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'What if' KAW Hawker Hunter F.1 with Campiagn

'What if' KAW Hawker Hunter F.1A & F.1B with campiagn 1.0



The back story:


In order to meet the Mig-15 threat over Korea and with no capable fighters currently in the RAF inventory the British Ministry of Supply instructs Hawker Aviation to undertake a crash production program of its P.1067 fighter. Project ‘Huntsman’. In less than a year since the prototype flew and two years ahead of schedule the Hawker Hunter is deployed to the Korean Theatre in early 1952. Since the Hunter F.1 designation was already assigned to the first full production Hunters due into service in 1954, the Hunters produced under program ‘Huntsman’ are (unusually) designated Hunter F.1A


These aircraft are basically identical to the future production Hunter F.1 the most obvious difference being that they are finished in High Speed Silver. However the lack of paint means these Hunters are 21 Mph faster and 53Kg lighter than the full production F.1 Hunters.


Operations over Korea immediately highlighted the Hunters inherent shortcomings. Of most concern was its lack of fuel and endurance with barely an hour’s flight time. Also of concern was the damage done to the fuselage caused by the ejection of spent cartridge links. These concerns (among others) would be addressed in time by future models of the Hunter, but in the skies of Korea in 1952 the lack of range and endurance had to be immediately mitigated. And thus the Hunter F.1B is born with the addition of wing mounted drop tanks installed in theatre.



What's in it:



- Hawker Hunter F.1A


- Hawker Hunter F.1B


- Various RAF 43 and 222 Squadron Skins in Camo and High Speed Silver.


- NOTE: The camo skins are included as a bonus but the aircraft data.ini files are set up to reflect the high speed silver skins as I have included the weight reduction and increased speed that comes without using camo paint. I found the figures I used in an article about the trial OD green Sabres in Korea.


- sounds


- pilot


- Modified Korea Campaign using the Hunters. This will not change the original campaign in any way, you will see an additional campaign called 'Korean War Hunters Over Korea' that you can select. Missions will be similar to the Sabre, No 43 Squadron is based at Suwon AB (K-13) and No. 222 Squadron at Kimpo AB (K-14).


- NOTE: this mod can be added to the Wings Over Korea mod without any change what so ever to the original game play. You will never see these Hunters show up over Korea unless you play the above included campaign or start a single mission with a Hunter.






- canopy open key=10 automatic closing at take off



To Install:



- Designed to be used with the Wings Over Korea mod but should work without it.


- Put everything in you main StrikeFighters2 KAW mods folder


- Get the Wings Over Korea mod here:











- Third Wire


- Paulopanz Hunter F.1 Skins & Edits for SF2


- Sundowner Hunter F6 Templates.


- Do335 Wings Over Korea


- Evryone else in the WOK/ KAW team



Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms.











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very nice! Started new campaign in it and it is a balst! looks great and not that out-of-place in my opinion!


good work there dtmdragon :ok:

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I'm intrigued, because the RAF did not deploy entire units in Korean, only exchange pilots on secondment to the USAF and RAAF. The Fleet Air Airm *did* deploy the Hawker Sea Fury though. The frontline RAF fighters of the time would have been the Meteor F Mk 8 (used by the Aussies), the DH Vampire FB Mk 5 and, from 1952, the Venom FB Mk. 1. At the time of Korea, the RAF were more heavily engaged in their own operations in Malaya, and were stretched my meeting commitments in Europe.

Delays to getting the Avon running with adequate surge margin in the Hunter meant buying in interim solutions, including the Venom, and the Canadair Sabre IV, which was deployed almost entirely with 2ATAF in West Germany. The SF2 version of the Venom FB4 is *interesting*, it has lower wing loading than the MiG-17, and, at low level, is more than capable of out-turning it. Performance in the vertical plane isn't great though. Venom vs. MiG-15 is an interesting one. The two major shortcomings of the J-47 powered Sabres were a lack of firepower (and why the USAF never fitted them with cannon is a mystery to me) and too low power/weight ratio at altitude. The Venom has the same kind of power limitations, but has a much better offensive kick with 20mm Hispanos.

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    • By jjlehto
      Since a while, I find myself in this condition (see pic).
      The RAF roundels are like 4 times the correct size. Happens only with RAF decals (all the other  air forces are correct). Also happens on most other RAF planes (like Javelins, Hunters etc).
      I was thinking, perhaps some mod broken them, but I'm unable to trace back when it started.
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      I've been playing the North Korea Invades 1950. Lots of fun, although NK birds a lot more numerous than in real life. Anyhow, problem is that the Yak-9Ps are too skillful and deadly. They make mincemeat out of F-80Cs and give F9Fs a hard time. Any way to tone this down, so they're shot down easier--like in real life?
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      Attached are a collection of original manuals from the 1950s and 1960s, to help the simulator pilot accurately reproduce aerial engagements from the Korean War and beyond.
      The Boyd manuals were found on Mark Hart's website. Originally they were Air Force documents of course, but difficult to find and not in good quality. Mark painstakingly reproduced the documents to their original conditions. His contact information and how he restored each manual is included in the individual pdfs. 
    • By ragnarokryan
      Included are three RAF manuals from WWII. "Bag the Hun" is fairly well known and available from other sources. 
      The RAF "Manual of Air Tactics" was more difficult to find, I ended up reaching out to and paying for a copy from the British Archives. If you are trying to fly accurate tactics in a Battle of Britain mission this is for you. 
      The last manual "Tactical Bulletin 15" is actually USAAF pilot Reade Tilley's "Hints on Hun Hunting, issued to allied pilots flying in the Mediterranean theatre, and marks the shift in tactics and formations from the Finger-Four to Line Abreast. Interesting stuff.

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