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Combat Air Patrol 2 preview

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Mudspike have published a preview of CAP2 which it seems is the follow on to the early 90s sim CAP on the Commodore Amiga which was really good for the time.







Ok, let’s do a quick experiment. We’ll need a measuring rule, a bucket and (optionally) a towel. I’m going to list some things from a new PC flight sim coming out in 2015 (yes you read that right, this is like ‘Bigfoot Found In Walmart’ breaking news) so let’s set up the experiment:

Place the towel on the floor. Position the bucket beneath your lower lip.

Here’s the features of this new flight sim:

  • AV-8B Harrier II with 3D clickable cockpit using TrackIR and HOTAS support.
  • Single Player emphasis, with Multiplayer Co-op available, including drop-in play.
  • Dynamic Campaign engine.
  • Flight and Naval Strategic fleet battles.
  • Carrier Ops. Wingmen, Helos, Civilian traffic in shipping lanes.
  • Realistic campaign map set in the Straits of Hormuz using 250,000 sq km satellite imagery and modern graphics.
  • Dynamic Campaign engine. Yes, I just said it again.

Ok, now let’s use the ruler and see how much drool just entered that bucket. I’m betting a good couple of inches, so feel free to use the towel now and go rehydrate.


We haven’t had the chance to get our hands on this title as yet, but Sim155 reached out to Mudspike and we set up this short Q&A to see what’s up:

Q1. What’s the balance between single and multiplayer content in CAP2? Is this primarily a Multiplayer game?

I’d say it is 50-50. For single player there’s a collection of training missions, single missions then an open ended dynamic campaign. For multiplayer there’s quick start dogfight, fleet defense/attack and fleet vs fleet. In addition any player in a campaign can invite players to join in a mission and take the place of AI controlled wingmen.

Q2. What’s a good comparative title for CAP2, it seems similar to Gaijin’s Apache Air Assault – is that a fair comparison in terms of sim fidelity and gameplay? Fun and action more than hardcore simulation?

I’d say we lean more towards a simulation than AAS. CAP2 has a strategic element in campaign mode which I don’t think you’ll find in many titles.

Q3. I’m old enough to have played Combat Air Patrol on the Amiga 500 (great game btw), what would be the main advances Ed and the team have been able to feature in CAP2 on today’s more powerful hardware?

Glad you liked it! With CAP I developed a 3D engine in 68k assembler as we didn’t have GPU’s. With a CPU running just over 7Mhz you could see the impact of just a few extra polygons. Now we’re pushing millions of polygons per frame we can draw pretty much anything we want. Terrain in CAP was limited to a few blue water polygons, CAP2 has over 250,000sq km of geo accurate terrain. Shaders allow us to render complex atmospheric lighting, water, shadows and post process effects.

Reference material is one of the biggest differences between developing CAP2 vs CAP. Back in the 90’s I wrote to the DoD asking for material on CVN-71 and actually received info & pictures a few weeks later. Today you’ve got a thousand images/movies/schematics available in seconds so things have changed massively.

Thanks to Ed and the Sim155 team for taking the time to answer our questions. We can’t wait to find out more, especially on the dynamic campaign side. For those that loved the gameplay fun of Strike Fighters and IL-2, this looks like a really nice ‘fidelity middle ground’ with a mix of tactical fleets mixed in. Awesome.


More here http://www.mudspike.com/combat-air-patrol-2-preview-interview/


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No. F. Way. 


I'm a former Harrier mech and I seriously longed for a chance to at least try the simulator before I got out. I didn't but a good Harrier sim would make me feel better :)

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Devblog here: http://devblog.sim155.com/



In hard difficulty level, when you attempt a vertical landing on a pitching, crowded deck, managing your throttle, nozzle position whilst monitoring the windvane you get an idea of just how skilled real life Harrier pilots are. It's tough but that's the point isn't it? Playing with TrackIR or a VR headset should help in this mode so I'll post on this once those features are added.

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I wish it all the best. And do not even try to posting here somethign akin to "but why not to make it for DCS"

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I suspect so...........you never know though........such a poor result.


I guess everyone is happy with SF2 & DCS etc - or just aware that even after decades of development the sims are lacking what they want.

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Hi MiGBuster.. don't mind my asking but you said SF2, DCS and etc... Which sims are you referring to in 'etc'?


I really wish DCS would focus on 4.5 & 5th Gen fighters...


P.S.: Please don't mind what I said above.....But.... I mean...Isn't it monumentally disappointing when developers showcase / promise something new and revolutionary and all of a sudden what they promised ends up as Vaporware....First Iris with Their Tomcat, Strike Eagle & Raptor modules for DCS and no Sim155 with CAP2... now new combat flight simulations seem to be coming on the horizon.....


We're living in really sad times.....

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etc - There are WWII and WW1 sims still going and Falcon 4 is still being developed by BMS as per my sig.


It is basically the time these things take.........peoples lives and circumstances change. 90% of the time I suspect they are genuine but just cant pull it off for < insert reason here>............some people get burnt out and fed up..........it is humanly impossible to keep doing the same thing for years.

Also the level of quality DCS demand is way beyond what sims were in the 90s golden era.........the dev time goes through the roof.


SF2 doesn't demand that quality level thus you have pretty much everything........any aircraft/weapon terrain. Would you like to estimate how many decades it would take to get the same level of content in DCS?


 Lets take Falcon.........the latest flight model is probably the best in the public domain.........the data available allows this for the F-16 - however just the flight model by itself took 8 years!! 


DCS has gone full blown realistic so that rules out modern jets because there is just not enough relevant info available. However IMO doing modern jets for FC3 could be done.........wouldn't be realistic but would probably bring in good sales.



My personal take on CAP2 if it was ever released it would be very basic regarding content and just be another sim that has to be built up over the next xx years by devs or modders. However it would need to be supported by.........whoever is still left.


You have to make the most of what you have unless you fancy the thankless task of developing your own modules.

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hmmm... From the outlook it seems as a 'FC3' level Harrier with CV Ops and dynamic campaign. The idea is quite solid imo! I mean I don't really need extreme hi-fi FM or an avionics suite a direct copy paste from the pilot manaul.. as long as it's fun to fly, which CAP2 seems to be about.


I guess a lot of KS campaign has so little going, if they spend more time developing the project before showing them to the public it might have more pull, especially in CAP2 as they claim to have other funding. ...Or maybe I just dont get the spirit of KS..eh.


Another explanation... it is a bit similar to SF2NA no? Notice that TK got burnt by NA pretty bad.


Personal thing, not a lover of the harrier that much. It's a bit 2nd tier/alternate for me. Ofc lots of ppl love it, but surely the numbers can't compete with say the hornet.


Anyway I still hope they stick with it, it does sound like a fun sim and could become its own. Just the dynamic campaign part can be a life saver, if the ppl moaning and complaining with DCS/Bos has any genuity that is!


(heck, want dynamic missions? Don't buy russian! See, avionics and flight modelling, it's just research, or more plainly, about copying. It's just spending time and money to get the source material, the best original so "your sim is realistic" or, the copying is accurate! Missions and campaigns... Now this takes genuine creativity. There's NOTHING for you to copy from. The russians get the copying part pretty down pat, they can get right down to every tiny detail -- if the real thing had a toilet in the back, we put toilet in back! But creating mission generation and campaigns.... You live in a collectivitity for so long man.. it leaves a toll on your individualism and thus, creativity. Tis perhaps something the western people have difficulty imagining. So, the "russian" solution is either no auto mission generation at all, or just pit the humans against each other. They are unable to invent something like that. It is not who they are. --- My personal realization since 2009.)

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From what there is I thought it was more FC3 level than SF2...........a fair bit of detail on operating the Harrier.


Eagle Dynamics develop professional flight simulators so that could be why their policy is more driven to avionics and flight modelling.



Also be careful please regarding generalisation of race.....it's 2015!

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CAP2 is getting released anyway and the kickstarter money was for affording some extra features the team wanted. It's not vaporware yet.

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I've been following development of Combat Air Patrol 2 for sometime, and am really looking forward for this title.

I actually like a lot the AV-8B Harrier II, and the Strait of Hormuz scenario seems very interesting to me.


Good post by Do335

No doubt, there's a lot to like in "super-accurate-harcore-sims" (say, the intricate DCS modules, or F4/BMS), but then there are aspects that are also important which those are lacking.

The scalabilty is usually severely compromised. There is no middle ground, usually just two opposite extremes.

You either have the full-on "simulation mode" which is really complex and with huge depth (for which both these titles are obviously designed for), or a really crappy simplified "arcade mode", which is simply uninteresting and making no sense for the concept. 


This is why, for example, titles like StrikeFighters 2 (note: with mods) make all the sense to me.

It delivers a good level between "simulation" and "game". Meaning, it's fun and accessible, neither "ludicrous arcade" or "nerdy hardcore".

Flaming Cliffs is also freakin excelent as middle-ground but, TBH, and for reasons that I can't really explain, it always felt "cold" to me (plus, no dynamic missions).Whatever FC iteration, it just doesn't grab me like SF2 did and does.


While I still love DCS (I absolutely adore the A-10C!), I find myself spending as much time with SF2 (lately the Vietnam module).

Strange as it seems, I would love something in-between SF2 and the DCS (and with dynamic missions + campaigns). The former just strikes me as a tad too simplistic at times, and the latter requires sometimes too much study and adaptation.


If Combat Air Patrol 2 is the type of sim/game I've been looking for remains to be seen, but it's looking like a day one purchase to me. 



PS: I hope the developer(s) consider some sort of modding support for CAP2, as limited as it may be. With it, the chances of becoming a cult/classic title increase exponentially (IMO).

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guys if this is released and moddable -I am all in

eh my thought exactly. But latest update seems like bad news



Early access coming spring 2016



Why Early Access?

“We have been using community feedback to help develop CAP2 since getting the Greenlight over 14 months ago. We are now eager to generate actual player feedback as early as possible. This way players can contribute to the dev road map and shape the final game.”

Approximately how long will this game be in Early Access?

“Our current estimate is around 9 months. However, our dev roadmap has a player reaction focus so the amount of time spent in EA largely depends on players.”

How is the full version planned to differ from the Early Access version?

“Much of the development will be based around EA player reaction and feedback, however the key areas we will be implementing are:


Satellite Imagery

We intend to enhance the terrain with satellite imagery and more bespoke 3D assets. We have polished and populated certain areas of the terrain so EA players can get a feel for how the full version will feel.


Pro Voice Recordings

We are intending to add radio chatter which will massively increase the feeling of immersion. In addition, professional voice recordings will increases the quality throughout.



Our intended multi-player game modes include:

- 'Fleet vs Fleet’ where you’ll have the option of playing co-op against an AI fleet or against other players.

- In campaign co-op mode, you’ll be able to take part in other players campaign missions or ask for help to complete missions in your campaign.

- You'll also be able to send a request to friends or have an open invitation.


VR support

One of our highest priority updates is VR support. We realised a massive improvement in immersion adding TrackIR so we are itching to add full VR. We already have our Oculus DK2’s and are waiting patiently for HTC's Vive :)”

What is the current state of the Early Access version?

“CAP2 will launch as a single player game with fully immersive simulation and strategic gameplay. All of the listed features will be present, perhaps not all 100% polished (after all its EA!) but enough to give players an idea of where the game is heading.



Campaign Mode - Dynamic open ended campaign, set in the Straits of Hormuz

Naval Simulation - Civilian traffic transit shipping lanes, enter and leave ports

Control your fleet and air assets, plan your mission waypoints and target ingress/egress together with your fleet formation, route and speed

Training modes - Flying and deploying weapon systems

Detailed 3D cockpit with selectable articulated controls

3D environmental audio

Over 250,000 sq km of geographically accurate terrain

Geographically accurate environmental lighting based on longitude, latitude, date and time and accurate star map

Multiple controller support: Flightstick, hotas, rudder and MFD panel support, gamepad mode

Track IR support

Supports very wide screen aspect ratios

Will the game be priced differently during and after Early Access?

“We plan to gradually raise the price as we add new content and features.”

How are you planning on involving the Community in your development process?

“We will launch into EA with a work in progress roadmap - work in progress because we expect to iron it out using your feedback. We'll do this by conversing through and observing the community forums, hubs, blogs and social media channels - our plan is NOT to respond to EVERY query or bug report, we've already learnt that's impossible! But rest assured we will be observing, we will answer through improving the game and communicating what we've done!


We are building a communication plan around major updates which will provide opportunities for player reaction that will feed into the updates themselves.


Ultimately, EA players will be our key beneficiaries and - we're shaping the game around you. Join the crew!!”

Available: Spring 2016

Reading between the lines. I don't think modding will be supported. This above basically says both "we wanna make a kickass game" and "we wanna incorporate and make lotta $$". Zero prob from me for good dev making good dough. But it also usually means no modding.

Or am i reading too much?

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above basically says both "we wanna make a kickass game" and "we wanna incorporate and make lotta $$"


nothing bad with that if we want the genre to progress mate


I have no problem with EA model, in fact I have alot of the EA titles I don't even play anymore lol


only thing I have problem with, as with any other titles recently is the "well, wait a bit longer as we add VR to it" -this isn't that valid given the current VR/ORift numbers among the users, I'd liek to have a survey how many simmers use Track IR in fact

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VERY good point about VR stary! It is quite sierra hotel atm in the buiz world, but I also doubt it is close to wide spread use even within the gaming scene. (Is it possible that they use this to secure more funding as a marketing line?...)


also my original meaning: about games, i've learnt that modding does not promote sales. As a customer, should I buy this? So you ask, does it look good, is it fun to play etc. But, "does it allow modding" is not one of the questions.

Modding helps customer experience after sales, i.e. you find out it can use mods, "oh it was a great buy"! But this is only after you made the payment.

Secondly more free mods equals less commercial add-ons. So if you are fangs out for profit, it is natural to close the game from mods.

Thirdly as they're adding MP especially player vs player mode it is less likely as modding --> cheating in the multiplayer world.


we all like to mod here, and is great to see you take modding into account when deciding if "in" or not. I've also realized that I wouldn't really like a game if it can't be modded. So as a customer I'd like to ask myself, "can it be modded", before I buy it.

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      Combat Air Patrol 2 v0.815.0 Release Notes
      AGM-88 HARM MFD displays Flight model AGM-84 Harpoon Flight model SA-2 Smoke effects improved TrackIR, enabled Z rotation Star rendering brightness issue fixed, constellations are now recogniseable :) Mission Editor Fixed parsing issue when loading a user mission Added Satellite Imagery view Pan view uses mousewheel button Objectives displays include vehicle or location names if relevant Cameras Weapon Camera (F8) updated, travels with weapon till impact Impact & Launch Camera modes added (Enabled in Game Settings) Added 'interaction' with road vehicles - they can be blown up :) Improved terrain loader performance Fixed an issue with eject sequence Fixed a threading issue, reduced CPU use Fixed an issue with weapon water vs land impacts Fixed an issue with land vehicles not visible in VR non-pilot cameras Several Crash bugs fixed
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      I hope you enjoy the review and I of course welcome others to share their own take on reviewing IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte!
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      We wanted to drop you a round-up of what’s been happening with CAP2 development over the last few months.  As you can see from the summary below, update pace is gaining momentum.  This is due to continue as we bring you a run of smaller updates, focused on all aspects of aircraft AI.  
      We are excited about December as we finally start to bring the missions to life!
      Current work is focused on all aspects of aircraft AI.  This will improve things such as:
      AI aircraft mission integration (taxiing, AI flight member roles)
      AI airbase traffic
      AI aircraft weapon deployment (AA & AG)
      AI awareness of aircraft state (fuel, weapon state, radar, RWR)
      A2A refueling.
        This means for example, in a training mission you might see a tanker takeoff while your flight taxis to the runway. You takeoff, form up and hit training area targets line astern, refuel and return to base. Another example, for the Mach Loop you may be in a flight of four aircraft transiting the loop where you may be lead or following the flight leader.
        Live now
      We’ve dropped four patches over the past couple of months and the current version (v810.7) is now live across all branches (including VR).
      Here’s Ed’s posts from the Steam community hub  detailing what these these four patches included:
      Terrain editor - We've completed a lot of background work on the terrain editor which means we can now rapidly improve areas of interest from the base imagery and OSM data. We intend to make the editor available in the future for people to customise and share terrains, together with a mission editor.
      Training missions - We've used the improved editor to begin building the Yuma training missions. You may discover the newly populated target ranges.
      Mission planner Improvements - We've fixed some of the issues with the mission planner and it also now shows elevation as well as coast line. You will see that the map now includes most of the UK and the Yuma Map extends up to the Grand Canyon. In the future we will also extend the satellite imagery and OSM data - either through DLC or a future update.
      Easter Egg - Many players have now found this in the UK map, well done!
      Richer environment - As you can see from the screenshot below of the Harrier leaving Khasab we have added thousands more buildings and lots of additional vegetation. You may be aware (and have contributed - thank you!) that this is done by adding more OpenStreetMap data. It's been done as an aside and hasn't impacted general development. Abu Musa and Kaneohe Bay are also now more significantly built up. We've also added a host of custom objects including power lines, lighthouses, water tanks, ATC towers, rigs etc.

      Fuel Tanks - As you can also see from the screen above, the Harrier now has external fuel tanks, including associated fuel flow logic and displays, you’ll be able to mod them soon.
      Terrain Lighting - We've added lighting to roads, runways, taxiways and buildings, illuminating villages and cities which really adds to immersion. In case you missed it here’s the promo from a few weeks ago showcasing this. You will also see that we’ve improved vegetation, adding different trees and increasing their density.
      Cockpit illumination - As you can see from these before and after shots, the Harrier cockpit now has night illumination. It's easy to see dials/gauges around sunset. You can separately adjust the lighting intensity for self illuminated instruments and the cockpit floodlights. The full day/night cycle will come in a subsequent update. We've got a sky shader to complete which bounces a lot of rays through the atmosphere and produces great sunsets and sky throughout the 24hr cycle.

      Mostly a bug fix build, notable changes include:
      Controls: Control and shift on mapped control keys are now saved.
      Controls: OEM keys are labelled correctly.
      Controls: Added default mappings for keyboard, gamepad, joystick.
      HARM: firing crash fixed.
      HARM Mission: mission starts.
      Terrain LOD: settings bug fixed. You can select Low, Medium, High, Ultra.
      Flight model: fix for a drag calculation.
      Time Of Day controls: added to adjust current time and environment lighting.
      Added fixes for fullscreen monitor selection. When in fullscreen mode, changing the selected output monitor is immediate. Also the monitor label has an index added to distinguish between identically named monitors (generic pnp display...)
      While working on default controls I realised none of the controller manufacturers seem to use the correct USB usage codes for controller buttons or axes/sliders which have a specific function. There are codes defined for controls such as throttle, chaff, flaps, trim etc. It'd be great if they used them where relevant as auto mapping a controller would be pretty simple. Anyway, I'm adding default settings for common controllers which will be included in coming updates. I've also begun work on the axis response curves UI.
      The TOD/lighting controls are pretty cool. Give them a try, you'll probably find yourself constantly tweaking the light levels. Once the updated day/night sky shader is complete you'll be able to adjust the full 24hr cycle, plus advancing mission time will be added.
      The terrain LOD settings fix/update improves the appearance of distant lights popping into view and fixes an issue where extra scenery was being drawn.
      The debug keys for time shifting and cloud regeneration are available in Controls->Misc
      You can accelerate time from 4x to /32 (decelerating 32x was useful for testing things like gear animations)
      A crash on starting Hawaii free flight is fixed.
      You can now add your own cockpit photo. There's a directory 'Mods - Examples' in the game folder which details how to add your photo.
        Should you buy CAP2 now?
      If you don’t yet own CAP2 obviously we’d love for you to join the crew.  We encourage you to read the store page details carefully first, particularly with reference to what features are currently enabled so that you have the correct expectation from the current build.
      If you are enjoying CAP2 we would appreciate a quick Steam review as it greatly increases visibility within the store.
    • By 33LIMA
      Killerfish Games's PC version of its iOS WW2 naval simulation/wargame takes the high seas by storm!

      I started playing PC games on a system with a 14" screen and an early Pentium, and I'm not about to go back there, so I watched with interest but from afar, when I saw Fred 'Heinkill' Williams's affectionate and very favourable SimHQ review for the iOS-based Atlantic Fleet. Sometimes, though, dreams do come true, it seems, for a PC port has just arrived, after the developers completed the work and updated the graphics for the new platform.
      Since the release of Fighting Steel and Destroyer Command in the late 1990s, it's been a bit of a famine for WW2 naval simmers, broken recently by the arrival of the rather good Victory at Sea. Well, now we also have Atlantic Fleet, so it's time to cast off, put to sea again and enjoy the feast that's followed that famine. And Atlantic Fleet is indeed a veritable multi-course meal of a feast, for anyone who remotely fancies tugging on his (or her) virtual seaboots and taking to the high seas to fight out some of the classic sea battles and campaigns of World War 2. Your mission is to preserve, or sever, the vital sea-lanes which kept Britain fighting against Nazi Germany, bringing vital supplies of food, weapons and raw marterials of all kinds to the British Isles...or not, if the Kriegsmarine has its way...

      Atlantic Fleet iOS was the sequel to Pacific Fleet, and while our US cousins might regret it, I for one am very happy that Killerfish decided to get their PC feet wet with a port of the more recent, more modern game. I was brought up on a happy diet of Airfix 1/600 warships from the same theatre and the great little Eagle 1/1200 kits, released in themed sets like the Battle of Narvik, complete with accounts and maps of the relevant action. I soaked up films like Battle of the River Plate and Sink the Bismarck!, and later Ludovic Kennedy's excellent BBC TV documentaries on WW2 warships and battles - his later, excellent book Pursuit - the sinking of the Bismarck is on my desk as I type this. It was probably in the 1960s BBC documentary series The Valiant Years that I first heard Winston Churchill's famous observation that '...the only thing that ever really frightened me during the war was the U-boat peril'. Of course, while he was talking about the submarine threat to the supplies that kept Britain alive and in the fight, for much of the war the Kriegsmarine's surface units were also part of the threat that so concerned the great British war leader. And the air power of both sides played an important role. One of the joys of Atlantic Fleet is that when you step back into those dark and dangerous days, you can re-fight the Battle of the Atlantic and its most famous historical actions on, above or below the waves.
      Installation and features
      At time of writing, Atlantic Fleet is distributed via Steam - at a mere £6.99 Sterling. As we will see, for a game with high production values, engaging gameplay and an historical depth and coverage that would put many a full-price simulation in the shade, if not to shame, this is a very considerable bargain, to put it mildly.
      I gather there are no plans to offer a different distribution channel and while I prefer the 'good old days' of standalone game installation, I have had no bother at all with any of the excellent Steam-based games I have purchased (Victory at Sea, Wargame: European Escalation and Wargame: AirLand Battle being the others) and would not consider passing up on a good game merely because of that.
      I must start with Atlantic Fleet's high production values - these you will see from the moment the game loads. Here's the main menu screen. The ship seen here is the famous German battlecruiser Scharnhorst,* lost fighting against the odds at the Battle of the North Cape - which you can re-fight in Atlantic Fleet. Scharnhorst's brave showing prompted Admiral Fraser in Duke of York to say afterwards to his officers "Gentlemen, the battle against Scharnhorst has ended in victory for us. I hope that if any of you are ever called upon to lead a ship into action against an opponent many times superior, you will command your ship as gallantly as Scharnhorst was commanded today". Such is the world of steel ships and iron men that Atlantic Fleet re-creates for us. But I digress...can't help it, I feel the hand of history on my shoulder, as TCB once said.

      *...and yes, before you start posting corrections, I know the ship above is actually a Hipper class heavy cruiser - Prinz Eugen, probably -  not Scharnhorst, but I couldn't resist the quote above and don't have a menu pic of Scharnhorst, to hand .
      The point is, it looks great, it's animated, with camera pivoting around the ship, and there's a different ship each time. See, here's another menu shot, and this time, it's one of the big German destroyers, several variations of which appear in the game:

      Atlantic Fleet is single-player only, so you will not find here any way to blow up anything other than an entirely virtual foe-man. You do, however, get a sombre but really effective musical theme to accompany the menu, and you can have music in-game, too.
      Taking the menu options from the top, first there is 'Training Missions'. These missions are actually rather useful, and a good way of ensuring that it is the enemy who ends up like this, and not you:

      And again yes, you heard right, you can drop the camera below the waves, to get this view, complete with rather scary grinding and booming ship sinking sounds;

      As for those training missions, which will hopefully reduce the frequency with which your own ships feature in such scenes, here's what you get. Again it's nicely presented, with good artwork and a clean, crisp interface. I did mention the high production values, didn't I?

      Here's the intro screen for the torpedo training mission. I really like Atlantic Fleet's artwork and the general design:

      Load the mission and you get a little scenario, here a Royal Navy destroyer steaming alongside a hapless German merchantman. You click your way through a series of topic boxes, to learn the lesson. You can toggle the topic box on and off, for a better view. They each do a very good job of taking you through the relevant drill.

      This is where you may first get to see the Atlantic Fleet mode of gameplay, and its most prominent feature is that it is turn-based, like a wargame. The sequence is: You move-You shoot-The enemy moves-The enemy shoots. We'll see how this works in more detail, later. Continuous gameplay would be better, and certainly more simulation-like, but it is what it is, and I soon got quite comfortable with it.
      Jumping ahead to the last menu option, we come to 'Options/Help', and here's what you get:

      As the menu title suggests, some of the things listed on the right of the screen above are options screens, others are help. The 'home' screen, above, lets you tweak various gameplay and difficulty options, as you can see. The 'Default controls' screen lets you re-map keyboard commands, like this...

      ...while the 'Damage Report' is a help option and looks like this:

      I find it all very well-presented and impressively thorough, very well up to the standards of PC sims and better than many I've seen, including the very best.
      My main interest in a WW2 naval sim or game is the ability to re-fight historical or hypothetical battles, and it's that option we will look at next. Here, we will see how Atlantic Fleet's gameplay comes together, when the shells, torpedoes and bombs start flying.

      ...to be continued!
    • By MigBuster
      Brought to you by Sim155 Ltd, Combat Air Patrol 2 (CAP2) is a flight and naval combat simulator game for PC (Steam/Windows) where you pilot the AV-8B Harrier II.  The trailer above is in-game footage.
      The AV-8B Harrier II is a battle proven powerhouse of the US air force. With its history, iconic look and it’s ability to hover and land vertically it requires no explanation as to why it has become a widely used military aircraft and trusted by scores of highly trained pilots. Here is your chance to become one of those pilots!
      Might be worth getting some more info on this before deciding to back.

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