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Seeking videos of cockpits with TrackIR in air combat.

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Hello everyone. I would like to ask for some help in finding some online videos. I am trying to find good videos that show the positive aspects of having a 3D cockpit and TrackIR working together. I am not looking for a simple TrackIR demonstration video. I am seeking instead videos showing the advantages of using a 3D cockpit in conjunction with TrackIR in a sim for combat flying. I would like, if possible, videos that stay with the pilot's eye view throughout the ACM/BFM portion of the videos. Also I would like the videos to be from as wide a range of simulations as possible, for example Strike Fighters 1&2, First Eagles1&2, Rise of Flight, DCS/LOMAC, IL-2:1946, Mig Alley, Falcon 4, Falcon BMS, JANE's F/A-18, and so on.


My reason for asking is that there is a bit of a debate on another forum I have been reading about the issue of cockpit Vs. no-cockpit view, first person perspective (classic sim view) Vs third person perspective(FreeLancer, AceCombat style). However it seems to me like a lot of the people talking are not up on what the latest in flight sims are capable of providing in immersion and situational awareness. All I would like are some good examples of what is now possible so that I can present them for educational purposes, as in this case I think a picture(or video) is worth a thousand words.


Thank you.

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This is an old video at far less than HD quality, but it demonstrates my style of gameplay: no external view and no icons:



TrackIR makes this style of play more realistic by not using a POV hat or zoom axis.

The WoV game engine allows you to see objects if they are at least one pixel in size, so you can lean forward to zoom in and spot distant targets.

Unfortunately, SF2 eventually took this capability away, so aircraft now pop into view at a hard-coded range.

I am still playing this way despite the new limits, which are painfully obvious with B-52 sized aircraft but not to bad for MiG-17 sized targets.

I use this same style with all every game I have that can use it: DCS, Aces High, ArmA 2, Falcon 4 BMS,

However, I don't have videos for the others.

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Here is a new one I just uploaded at full 1600x1200 resolution with stereo sound. It took quite a while, so I don't know if I am going to bother to upload the first two parts. Here are the links in order part 1 to part 3:




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