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P-40S SuperHawk SF2 ('What If')

P-40S SuperHawk




This is a fictional upgrade of the P-40N Warhawk.







With the XP-40Q project failing to get of the ground Curtiss came up with an upgrade to the existing late model P-40 airframes that would give them performance on par with the XP-40Q and the P-51D. The resulting P-40S SuperHawk performs so well it rapidly becomes one of the front line fighters of choice. It will even go on to serve in the Korean War alongside the P-51D.





The upgrade:



- 2200HP Packard V-2250 engine (Packard built Merlin 1710 upgraded to 2200HP).


- Four-bladed Rotol propeller.


- 4 x 20mm Hispano Mk II cannons.


- K-14 gyro gunsight.


- Range: 650 mi (560 nmi, 1,100 km400 nmi (459 mi, 740 km).


- Service ceiling: 43,500 ft (13,258 m).


- Rate of climb: 3,650 ft/min (18.5 m/s).





I have included skins for every late war WWII theatre the P-40 operated in as well as a ‘what if’ USAF WWII ETO and Korea skin. There are skins for the RAAF, RAF, RNZAF, USAF and Soviet Airforce.








- Raven (Big thanks)


- Wrench


- A. Mariani aka amariani












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Thanks for this bird and especially for the Korea skin.

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      Attached are a collection of original manuals from the 1950s and 1960s, to help the simulator pilot accurately reproduce aerial engagements from the Korean War and beyond.
      The Boyd manuals were found on Mark Hart's website. Originally they were Air Force documents of course, but difficult to find and not in good quality. Mark painstakingly reproduced the documents to their original conditions. His contact information and how he restored each manual is included in the individual pdfs. 
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      If you look closely at Mustang in the Foreground, mounted dorsally behind the normally included antenna you should note the inclusion of a directional loop antenna. Other pics have the loop installed on other CBI/PTO 'Stangs. Its unusual but I believe had downloaded files where a pic in the 'outer' opackage had the mod, but inside the pack at the 'plane level the 'loadnig' or 'hanger' screen (of the same plane) does not have the loop. Obviously, the pic could be 'modded.' Maybe the fake pilot method was utilized.
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      Screenshot of my Indonesian skin for a Su-30KI (Marc’s Su-27 with SKM cockpit and better performance mods)
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      In 2002 was rebuilt once again, to prototype of upgrade packet of the Su-27s, so it's name was changed to Su-27SMand for export Su-27SMK with new avionics, newest air-to-ground missiles. Bort number 305, camouflage as previous, but more waves on nose of the aircraft and inner surfaces of tail fins. It was presented on MAKS-2003 and many shows.
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