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There are eels on my beach!

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If you think that's ugly, you should see what an Eastern seaboard "Conger Eeel" looks like. While it's properly referred to as an Ocean Pout, the locals have proclaimed this creature a Conger Eel:




Pretty, eh? :biggrin:



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That reminds me of an story of my father and his father in law (my grandad, RIP) when i was a child. They went fishing to the "Minor Sea", wich is basically a salt lagoon near here communicating with the Mediterranean. My dad, from whom i inherited a large pool of goofism genes, caught a conger eel wich wasn´t supposed to be there due to the high salt levels, but it wouldn´t just stay put and tried to bit them both, so he got a hammer from the car and chashed around him until he finished the fish. Told for laughs and memoirs from time to time.


Lessons learned: Eels are a dreadful enemy, but nothing you can´t solve with a hammer.

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