find the file specifie

Edited by russouk2004

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