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Sea flanker cockpit

Sea flanker cockpit for SF2


well here's another version of the flanker cockpit,just modify some parts for Su-33.

and i believe we have several sea flanker already,but don't know which one you gonna use with this cockpit,

you may need did some of adjustment by your self.


After few years,hundred thousand hours hard works and some remod,here's the stuff.it designed for SF2 still you can also put

it in Gen1,but some instruments won't do their job.using in Gen1 is not recommend,well,you know,old engine has lower efficiency

when deal with those high poly model.



the whole thing has more than ten thousand polys,i try to build almost everything in 3d model,switch panel instruments handle etc....



Spending about a dozen bitmap for those texture,most of the instruments and panel has their own skin.for compatibility all bitmap

been converted into BMP format,which can work in Gen 1&2.


Head up display:

the HUD is composed with traditional one which using the avionics.ini and 3d model with cockpit.ini,just like TMF mig-29's pit,

you will lose some part of the HUD when press the Cockit hidden key.




tested environment:

WOE Oct 2008

SF2E Jul 2013

SF2NA Jul 2013


Installation:please check the readme file







This is freeware mod made for SF2 series do not use for commercial use or unauthorized distribution.


hope you like this mod,and enjoy your flight


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Thanks again YEYEYE! Another Flanker cockpit!   :good:

Next time would be nice a cockpit for the Su-34 Fullback ;-)

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Thanks a lot ... very good work ,can you make some thing for MiG-23s / MiG-23Bs ang MiG-31 ?

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Id love to see a nice pit for the Su-25 Frogfoot honestly, and a nice set of pits for the MiG-23 Floggers. But that's up to you. From what I have seen you do amazing work

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Another great one! :good:

Thank you very much.

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Beauty full!!! Thanks a lot!!!

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="Jarhead1"Id love to see a nice pit for the Su-25 Frogfoot


Me too preferably for the current su-25sm.if it's like these other great pits it would awsome

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