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SF2 Falklands Mod

"Falklands '82" (Operation Corporate)
for Strike Fighters 2


This package contains an updated version of Kesselbrut's "Falklands '82" (Operation Corporate) mod package for Strike Fighters 2 (SF2). In addition to making the original mod compatible with SF2, this updated version also adds a number of other mods that were released in the years subsequent to Kesselbrut's original effort.


This update pack should be applied to SF2 or SF2V installations (or merged installs incorporating SF2 or SF2V) that are patched to the Dec2009 or later patch level, including Feb2010, Mar2010, May2010, Jun2010, Dec2010, Jan2011, May2011, Jun2011, Jul2011, or Aug2011. If you are running SF2 or SF2V at an earlier patch level and do NOT intend to update to one of the later patch levels mentioned above, you should NOT install this mod package.


Note that this is a COMPLETE mod package. There is no need to install the original "Falklands '82" mod for SFP1.




Before installing this mod package, please ensure the installation of Strike Fighters 2 that you intend to use is updated to at least the Dec2009 patch level (the Jun2010 patch level is recommended). The latest patches for Strike Fighters 2 can be downloaded from ThirdWire:




Also, please be aware that the mod requires either the original Strike Fighters 2 (with the Desert terrain) or Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam (SF2V). If you will be using SF2V as a mod base, then you will have one additional step at the end of the installation process.


The main installation process consists of three main steps. Please read the following instructions carefully and follow them religiously. If you wind up with a non-working mod install, then you likely failed to follow the instructions properly.


NOTE: If you installed the verison of this mod released in Dec. 2010, we recommend that you NOT install this newer version over that older version. Instead, start from scratch, using a fresh/new Mod Folder.




This mod requires a separate mod folder. Please do not attempt to install this mod over or combine it with other mods such as NATO Fighter 4+ or the SF2V Expansion Pack.


- Open your SF2 Installation directory and make a copy of StrikeFighters2.exe or StrikeFighters2 Vietnam.exe, Rename the copy to StrikeFighters2_Falklands.exe (or whatever unique name you prefer).


- Run the newly copied and renamed .EXE file, then exit back out to the Windows desktop after navigating through a few menus. A custom Mod Folder for your Falklands'82 mod install will have been created in one of these locations:


Windows XP: \Documents and Settings\[username]\My Documents\ThirdWire\[YourModFolder]
Windows Vista: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[YourModFolder]
Windows 7: \Users\[username]\Saved Games\ThirdWire\[YourModFolder]


...where [YourModFolder] matches the name of the copied .EXE file that you created.


- Open your Mod Folder and delete the \Objects sub-directory (including everything in it).


Now you're ready to install the Falklands'82 mod proper.




This is the easiest step.


- Unpack the SF2_Falklands82.7z archive package to a location on your hard drive.


- Move the contents of the \To_Mod_Folder directory to your Mod Folder (created in Step 1 above).


If you've moved everything correctly, you should have a new \Objects sub-directory in your Mod Folder, along with a few new other sub-directories.




This last step involves a bit of text editing, so please pay attention.


Open the Options.INI in your Mod Folder. Locate the "Instant Action" section and replace it with the following:




Just below the "Instant Action" section is the "Single Mission" section. At minimum you should change the EndYear= statement to 1983 or higher. I recommend setting the StartYear= and EndYear= as follows:




Save your changes and close the Options.INI file.


STEP 4: Optional Step for SF2V Users


This last step is for those who are using Strike Fighters 2: Vietnam (SF2V) as mod base instead of the original Strike Fighters 2 (with the Desert terrain). If your SF2 installation does not include the original SF2 (with the Desert terrain) and you're using SF2V as a mod base, then you must swap out terrain .INIs so that your MALVINAS.INI points to the correct .CAT file.


- In your SF2 Mod Folder, open the \Terrains\Malvinas folder. Delete the file Malvinas.ini.


- In \Terrains\Malvinas\Alt you will find the file Malvinas_vietnamsea.INI. Copy it to the \Terrains\Malvinas folder (just above the \Alt sub-folder) and re-name it to Malvinas.ini (thus replacing the file you deleted just above).


THAT'S IT. Your "Falklands'82 for SF2" mod should now be ready to use. You may consider installing some of the "optional" items as described in the next section.


Installation of Optional Items


Included in the \Optional folder are a number of optional items that you may consider installing (if your installation has the required base installation items).


- Canberra62: this is an alternate version of the Canberra B.Mk62, based on the 3rdWire Canberra B.6 model. In order to use this model your base installation must include SF2E Expansion Pack 2. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \Canberra62 folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft. The campaigns will automatically start using this newer model.


- Harrier3: this is an alternate version of the Harrier GR.3, based on the 3rdWire model included in SF2E. In order to use this model your base installation must include SF2E. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \Harrier3 folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft. The campaigns will automatically start using this newer model.


- IAI-Dagger: this is an alternate version of the IAI Dagger, based on the 3rdWire Nesher model included in SF2I. In order to use this model your base installation must include SF2I. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \IAI-Dagger folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft. The campaigns will automatically start using this newer model.


- Mirage IIIEA: this folder contains an alternate Mirage IIIEA cockpit based on the 3rdWire Mirage IIICJ cockpit from SF2I. It is a replacement for the stock cockpit of the Mirage IIIEA and requires SF2I to be part of the installation. TO INSTALL, simply drag the \MirageIIIEA folder to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in \Objects\Aircraft, allowing it to overwrite file as prompted.


- WaterNormal: this folder contains various alternate WaterNormal.BMP files, which can be used to change the texture or appearance of the water in the Malvinas terrain. To use any of these alternate .BMPs, simply drag the file you wish to use to your SF2 Mod Folder and drop it in the \Terrains\Malvinas folder, allowing it to overwrite the version already there. Note: the default/original .BMP used by this mod is in the \3rdwire sub-folder.


Game Play Notes (PLEASE READ)


There are some important things you should know about playing this updated version of the "Falklands '82" mod.


1. Single Missions vs Campaigns


Like the original "Falklands '82" for SFP1, the Malvinas terrain here is set up to use different years for Single Missions (i.e., "Create Mission") and the Campaigns.


Campaigns: both campaigns automatically start on May 1, 1982, and continue
into early June 1982.


Single Missions: when flying Single Missions, set the "Mission Date" to 1983. If
you set the date to 1982, you may get a CTD (crash to desktop)
when attempting to start the mission.


As Kesselbrut noted in his original ReadMe, game-generated single missions ("Create Mission") should be flown in 1983 because the only British air base on the islands was build in late May. If you have a mission date before May 29, 1982, the game will CTD becaue there is no air base for British aircraft to use. User-created missions (with a 1982 mission date) will work normally. British aircraft will still have to take off from a carrier before May 29, though, even in user-created missions for 1982.


2. Recommended "Gameplay Options"


Some of the island-based airfields are a bit rough. It is highly recommended that you change the "Landing" Game Play option to "Normal" or "Easy." If you use a "Hard" landing option setting, you may see aircraft exploding on the runway either because they start without landing gear deployed or because they lose their landing gear halfway down the runway. This is esp. true of Stanley Airfield.


You can fly all fixed wing aircraft on "Hard" or "Normal" Flight Model. Helicopters are best flown on "Normal" Flight Model.


3. Canberra Bomb Sight


In the Canberra, you can switch between Pilot and Bombadier with "Hook" key to use the bomb sight.


4. Carriers


All Carriers have zero speed. Were they allowed to sail normally, they would cruise wildly through the ship formations.


5. Infanty Speed


Note from Kesselbrut: "The infantry units have too much speed - when I use normal Footslogger speed there are no ground battles."


Known Bugs


There are a few bugs (none "showstoppers") that you should be aware of.


1. Stanley Airfield


The terrain on which this airfield resides is treacherous. The best we've been able to do is implement workarounds for this airfield's several problems.


First, as noted above, set your "Landing" Game Play option to "Normal" or "Easy."


Second, you will find that you will start missions off center on the runway. This is done to prevent you from losing your landing gear half-way down the runway. Do not veer across the center line when taking off (stay in your lane).


Third, even despite doing the above, you will notice that your aircraft is slow to accelerate and tends to bounce around a bit. You may even need to run off the end of the runway to get airborne.


With the exception of Skyhawks (whose spindly landing gear has real problems with this runway), all Argentine aircraft can be used from Stanley. Historically, though, the runway was off-limits to the fast jets -- e.g., A-4s and Mirages.


2. Non-paved Airfields


When taking off from non-paved airfields -- esp. the Port San Carlos FOB used by Harriers -- you will notice your landing gear sinking into the ground a bit. Also, some airfield runway textures may not appear. These are other quirks of the Malvinas terrain in SF2 that we have been unable to fix.


3. Rapier SAMs


The British Rapier SAMs will not fire in the Operation Corporate campaign due to a bug in SF2 that prevents the game from handling Blue-side static SAMs correctly.


4. Helicopters & AI Pilots


All helicopters in this mod have been made flyable. Set the "Flight Model in Game Play Options to "Normal, and use your thrust vectoring controls in conjunction with the standard SF2 flight controls to maneuver and fly the helos.


At the end of the day, though, Strike Fighters is NOT a helicopter sim. That means helo flight models are rough, unrealistic, and borderline unstable. It also means that AI helo pilots can occasionally run into difficulties, esp. when trying to land these things.


Until someone creates better helo flight models for SF2 (or TK updates the ThirdWire flight engine to accommodate helicopters), that's just the way it is. If you don't like the way the helos fly, then don't fly them.


5. Comrpnt's Missions


Comrpnt created an excellent set of historical missions for his "Falklands Mod & Mission Pack." While these work fine with the original "Falklands '82" mod for SFP1, we encountered significant problems when attempting to get them to work in SF2.


In particular, there appears to be a bug in SF2 that causes the game to refuse to start an aircraft on the ground at an offset east or west of the defined center of the airfield target area. This bug manifests itself only in user-created single missions for some reason. The consequence is that many aircraft in comrpnt's missions have problems taking off -- esp. from the Hermes or Stanley Airfield -- because they start on the ground in the wrong position relative to the runway (whether it be a carrier deck or a land-based runway).


As we could not resolve these problems or find an acceptable workaround for this bug, we have not included comrpnt's missions (though we have implemented other parts of his Falklands mod pack).


Changes, Fixes, & Additions


This mod was released in December 2010. In January 2012 it was updated with the following fixes and changes:


Fixes & Updates
- campaigns overhauled, with revised AirOffensive schedules, unit start
dates, and other minor changes
- variant of Argentinean campaign added (Operation Rosario), which bases
3 Esq. de Caza y Ataque (A-4Q) on the 25 de Mayo aircraft carrier instead
of Rio Grande Airbase
- Operation Corporate campaign now allows players to fly the small detach-
ment of 1 Sq. Harrier GR.3s that flew from the HMS Hermes
- flak & bomb effects fixed to reduce cartoonishly large debris
- Formation.INI updated to reflect changes from the latest 3rdWire patches
- terrain Tyes.INI overhauled to standardize data and better organize/
prioritize target types for campaigns
- terrain Targets.INI tweaked to fix various minor errors & address
problems with front line
- front line (Movement.INI) adjusted to correct problems with game engine's
handling of certain target areas in campaigns
- Exocet ASMs changed to allow them to hit moving targets in Single Missions
- ship-based SAMs overhauled to improve performance
- most warships tweaked to improve performance of ship-based SAMs
- Super Etendard's weapon stations tweaked to correct roll to the left
- Super Etendard's cockpit position moved forward
- Super Etendard's decals.INI fixed to show all decals
- Ajunaidr's Canberra B.62 overhauled to add 3rdWire flight model, remove
guns, and bring weapons stations/loadouts in line with Soulfreak's B.62
- AIM-9 Sidewinder rails added to A-4Q Skyhawk
- CruiseSpeed for all Skyhawks boosted slightly
- mission radii for all Harriers reduced to prevent them from flying
missions against the Argentinean mainland
- UH-1H flight model tweaked for performance
- ground-based SAMs, AAA, & radars tweaked to improve performance


In September 2011 this mod was re-released following extensive bug fixes, changes, and additions.


- missing/incorrect Sea Harrier decals
- bright white Sidewinder rails on Sea Harrier
- A-4 nation decals missing
- non-working nozzel on Sea Harrier
- incorrect alignment/decals for UH-1H
- wrong missiles on Mirage IIIEA
- Mirage IIIEA unable to maintain expected high altitude speed
- wrong .INI pointer for A-109A unit in Malvinas campaign
- Type_12M frigate not appearing in terrain
- front line leaves British ships on Argentine side in campaign
- wrong alignment for Port Howard target area
- wrong model for AR_R-530R
- wrong squadron for Harrier GR.3 (No.1 not No.3)
- loadout/weapon stations problems with S-2F Tracker
- rolling radius on Super Etendard nose wheel too high
- Airfields 1,2,5 use mix of old/new runway textures
- MB.326 & MB.339 experience nose pitch-up at speeds > 400 knots
- Harrier GR.3 & FRS.1 don't sit properly on tarmack/deck
- Harrier FRS.1 damaged 50% when landing on carriers
- aircraft on use ski jump improperly on Hermes
- AI pilots land incorrectly on Hermes
- double green Pucara's 1-Tex skin wrong color-depth
- AI pilots w/ Twin Otter not take off/land correctly
- AI pilots w/ T-34C Mentor not take off or fly correctly
- wildly inaccurate squadron strengths in campaigns for some aircraft
- "Intelligence" values on wrong force/side in Malvinas campaign
- some number decals not appear on aircraft in campaigns
- other minor errors in campaign DATA.INIs
- ReadMe for Malvinas WP not included


- RWR/ECM corrections on Harrier GR.3
- overhauled decals on Harrier GR.3
- engine updates on Harrier GR.3
- loadout updates on Harrier GR.3
- RWR/ECM corrections on Sea Harrier FRS.1
- engine updates on Sea Harrier FRS.1
- loadout updates on Sea Harrier FRS.1
- corrected black skins from Elephant for Sea Harrier FRS.1
- new "blue-black" 800/801 skins from PanamaRed for Sea Harrier FRS.1
- corrected 809 skins from PanamaRed & Elephant
- overhauled decals for Sea Harrier FRS.1 based on work by Elephant
- Lynx & Sea King upgrades by dtmdragon
- Argentine pilot pics from IceMan
- new RAF & RN pilots from Elephant & PanamaRed
- new SquadronList.INI from STORM w/ texture data keyed to it
- optional verions of WATERNORMAL.BMP from luk1978


New Optional Items
- 3rdWire Nesher-based Dagger (SF2I only)
- 3rdWire Mirage IIIEA cockpit (SF2I only)
- 3rdWire Harrier GR.3 (SF2E only)
- 3rdWire Canberra B.Mk62 (SF2E Exp. Pack 2 only)
- alternate WaterNormal.BMPs


General Changes, Fixes, & Additions


This mod is a conversion and upgrade of the original "Falklands '82" mod released by Kesselbrut for SFP1. This version incorporates the following changes over the original:


General SF2 post-Dec2009 Updates/Conversions
- Hangar/Loading Screens: converted to .JPG format
- Loadout Images: coverted to .TGA format
- Cockpit Positions: checked & updated as needed
- HUD/DTVFilter Materials: added & updated as needed
- Effects: added proper shaders to all effects
- EnvironmentSystem: added proper Dec2009 shaders & new
environment parameters
- Menu Screens: coverted to .JPG format
- Non-decal TGAs: moved to aircraft texture folders
- UserLists: added UserList.INIs to all aircraft
- AircraftShortNames: added AircraftShortName statements
to all aircraft
- Damage models: added aircraft damage models to all air-
craft DATA.INIs
- Decals: moved all aircraft decals to \Decals folder
- Pilots & Seats: moved all pilots & seats to \Pilots folder
- Radar frequencies: added radar frequency data to aircraft
radars, RWR statements, anti-radiation missiles, & ground
radars (not ships)
- converted weapons & guns to SF2


Other Updates & Fixes
- added damage .TGAs to several aircraft
- tweaked weapons loadouts/stations on several aircraft
- updated flight models on Mirage IIIEA, IAI Dagger, Harrier
GR.3, Sea Harrier FRS.1, MB-326GB, C-130, KC-130, Super
Etendard, T-34C Mentor, & IA-58a Pucara
- tweaked flight models on most remaining aircraft to make
them SF2-friendly
- added additional skins to A-4CA/P/Q, Canberra B.62, Sea Har-
rier FRS.1, IA-58a Pucara, IAI Dagger, Mirage IIIEA, & KC-130
- added new Hangar & Loading screens for a number of aircraft
- made minor correction/fixes to most aircraft
- replaced original cloud mod with Cellinsky's WideSky cloud mod
- updated original Menu screens and added a few new ones to round
out the set
- created new InstantAction.INI
- added custom SpeechSystem.INI to suppress some gun-firing radio
calls ("He's firing his guns!")
- carried over original Nations.INI tweaks to SF2 Nations.INI
- added custom pilot pics from comrpnt's mod pack
- carried over relevant customizations from original Formations.INI
to SF2 Formations.INI
- added several new sounds & updated SoundList.INI
- tweaked flak guns to improve effectiveness & use new effects
- fixed Type 12M (Rothesay) Class Frigate so that guns/missiles are
now working
- added bobrock's Invincible re-paint skin
- converted main terrain .INIs to SF2 standards
- added seven new terrain target areas for temporary ship locations
- added new terrain items (static models, ships, etc) to TYPES.INI
- added new terrain items (static models, ships) to TARGETS.INI
- fixed StanleyAirfield_DATA.INI to enable aircraft to take off
- tweaked FOB_DATA.INI to allow more than four aircraft to take
off properly from Port San Carlos FOB
- implemented custom terrain lights from comrpnt's mod pack
- updated campaigns for SF2-compatibility (& added MB-339A)


New Air & Ground Items
- MB-339A ARA
- Twin Otter
- Type 12L frigate
- Type 21 frigate
- Type 22 frigate
- Sotoyomo & Z-28 patrol craft
- Argentine Mercedes trucks (Trucks camiones)
- Banidos team static terrain models
- several new weapons or weapons models




This update pack adds a number of new items to the "Falklands '82" mod package. These new items are from the following modders, who generously allowed their use:


comrpnt .......................... Falklands Mod & Mission Pack
ChrisBV .......................... Sea Harrier Pack
NeverEnough ...................... IA-58a Pucara for SF2
Tracker & Syd Adams .............. Twin Otter
ID(io)T Team...................... MB-339A
Banidos Team ..................... Static Malvinas Models
Banidos Team ..................... Trucks Camiones
Banidos Team ..................... Type 12L, 21, & Type 22 frigates
bobrock .......................... Invincible re-paint skin
Adrian Benetti ................... Sotoyomo & Z-28 patrol craft
Adrian Benetti ................... Malvinas Weapons Pack
ChrisBV .......................... Falklands War-era Weapons Mini-Pack
Cellinsky ........................ WideSky cloud mod
SayWhat?! ........................ IA-58a Pucara skins
JefeFOSS ......................... Canberra FAA Oscuro skin
PGC .............................. Mirage IIIEA skins
torno & HrntFixr ................. C-130/KC-130 skins
torno ............................ ARA Sea King skin
Falls, nosecone, Banidos Team, ... A-4CA/P/Q skins
Fallschirmjager, & 3-A-305
PanamaRed ........................ Harrier FRS.1/GR.3 fixes, Hermes fixes,
Mentor fixes, Pucara fixes
Elephant ........................ updated Harrier FRS.1 skins & decals
STORM ............................ updated/expanded SquadronList.INI w/ a/c .INIs
luk1978 .......................... new WaterNormal.BMP versions
Ice Man .......................... Argentine pilot pics
dtmdragon ........................ Lynx & Sea King upgrades
torno ............................ Dagger skins & antennas for 3rdWire Nesher
Soulfreak ........................ Canberra B.Mk62 (3rdWire B6 model)
ataribaby ........................ Super Etendard fixes
Wrench ........................... Exocet ASM fixes


Additional skins from Edward's "Falklands Mod and Campaign for SFP1."


Credit for the original "Falklands '82" mod package goes to Daniel "Kesselbrut" Himmel and the team of modders that contributed to that original release for SFP1. For a list of all the modders whose work is used in the complete "Falklands '82" mod, see the original ReadMes included in \OriginalReadmes.


If we have neglected to credit anyone here, please let us know. We will get it fixed ASAP.


eburger68 & Dave (USAFMTL)
15 November 2010
5 Jan 2012


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As Dave noted, it is important to that you go through the ReadMe for this one -- esp. the game play and bug notes. Also, although the ReadMe neglects to mention it, this mod is Exp. Pack 2 compatible.


Eric Howes

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... Thank you very much :clapping::clapping::clapping:


Coupi. :salute:

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Thank you very very much! Excellent, very thorough and easy to understand installation guide too - I highly doubt you'll get any of these "how to install this mod" questions :grin:.

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Possible bug:


Type 12M Frigate does not show up in the campaign for me. You can target it, engage it, but not destroy it nor does it show up visually.


Its a Campaign Mission, Hermes Battlegroup. Fully Merged Installation.


Edited by JonathanRL

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Attached is file that should fix that problem. Drop the .INI in \Objects\GroundObject\Type_12M, overwriting the version that's in there.


I'm assuming that folks will discover other minor bugs that were missed in testing. Once we accumulate a few of them, we'll post an updated version.


Eric Howes


Edited by eburger68

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Thanks, Eburger68 :)



Its quite a epic mod, Type12 or no Type12 :D - but thanks for the fix :P

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Hi Dave.

Looking more closely at the mod I miss the absence of readme 'Pack of Argentine weapons' in the folder \OriginalReadmes, it may be included?



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I thought it was included. Look like it was overlooked. It will be included in an update.


Eric Howes

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Well it WAS in there......weird......

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Dave and eburger thanks for response, excuse Me, one more thing, Matra 530 note is missing from my pack of weapons (if you plan to include also, of course).



Edited by TerceraEscuadrilla

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Matra530 note? I don't see any separate notes file in your pack for the 530.


Eric Howes

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From an Englishman's viewpoint this Mod couldn't have been timed any better as the UK Government have cancelled the Harriers as well :drinks: and oh boy is this fun...

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I would like to stress to everyone to please give all the praise to eburger68. He is the real brains behind this. He did all the hard work of converting this, I was merely a tester. My role in all this is minor. Eric just gets these wild hairs in his ass and once he starts run you are not going to stop him. Which is great because some of the great mods for SF1 get to be used in SF2. Please give him your thanks.

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From an Englishman's viewpoint this Mod couldn't have been timed any better as the UK Government have cancelled the Harriers as well :drinks: and oh boy is this fun...


I wish we could send em all copies of it + Jet Thunder with the label: "What you might need to use the bloody harriers for one day..."

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From an Englishman's viewpoint this Mod couldn't have been timed any better as the UK Government have cancelled the Harriers as well :drinks: and oh boy is this fun...


It should alo be mentioned that BBC reporter Brian Hanrahan, who made his name covering the Falklands conflict from the deck of HMS Hermes, recently died. See:



Nice Harrier shots in that video, BTW.


Eric Howes

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Matra530 note? I don't see any separate notes file in your pack for the 530.


Eric Howes


I understand. Be overlooked but is there, I just recently reviewed in my "pack of weapons", however it apart and leave the link:


Matra 530


Thanks for all your effort, great job. :good:




Regards :drinks:

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That isnt the Matra 530 I have seen loaded. I had a Mirage Factory one I think. But if its in there, we will make sure you get proper credit. That's easy.



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Another great holiday gift.


Thanks to all that was involved in the Mod. clapping.gifgood.gif

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I've noticed that both 801 and 809 Sqns in Campaign mode, haven't got randomized numbers and serials.

Every plane of these Sqns, in Campaign, is numbered "23".

In 800 Sqn, different numbers, are being used but, in Campaign mode the numbers are locked and dependant on the plane's position in flight.

(For example player flies always No 92).

Is it possible to have in Campaign, as well, all the available aircraft numbers selectable in skin loading, as in Single mission mode?


I tweaked the Sea Harrier skin a little using some higher resolution parts of the original FRS.1 Harrier for SF1 skin.

Also redone the AIM-9 rail that looked a bit ugly in pure white...


post-10763-004326400 1293476509.jpg

Edited by elephant

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Good stuff elephant. Send that stuff over to eburger68 and I am sure he will add it to the update. Thank you.



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