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Dassault Aviation, creator of flying legends like the Mirage III and V, suffers from the lacking interest in the Rafale. In a meeting, the CEO and top managers from Dassault decided to enable a program to make Dassault more profitable. Spare part sales run well, but rely only on the current operators of the actual planes. The attempt to offer the Rafale at a far lower price would bring Dassault deep into the red numbers from where a recovery was practically not makeable and would lead to the ruin of Dassault.


Instead of that, it was thought of offering the Mirage 2000C and F to a lower price. But the idea was given up because of the numbers of different types of planes potential new clients can switch to, which are much newer, e.g. the Typhoon.

Next thought was of the 2000B, allowing countries with lower military budget to have their own fighters with decent bombing and interception capabilities. The 2000B could also be used to replace older planes or planes with reduced combat capabilities.


A huge marketing campaign was launched and Dassault was able to add more than a dozen new countries to their Mirage 2000 client list.


The plane's most noticeable change was the addition of one or two guns (depending on operators wish) which got positioned at the same position as in the single-seated Mirage 2000, reducing this way the effective range of the plane.

No details got published by Dassault, but experts speak of more than 400 units sold all over the world, with options for more planes. Some of the countries the Mirage 2000Bx was offered to haven't decided yet, but it's more than probable that they will buy it.


The first tranche of planes will be delivered to their new owners by the end of 2013.


If not written next to the name, the standard armament consists of two 30mm GIAT554.


Israel - Mirage 2000BI Sa'dan (Anvil) - 20mm M61A1 x1


Israel decided to purchase a considerable number of planes to replace their ageing Skyhawks and F-15Bs. The plane shown here is from the 106th Squadron.







Japan - Mirage 2000BJ - 20mm M61A1 x1


The JASDF ordered several planes as primarily trainers with a secondary defender and attacker role.







China - Shenyang JH-11B - 23mm GSh23 x1


China wanted a superior number of planes than Dassault was able to handle. After negotiations with the french government, China was allowed to purchase the production license for the 2000Bx. The petition to also obtain the license for the 2000F was denied.


The JH-11B was meant to slowly replace the Chengdu F-7 and Nanchang Q-5, combining both interception and bombing roles in a single plane.



The only existing picture in service of the PLAAF





As a former operator of chinese aircraft like the F-7 and the FT-5, the albanian air force had a noticeable interest in this plane. With the doubtfully stable political situation in south-east Europe, Albania wanted to upgrade their military forces, esp. the air force, and acquired a dozen of the chinese 2000Bx.







North Korea


Because of the perilous situation the korean peninsula is in, Peking denied Pyongyang the purchase of two entire squadrons of JH-11B. The chinese comunist party feared, that the country could use the planes to initiate a preemptive strike which could lead to a massive war forcing China to intervene.



U.S. Marine Corps - F-26 Guardian - 20mm M61A1 x1


The USMC showed interest in this type remembering the experiences with the F-21 Lion. Via a lend-lease contract, 24 units of the Mirage found their way into american hands. Dassault, although not entirely happy with this contract, hoped that this agreement would lead to a purchase. Dassault also offered the plane with carrier modifications to the US Navy, but with no success.







United Kingdom - Mirage FG.3


The RAF was searching for an alternative for the Tornadoes and Jaguars. Replacement with Typhoon would have been far too expensive. The offer for the Mirage 2000Bx came in at the best possible moment. Before ordering enough planes to replace at least three to six sqaudrons, the ministry of defense wanted the pilots to evaluate the plane. The squadron tasked to do that was the 31st "Goldstars".







Italy - Mirage 2000Bx


Italy wanted a substitute for the AMX. The Mirage 2000Bx was chosen for its supersonic capabilities and comparetively low acquisition cost.





South Africa - Mirage 2000Bx


The south african government sought the chance to improve their air force without having to acquire more Gripens. The solution was the replacement of the Hawks from the 85th Squadron by implementing this type.





Switzerland - Mirage 2000Bx


Switzerland was one of the new owners of the Mirage, which wanted to replace their F-5Es and Fs with it. The Fliegerstaffel 19 was the first squadron to get the new planes and the minister of defense left clear, that more squadrons will be upgraded in the near future.





Chile - Mirage 2000Bx - Peace Lynx


With "Peace Lynx", the chilean air force took the Tiger III out of service. The pilots able to fly the Mirage were pleased by its flight characteristics compared to the Tiger.





Germany - Mirage 2000Bx


The german Luftwaffe was the most difficult air force to convince. After the Starfighter Desaster, which led to the "double-engine-doctrine", both the minister of defense and the air force command staff were sceptic. But the minister of defense was of the opinion that many things have changed since then and was willing to give the plane a chance.


Two pilots from the german air force were ordered to fly the plane and push it to its limits. Even a simulated engine failure was tested to see the ability of the plane to land without it. Due to its delta wings, the last test was no problem and it also behaved like expected during the extensive tests. During 2014 the JBG33 will exchange their Tornadoes.







Mexico - Mirage 2000Bx


Along with Chile and Switzerland, Mexico also put the F-5E out of service in favour of the french aircraft which is meant to form the backbone of the country's defense.





Estonia - Mirage 2000Bx


Estonia, having no own air defense at all, used this chance and bought twelve of these aircraft.







Poland - Mirage 2000Bx


Since spare parts were more and more difficult to get for the polish SU-22 Fitters, the polish air force wanted to get away from this type and put the Mirage 2000B in service.







Argentina - Mirage 2000BxF


A unique deal made between Dassault and the argentinian navy allowed to return the Super Etendards and receive the the 2000BxF by paying a reduced price. The "F" in the name stands for armament "F"rançais, indicating this way the keeping of the french armament.







Belgium - Mirage 2000BxF


Belgium ordered a small amount of the type for advanced interception and bombing training, not risking this way the more expensive Falcons.






Skin with courtesy of ludo.m54 (thanks for it mate!)



Iraq - Mirage 2000BxF


As a sign of goodwill, France also offered this special version to the iraqi air force, which ordered two complete wings of this model.







Morocco - Mirage 2000BxF


Although not having ordered the Rafale, the moroccan air force was interested in the 2000BxF purchasing ten planes for training and secondary interception role.





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Wow, very very nice. Bulgaria is a potential user too.


Thx. Dunno how many weeks it took to get all those planes done. Bulgaria... why not? I'm open for suggestions.

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How about some other nations that almost bought the Mirage.. like Pakistan..



badly done skin by me.. so a Masterpiece by you would be welcome.

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Awww... No Australia? :cry: jk


That is an epic series of skins though, bravo!!

Edited by SayWhatt

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Awesome work! Can't wait.

Wouldn't the Israeli version be 2000BJ like the Mirage IIICJ?

The Japanese version could be 2000BN (Nippon).


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Hey guys. No need to panic! :smile:


You want air forces... you get air forces.



No pic of an australian bird doesn't mean that there can't be one.



2000BI would be the correct one for Israel I guess, because if you take a closer look on modern american fighters in israeli service like the F-15I Ra'am or the F-16I Sufa, the planes always have the "I" at the end of its designation.

Same for the japanese planes. The F-4E is the F-4EJ in JASDF service and the F-15C and D are the F-15CJ and DJ respectively.



Believe it or not, but I was thinking of a pakistani one. :smile:

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Sorry for having taken so long for updates but as some of you all might know, real life™ is sometimes a real b****. I don't think that I have to mention anything else.


Mirage 2000Bx - New Zealand - 2nd Squadron







75th Squadron







Mirage 2000Bx - Australia - 75th Squadron







Mirage 2000BxF - El Salvador







Mirage 2000BxF - Pakistan - 15th Squadron "Cobras"







The bulgarian one only needs serial numbers and then it will be ready.

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All are pretty cool, but the Australian an the Pakistan one are really great!! Well done mate!

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Great work on the Pakistani variant..

however, while I am not being a nitpick.. Pakistani serials reflect the year they were inducted. So for eg, if the Mirage came in 2013..then the serial would be 13512.

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Help with the serials would be highly appreciated.



Thanks for the remark! I'll change that ASAP.

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Mirage 2000Bx - Bulgarian Air Force






Big, big thanks to Svetlin for helping me out with these stunning decals for the bulgarian Mirage! Thanks mate!

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will these get upload or its just a photo-op?

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These will be uploaded. But I need to do some last corrections to the existing skins and then I'll upload them.

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will these get upload or its just a photo-op?


I've invested soooo many hours in skinning and modding, that it would be shame not to share them with others.

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