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OT: Into the deep Blue

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A friend of mine liked very much to be under water.

He wasn't satisfied with swimming or diving - he wanted to walk

over the sea beds. He wanted it so much, that the devil heard him

and offered him one hour without any need of breathing - for one

hour of his life. The devil also warned him clearly, that there was

one big danger though, which he wouldn't be protected against:

the pressure. It would grow, the further down my friend would go.

And the devil even told him, that the urge to explore the deep sea

would also grow in him.

My friend concluded the contract.


From now on, he could stay under water longer and longer, and so

he did. It became more and more difficult for me to meet him. If I

wanted to spend some time with him, I had to do my best to dive

and hold my breath as long as possible. That way, I would descend

to him, and make my swimming and diving movements left or right

of him, with the growing urge to surface and breathe, while he would

walk around without any problems or care.

Soon, he wanted to walk further into the sea. He wanted to explore

the dark blue deep, where darkness and pressure normally keep us

away. He spoke to me, but under water, I could only understand little

of what he said.

The moments I saw him grew shorter and shorter through the years,

the extended diving made my head ache more and more, and I felt

that it would do me harm.

During the last months I could only just find him every now and then,

here and there, deep below me - a human spec on the dark sea bed.

I could not reach him anymore.


One day I lost him completely - he had walked into the darkness, that

swallowed him. Maybe he was now on his way to the Mariana Trench.

He remained disappeared without any further trace, 'til I got news, that

they have found a crushed human body, with many seagulls circling

overhead. They sent me photos. I could not say, wether it was him or

not. I just couldn't recognise him anymore.


I feel so hollow today, after receiving that telephone call. My friend Pierre, with whom I used

to play, record & collect music some time ago, and who's record cover I had designed, has died

last night at 3 o'clock from strong internal bleeding, after 35 years of sex & drugs & rock'n'roll.

I had lost him long before. Take care, everyone.

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My sincere condolences on your loss. I wish there was something I could say to make everything better. I want you to know that everyone here on this forum considers you a friend and that we all mourn alongside you.



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So sorry to hear about the passing of your good friend Olham. You are not alone in your grief my friend - we are here for you.

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An eloquent statement of your grief. It reminds me of losing a very close friend, tho' for different reasons.

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My condolences too Olham. Remember the good times.


After my father died many years ago, it came as a shock how quickly afterwards I couldn't picture his face in my mind. I was terrified I was forgetting him.


Loss is a hard thing to cope with, but my thoughts are with you.

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Thank you all for your caring condolence.

Yes, it is hard to accept the irreversibility of that final fact.

In his case, it was a long goodbye, so it didn't hit me totally unprepared.

I'll never forget this crazy Austrian, who always appeared like an alien in the streets -

not only an alien from another country, but from another star.

And he used to say, he would never die - he'd only change the planet.


For the memory of his face, I got a big photography from his family.

It shows him working during a vintage at the Mosel.

Wine was his passion.

He lived and died without much compromise.

And if they should hand harps to the angels in heaven, I'm sure he will get his one electrified.

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I am very sorry for your loss Olham. My thoughts and prayers go out to you Sir, and to the family of your departed friend.



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Thank you all, guys!

Von Paulus, whatever your loss - I hope you may feel connected through our fine forum;

you are not alone, old chap! (Ah, sorry - forget the "old")

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I'm also very sorry for the loss of your friend, Olham.


I've discovered that time is indeed the great healer. Words may sound hollow, but in time, all sorrows will fade and become easier to bear.

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