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DCS World 1.5 changes

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Dear all,

What follows is a preliminary changelog of DCS World 1.5. Because 1.5 is being built from a new branch of our code, we cannot account for changes made in earlier branches. As such, we had to create much of this changelog based on memory and older bug tracking reports.

Because of this and that we will probably be adding or modifying items, this changelog is very preliminary and subject to change during the Open Beta period. Also please note that we are still awaiting changelog items for most of the BST modules.

As items are added or modified, they will be highlighted in red.

As for the status of releasing the 1.5 Open Beta, we have good news: we created the 1.5 branch (release version) today. Just as soon as we complete smoke testing, we will release it.

The Eagle Dynamics Team

DCS World 1.5.0 Changelog


  • New unified executable. Separate executables are no longer used for the front end and simulation.
  • New graphics engine with the following features: DirectX 11 Support, optimized for GPU rather than CPU, improved lighting and shadowing, and improved graphical effects like contrails, flares and missile trail smoke, improved water
  • Improved VR support with Direct Display mode and VR front end GUI, but still very much work-in-progress until hardware reaches consumer release versions
  • Corrected track synchronization errors

Note: Once DCS World 1.5 is out of Open Beta, we will update the DCS World User Manual to reflect all of the following changes

Main Menu

  • Moved Options to icon at top of Main Menu.
  • Moved Module Manager to icon at top of Main Menu
  • Created Log-in / Log-out dialog at top of Main Menu
  • New Login dialog with the possibility to stay logged in


  • Changed System / Graphics “Scenes” to “Terrain Textures”. Also changed to Low and High settings.
  • Added “Ultra” setting to Visib Range. This is for high-end systems only.
  • Added separate Low and High settings for Heat Blur.
  • HDR now simply has On or Off settings.
  • Depth of Field settings added.
  • Lens Effects settings added.
  • Clouds settings added (no affect until new clouds are implemented).
  • Anisotropic Filtering settings added.
  • Model Visibility settings added.
  • Flat Terrain Shadows settings added.
  • Tree Shadows setting removed.
  • TSAA setting removed.
  • Cockpit Shadows setting removed.
  • Search option added to Controls
  • F2 view camera effects settings added to Misc.

Instant Action

  • New Instant Action missions selection dialog.


  • New Campaign selection dialog.


  • New dialog interface
  • Favorites
  • Filtering based on Ping, Server Name, Map, Mission Name, Players, and Time.
  • Added server descriptions.
  • Added mission lists with shuffle option
  • Added options to show message events: Kill, Takeoff/Landing, Crash and Ejecting
  • Added option to allow object export
  • Added option to Pause on mission load
  • Added option to Pause a server with no client.
  • Client can now enter any nickname (up to 5) and select one of them
  • Ships are now synced correctly

Log Book

  • Log book now accounts for individual aircraft statistics and not just as a whole


  • 3D interactive unit models for Aircraft, Helicopters, Ships, Vehicles, and Weapons


  • New Training missions selection dialog

Mission Editor

  • Added map display options, MAP, SAT (satellite) and ALT (elevation shading and iso lines)
  • Added new Trigger Actions: Begin Playing Actor, Stop Playing Actor, Start Player Seat Lock, and Stop Player Seat Lock
  • Added new Advanced Waypoints Actions for Options: ECM Use, Restrict Air-to-Air Attack, Restrict Jettison, Restrict Afterburner, Restrict Air-to-Ground Attack, AA Missile Attack Range, and No Report Waypoint Pass.
  • USAF Aggressors are a special country that have all aircraft, helicopters, ships, and vehicles accessible to them.
  • Added Fire at point task now has a quantity value allowing users to define the number of shots fired at the target.
  • Changed All text boxes (Mission briefings, do script, etc) character limit has been increased to approx 16,000 characters.
  • Adding aircraft to a group set to spawn on ramp now places the new aircraft at the closest available spot to the lead aircraft.
  • Changed Triggered messages to now "stack" below currently displayed messages no longer over-writing a message that is currently being displayed.
  • Added "Clearview" variable to triggered messages to use the old method of displaying messages.
  • Added MANPAD units can now be transported via embarking actions like other infantry. (Side note currently you can't add them to a group with an existing embarking task, you have to create the group as you want it THEN create the embarking task if it contains a MANPAD)
  • Fixed Bombs not producing a "shot" event.
  • Unit.getPlayerName() is now functional on ground units and will return a player’s name if they are directly controlling the unit via Combined Arms.
  • Many new countries have been added. These countries are not yet populated with units, although they have access to all static object and fortifications objects available, along with aircraft that are DCS modules. These countries include: Austria, Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, China, Croatia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, India, Iran, Iraq, Japan, Kazakhstan, North Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Slovakia, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, and USAF Aggressors. These countries are also added to the logbook with a few already populated with ranks and squadrons.
  • Sound files triggered to play over a radio frequency now works correctly.
  • Static ships will no longer only face east. They will respect the direction specified in the mission editor.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

  • Aircraft use smarter holding point logic for landings
  • AI planes now land in two-ships and can a make straight approach even if starting velocity is too high at landing IP. The first pair lands using a direct approach and second will maintain a holding pattern. After first pair lands, the second pair will make their approach.
  • AI using cranks after BVR shots to extend F and A poles
  • Improved AI weapon system logic. AIs will more accurately estimate AAM percentage chance of kill (Pk). This is intended to prevent situations where missiles bled energy pursuing targets with low Pk.
  • Improved AI logic of follow-on missile (AIM-120B/C, R-27 series, AIM-7, AIM-54 and R-33) shot if it determines the prior shot has been trashed
  • Added antiship task to Su-17, Su-25 and MiG-27
  • 4 v 2 ACM tactics have been improved. Both elements will now take part in the fight
  • AI formations will now make altitude changes more smoothly, thus allowing with wingmen to more easily stay in formation
  • Cruise missiles have much better terrain following guidance now
  • Improved AI use of JDAMs. AI can now drop bombs on multiple targets on a single pass.
  • Fixed Patriot so it now re-arms if near a warehouse
  • Changed M-109 reload time to be less insane. Was 7000 seconds, now 3600 seconds.


  • New F-5E
  • New L-39C
  • AIS pod added to payload of Western aircraft (no special function at this time)
  • LANTIRN pods on F-16 corrected for older missions
  • New Model for TPZ
  • New model for Roland ADS
  • Added APC Tigr 233036 (Available to Russia)
  • Added APC Cobra (Available to Georgia)
  • Building fires are now local to the weapon impact location




  • Lift of R-73 and AIM-9M was increased from 0.5-0.4 to 0.9-0.8
  • Increased luminosity size of smoke for S-8TsM and Hydra WP smoke marker rockets
  • Increased maximum structural G limit of AIM-9M from 35 to 40 G
  • Gun Smoke effect tuned

Black Sea Map

  • Added higher-resolution texture created by Mustang
  • Increased damage value for hardened targets like ammo depot, command center and aircraft shelters by 1.5 to 2.0 of their previous values.
  • Ground units falling through bridges has been largely eliminated


  • Infinite fuel after aerial refueling has been fixed
  • Transonic Roll-off eliminated
  • Wing rock effects implemented
  • Rudders have more authority
  • PTC operation corrected: trimming no longer required in transition from SL to 40000', 'wind up' effects corrected much faster, correct operation on-ground.
  • High altitude, medium and high AoA behavior is corrected (related to TRO above)
  • Slow speed, high AoA behavior is corrected
  • Throttle movement range compression is mostly corrected (full movement range is useable, FTIT/RPM barely changes as altitude increases)
  • Two wing tanks now have less drag than the belly tank
  • Selectable bingo bug is implemented
  • Afterburner stages lighting off are now subtly audible
  • Conditions of oscillatory and flat spin are corrected


  • New 6DOF cockpit for Flaming Cliffs 3. New external model is in progress.


  • Engine model update. Introduced RPM calculation based on flight conditions (temperature, velocity, altitude). Core engine temperature and trust envelope was corrected.
  • Corrected speed indication on HUD when below 80 KPH.


  • Gunsight cable added to cockpit 3d model
  • The 3-in-1 instrument "engine gauge" of the P-51D is missing the „SQ. IN.“ label
  • In-game manual fixed
  • Sperry AN 5735-1 Directional Gyro missing markings at 45 and 315 degrees
  • AN 5825 Vertical Speed Indicator errors
  • Smoke Generator Typo fixed


  • Virtual flight engineer has been implemented
  • SARPP-12 system (System of Automatic Registration of Flight Data) now has animated panel
  • Fully implemented model of KO-50 kerosene powered defroster
  • (P-503B) cockpit voice recorder is now animated
  • Activated all circuit breakers
  • Signal flare system is now made fully operational
  • Annunciator "СТВОРКИ ОТКРЫТЫ" (Cargo bay doors open) now functional
  • Siren is implemented
  • «АВТОМАТ. СБРОС» (automatic release) switch is now functional
  • The external resistance for voltage control of STG-3 starter-generator is now implemented. Circuit breaker is located on the right hand electric panel
  • The external resistance "VS-33А" «I — РЕГУЛИРОВАНИЕ НАПРЯЖЕНИЯ — II» (I - voltage control - II) is now implemented

Details of these improvements can be found in this thread: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=143573


  • Rudder authority increased
  • In-game manual added
  • Fixed incorrect tank jettison button hint in russian localization
  • Emergency ignition switch is now normal two-position switch instead of spring-loaded
  • Gun Selector now OFF instead of ALL GUNS at cold or runway start
  • When guarded, rocket release selector now is always in OFF position
  • New cockpit lights added


  • New skins
  • New normal map
  • Minor 3D issues
  • Flap warning buzzer sound level tuned
  • Control stiffening for Rudders
  • Campaign fixes
  • Gaps between fuselage and cockpit (when viewed in cockpit) fixed
  • Loading screen and wallpaper renders fixed
  • General FM improvements
  • New Options for setting rudder and aileron trim tabs in options menu


  • Fuel system warning light errors
  • Normal full oxygen pressure
  • SZKK4 texture errors
  • Corrected skins
  • New normal map


  • HUD clipping fixed - HUD no longer shows outside HUD glass
  • Training Mission cold start - Updated to have voice over by instructor and typos fixed
  • Small graphical artifact on canopy model - this was a remnant of the canopy handle
  • Kneeboard has been implemented
  • Wrong number of stations on loadout screen in ME when Hawk module isn't installed.
  • Code optimization for DCS 1.5.0
  • Graphical optimization for DCS 1.5.0
  • Night lighting updated for 1.5.0

Combined Arms

  • Tanks with laser rangefinder. An automatic calculation fire solution taking into account range, wind speed, own tank speed, angular speed of target LOS is now implemented. (RShift+L)
  • Added Arcade (isometric) View
  • Uragan MRLS can now be controlled by player
  • Added Sights for Challenger 2 and LAV-25
  • Added Sights for M6 Linebacker (M2 Bradley sight for the gun, Avenger sight for SAM)
  • Synchronization issues in Multiplayer is fixed
  • Fixed sight visibility limitation while zooming in fog conditions
  • Fixed air target radio emissions detection with RWR, if the target is not visible for ground radars due to curvature of earth
  • Added Sights for T-72 and T-90 MBT (from T-80)
  • Corrected SAM launch for Oliver Perry and Normandy
  • Added second reverse gear for M1A2 MBT
  • Added initial voice communications for Red and Blue tank crews. More to come.
  • Adjusted M1A2 engagement range


  • Mirror image orientation corrected
  • Mirror image is now hidden when retracted
  • External textures improved
  • New Liveries: Royal Air Force Fictional, Patrulla Águila 30 Anniversary, Matacán 100000 HOURS, Armée de l'Air Fictional
  • Several liveries corrections
  • Solved issue with GPU missing when there is wind
  • Fixed issue with both ailerons deflecting in same direction for AI
  • Collision model improved (now damage affects SFM aerodynamics)
  • Default payloads added to Mission Editor
  • Surfaces and controls are now animated when using keyboard
  • Several inputs added
  • Kneeboard added
  • Ejection Seat adjusting added
  • Sounds for GPU and ejection seat fixed and added
  • Input options issues fixed
  • GUI image in payload section corrected
  • LoD optimization improved
  • It's now possible to open the canopy with keyboard/joystick assignment
  • Ejection sequence corrected
  • Theme music added
  • Pilot 3D model added in cockpit view
  • PSD C-101 Template 2048 added
  • Several cockpit textures issues fixed
  • Parking brake implemented
  • Startup training mission with English voice overs included


  • Implemented RU Game Localization
  • Replaced multiple existing inputs with toggle inputs.
  • Added 9 New Keyboard Inputs: ASP Target Size, KPP Pitch Set, RSBN/PRGM Channel Select, Radio On/Off, Radio Volume & Chl Selection
  • Fixed various instances of the Radio not working.
  • Fixed the Radar operating without electrical power
  • Increased missile smoke visibility
  • Fixed the “SPRD Appears on F6 View after use” bug
  • Introduced special option for ASP pipper gameplay features.
  • Improved drag chute physics, including chute use in stall/spin recovery (Animation is however still limited)
  • Corrected Rudder Authority (“Rudder overpowering ailerons”)
  • Added UUA Sensor animation
  • Improved Over-G weapon jettison (Dynamic Weight Calculation, per-pylon/weapon limit)
  • Improved regulated Afterburner throttle control
  • Partially fixed visible weapons remaining on destroyed/missing wings
  • Fixed A-A missile lock tone bug
  • Corrected wing thickness & angle
  • Various corrections on all weapon pylons
  • Rebuilt frontal canopy for smooth fuselage transition
  • Re-Drew rivet and panel lines on rear fuselage
  • Added red floodlights in cockpit
  • Dozens of minor 3D/2D issues
  • Fixed various Cockpit graphics issues
  • Corrected various ASP calculation issues (Incorrect lead, “CCIP”)
  • Added 8-10 new default liveries
  • New specular maps
  • Sculpted rear fuselage into a new normal map
  • Added new SPRD Rocket booster model and texture
  • Corrected placement of SPRD Rocket booster on aircraft
  • Further optimized external model and textures
  • Revised gear door textures
  • Corrected AoA vane animation
  • Temporarily removed 'Canopy Icing' checkbox pending visual implementation


  • Mi-8MTV2. Russian Training Missions added.
  • Bf 109. Russian Single Missions added.
  • German Bf-109 K-4 manual added.

More notes from c0ff


Originally Posted by c0ff 

a couple of notes about 1.5:

- We won't build 32-bit binaries anymore. The users of 32-bit systems will stop getting the updates. Steam users will have to switch to a special 'beta' to keep using 32-bit DCS (locked at 1.2.16).
- Netcode improvements will come later 
- ServMan support is currently broken but will be restored. This will require some minor work on ServMan part. ServMan maintainters are welcome to PM me.
- The infamous network 'integrity check' was removed and will be replaced with a different tech.





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New Mig-29 pit screens.





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I am going to patiently wait for the general/debugged public release of 1.5.

Looks pretty good, though!

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I played around with it some the other night. Runs a whole lot smoother and I have no problem cranking up the settings my GTX 770. Less stutters, although I have kept trees and bushes down to avoid sucking up resources.


One of the first major bugs I noticed was AI has gone into extreme mode with aircraft collision avoidance. Also aircraft no longer take-off from runways into the direction of the prevailing winds, instead the taxi to one side start rolling from there. On some airfields this is a problem because AI will taxi to the middle or end of the runway.


I did a short "tester" video here. I wanted to see how things worked out before I resumed production of my main video series.


Edited by ironroad
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Nice............would report any Bugs ASAP..............after the main update comes out there may be less emphasis to fix them.

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I am going to patiently wait for the general/debugged public release of 1.5.

Looks pretty good, though!



I am too my friend. 

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They eye candy all over forums and facebook  is so beautiful... but mixed in with one helluva bug list, both global and end-user specific. I hope they squash them bugs quick, because I want the long promised higher frame rates, higher quality graphics, new gameplay features, and a large squashing of long existing bugs, a very rare combination!

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Once again Bunyap does an excellent job breaking down the patch notes. Looks very promising. 

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I am too my friend. 

Ditto. I've read the trials and tribulations that people have gone through for this beta--no thanks, I don't have the time to spend on all that! My desire to participate in betas has markedly declined in recent years.


Gimme a working one and I'm all over it, though.

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Honestly I (and many members of the 476th vFG) haven't had near the issues that people are posting on the ED boards.  We even had a MP session upwards of 6 hours the day after "release" with no crashes.  


Honestly, reading many of the "bug" reports on the ED boards come across to me as user error, trying to mod the beta by users who don't know what they're doing, or people just don't know what they're talking about.  Is it perfect, no, but IMO not broken enough not to enjoy it.

Edited by paulrkiii
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That may be true for some, but speaking as someone who's never used the beta branch even once and has a decent number of planes (by no means all) I'm not confident in the process to do it for myself.

I stopped modding anything but what I can do with Steam Workshop or dumping planes/maps/vehicles into folders for SF2 or Arma2/3. I just don't have the time to spend fiddling around.


When I can start DCS World and the updater will punch it up to 1.5, THEN I will consider it out for release.

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My curiosity has gotten the best of me. I'm making an install on another hard drive. 

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My curiosity has gotten the best of me. I'm making an install on another hard drive. 


You won't regret it. A lot of the annoying AI bugs still exist, but game play is a whole lot smoother.

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I've had DCS for quite a while and bought several modules. Not that I ever used it much because I have what would be considered a minimum spec system for running DCS. (ASUS AMD Athelon II X2 220 2.8G, 64 bit Win 10, 8 GB ram, GTX 650 Ti 2MB. Like I said, decidedly minimum.) Consider it banking them for the future.


I would get 20-40 (40 looking at the sky) in free flight (F-86) with frequent dips into the teens using low presets. Stuttering to the point it would be nearly unflyable if anything was going on. With 1.5 and low presets I get 120. Not a typo. 120 frames. Using medium I get 80. Fantastic! It's finally useable and I can SEE! Still getting the odd stutter but I think it's either rendering or the full screen bug. At any rate, color me impressed.

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Despite the delays involved and the fun I am missing out on, I have even less interest in maintaining an alpha and a beta install in parallel with a main install :P


I am looking forward to both the improved Georgia and NTTR terrains in 2.0. But I am equally or perhaps more interested in bug fixes to various aircraft modules. I am also curious about improved frame rates.

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  • Similar Content

    • By MigBuster

      DCS World 2.5 recently came out of Beta and was released fully to the public. Primarily this means that there is again only one DCS version in development and 2.5 replaces 1.5 as the major branch for players, hopefully simplifying things a bit. The old 1.5 version will still be available for now but will not be developed further I understand.
      If you were not aware DCS has been going through a transition period where the old 1.5 game engine was being used alongside several Beta versions including 2.2 and 2.5 which could do a few things 1.5 could not.

      A-10C - yes the engines are just big hair dryers and produce power accordingly
      New features
      The main change with the DCS World 2.5 game engine was the transition to Direct X 11 (DX11) from Direct X 9 (DX9), so a major overhaul of the graphics engine that can utilise more modern techniques and hardware.


      F-5E flies through the valley of the trees
      R.I.P. Graphics Card
      Unfortunately, it appears my graphics card is at the low end of the spectrum for this game.  My trusty MSI GTX 780 which I obtained solely because I knew it ran BMS Falcon 4 at the time is sitting at max puff, and despite my best efforts to fiddle with the GFX settings is not doing much more than warming up the room after 10 mins of playtime. I do actually get around 80 to 140 fps on the rather low settings, but I am still getting stutter at low level over the building and trees so have had to turn off Antialiasing.
      Sadly, although the move from DX9 to DX11 will benefit the game for the future, for me at the moment on my rig it looks far worse than Strike Fighters 2 (DX10) and BMS Falcon (DX9) because I can max them out. That shouldn’t put too many off hopefully. I am like many waiting for the new NVIDIA 2080/1180 or whatever, and hoping sanity prevails and virtual currency miners stop buying up all the cards to make an extra 3 dollars a year.

      Revamped Caucasus - might look better with some new hardware
      Unified Terrain Maps  
      With the v2.5 release I could finally install the Nevada map that I purchased in 2015 and run it alongside the revamped Caucasus map and even think about getting some Nevada campaigns. Previously Nevada only worked in the Beta versions so I was only using the old Caucasus map in 1.5 up to now.

      The Draken MiG-21bis pilot hoped to pick up some bargains from the shopping mall later

      The Sun my eyes!
      3D trees
      Not just 3D trees but collideable 3D trees, and this along with the 3D buildings is where a lot of the extra system resource is required. This will certainly make things more interesting for Chopper pilots!

      Some may remember as clouds and 2D trees were introduced to Strike Fighters through patches and mods that the system requirements to run them also increased exponentially. Some asked TK back them to optimise the game engine – and with SF2 there was a big revamp in the engine, but still required a lot more power to run it. Today I think I run it on max settings through brute force computing power as opposed to code optimisation.

      Trees - thousands of em!

      Las Vegas is vast in size and polycount
    • By HomeFries

      View File Integrated Nations for DCS World
      Switzerland by CHSubZero
      USN/USMC by Home Fries
      This mod allows your logbook pilot to fly for Switzerland, the United States Navy and the United States Marine Corps in addition to the default nations. The USN and USMC "countries" have their own sets of insignia and share a set of medals. Additionally, the option is there to update the USAF medals from the default medals (three of which are incorrect) to the actual USAF medals that can be earned for valor in air combat. Regardless of whether you choose to update the USAF medals, the existing default USA medals will now include the "Combat V" as applicable..
      Note: the default alliance matrix keeps the USN and USMC as "neutrals", so that you still only need to make a "USA" unit in the mission editor. This just keeps things simple, at least until the F-14 or F/A-18C is released.
      The mod also adds certain aircraft to different nations. Predominantly, the F-4 Phantom II has been added to nations who flew it historically (including USA, UK, Australia), most of the Eastern Bloc aircraft have been added to the USA inventory for scenario flexibility, and the MiG-29A has been added to Georgia and the Insurgents to provide more interesting scenarios.
      Finally, this mod is compatible with the Hellenic Air Force (HAF)mod version 1.05, though it requires that the HAF mod be installed first, and that this mod be disabled prior to reparing or removing the HAF mod.
      This assumes that you already have a working JSGME installation for DCS World. If you know just enough to spell JSGME, I recommend looking here for details on using JSGME with DCS World: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98607
      Big takeaway: don't create a folder called "MODS" within DCS World (this is already taken). Call your JSGME Mod folder something like "_MODS" or "GME_MODS".
      If you are updating the previous version of this mod, perform the following steps:
      In DCS World, set your default logbook to a pilot with a default nation. Create a new pilot if required (see "Disabling this mod" below).
      Exit DCS World and disable the old logbook mod.
      Delete the old mod, as the folder naming scheme has been updated for the new release.
      Extract the folders in this archive to your JSGME Mod folder.

      How you proceed with setting up the logbook mod is up to you.
      To install the logbook mod without the Hellenic Air Force Mod:
      Enable the "Logbook - Integrated Nations (Master)" mod.

      If you wish to use the Hellenic Air Force mod with this logbook mod, you must install the HAF mod first. Then you can proceed with the following steps:
      Enable the "Logbook - Integrated Nations (Master)" mod.
      Install either the "Logbook - Integrated Nations (HAF Compatibilty Patch)"
      Install the "Logbook - Integrated Nations - Correction for US Air Force (optional) & HAF Compatibility Patch".
      If you have an existing USN or USMC pilot in your logbook from a previous install, then manually update your logbook (see below).

      Note that you will need to disable this mod in order to repair or uninstall the HAF mod.
      Manually Updating your Existing Logbook:
      If you use the USAF Correction or the HAF mod, it may be necessary to manually update the entries in your existing logbook. This section covers those eventualities.
      Either way, find your logbook file, which is located at:

      C:\Users\<user name>\Saved Games\DCS\MissionEditor\logbook.lua
      Be sure to back it up prior to making any edits.
      Next open it in a text editor such as Notepad++ (Windows Notepad is not recommended).
      Hellenic Air Force Compatibilty:
      If you have an existing USN or USMC pilot that you need to make compatible with the HAF mod, find the pilot that has a ["countryId"] of 22 or 23 and add 1 to the value (22 becomes 23 and 23 becomes 24). Note: this does not apply to a Greek pilot with a ["countryId"] = 22.
      Next, find the section called ["awards"]. If any of the subsections are [22] or [23] and one of the awards listed is
      [1] = "Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal",
      then add one to these subsections just like you did with ["countryId"]
      USAF Medals:
      If you have an experienced USA pilot who has the original medals by ED, and you wish to apply the correct medals with this logbook mod, then you will need to manually substitute the old default USAF medals with the proper entries so that they display properly.
      Under your pilot, in the section called ["awards"], you should find and replace the existing medals as follows (up to the number that you have):
      [2] = { [1] = "Air Force Achievement Medal", [2] = "Air Force Commendation Medal", [3] = "Air Medal", [4] = "Distinguished Flying Cross", [5] = "Legion of Merit", [6] = "Silver Star", [7] = "Air Force Cross", [8] = "Medal of Honor (Air Force)", }, -- end of [2]
      You should now see the appropriate USAF medals in your logbook.
      Australian Medals:
      The db_countries.lua file in DCS World 1.2.6 (and 1.2.8 at the time of this writing) lists the medals in the incorrect order, which makes it so you cannot see the medals in your logbook. If you have an Australian pilot and wish to see the medals, enable this mod, then go to your logbook.lua and find the ["awards"] section, as described above. Then on the lines indicating the medals earned, replace the following numbers:
      [5] should be [1] [4] should be [2] [2] should be [4] [1] should be [5]
      Then with this mod enabled, you should be able to see your Australian medals.
      Disabling this mod (for DCS World updates):
      Installing the logbook mod is the easy part. However, if you create a USN or USMC pilot, you will need to disable this mod whenever you update DCS World, so I highly recommending adding a "dummy" pilot with one of the default nations.
      Whenever you need to disable this mod, be sure to switch your logbook pilot to deFault prior to disabling this mod and applying the update. While you can often just re-enable this mod after updating (and then go back to your pilot), this extra step saveguards your pilot datafile in case the DCS update makes this version of this mod obsolete.
      Submitter HomeFries Submitted 10/11/2013 Category DCS Misc. Files  
    • By HomeFries

      View File UH-1: HA(L)-3 Seawolves
      Scramble Seawolves!
      This was the common call in Vietnam when the US Navy Riverine Forces and SEALs needed immediate fire support. Helicopter Attack Squadron (Light) Three (HAL-3), known as the Seawolves, was the most decorated unit in the Vietnam War.
      Seawolves flew UH-1B Huey gunships in all weather, day or night, in support of the Brown Water Navy. In fact, most of the missions were conducted at night in inclement weather, which is exactly when the SEALs preferred to operate. HA(L)-3 would conduct Close Air Support, Hot Medivac and Insertion/Extraction of SEAL Teams.
      HA(L)-3 was decommissioned in March 1972, near the end of the Vietnam War.
      Unit Decorations:
      6 Presidential Unit Citations
      6 Navy Unit Citations
      Meritorious Unit Citation
      Vietnam Cross of Gallantry (MUC) Palm
      Vietnam Civil Action (Honor) with Palm
      Vietnam Presidential Unit Citation

      Individual Decorations:
      5 Navy Crosses
      31 Silver Stars
      2 Legions of Merit
      219 Distinguished Flying Crosses
      156 Purple Hearts
      101 Bronze Stars
      142 Gallantry Crosses
      Over 16,000 Air Medals
      439 Navy Commendation Medals
      228 Navy Achievement Medals

      The Skin (Seawolf 321):
      I chose to model the HA(L)-3 UH-1B airframe in the scheme as it now exists on the USS Midway (CV-41) floating museum. Because of the 3D models used for the aircrew, I have skinned the pilots and gunners in contemporary USN flight uniforms. The pilots bear the nametags of LT James R. Walker and LTJG Robert E. Baratko, both of whom were awarded the Navy Cross in service with the Seawolves.
      A note about the Crew Chief & Door Gunner:
      Since enlisted US troops don't wear rank/rate insignia on flightsuits, their rank/rate is displayed on their nametag. Since there are no specific nametag textures for the crew chief/door gunner texture, I have added a nametag to the velcro on the chest armor (as is standard practice).
      In choosing names for the texture, I opted for US servicemembers who received the Medal of Honor. MA2 Michael Monsoor represents the Unites States Navy in this skin. The following is his Medal of Honor citation:
      For conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his life above and beyond the call of duty while serving as Automatic Weapons Gunner for Naval Special Warfare Task Group Arabian Peninsula, in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM on 29 September 2006. As a member of a combined SEAL and Iraqi Army sniper overwatch element, tasked with providing early warning and stand-off protection from a rooftop in an insurgent-held sector of Ar Ramadi, Iraq, Petty Officer Monsoor distinguished himself by his exceptional bravery in the face of grave danger. In the early morning, insurgents prepared to execute a coordinated attack by reconnoitering the area around the element's position. Element snipers thwarted the enemy's initial attempt by eliminating two insurgents. The enemy continued to assault the element, engaging them with a rocket-propelled grenade and small arms fire. As enemy activity increased, Petty Officer Monsoor took position with his machine gun between two teammates on an outcropping of the roof. While the SEALs vigilantly watched for enemy activity, an insurgent threw a hand grenade from an unseen location, which bounced off Petty Officer Monsoor's chest and landed in front of him. Although only he could have escaped the blast, Petty Officer Monsoor chose instead to protect his teammates. Instantly and without regard for his own safety, he threw himself onto the grenade to absorb the force of the explosion with his body, saving the lives of his two teammates. By his undaunted courage, fighting spirit, and unwavering devotion to duty in the face of certain death, Petty Officer Monsoor gallantly gave his life for his country, thereby reflecting great credit upon himself and upholding the highest traditions of the United States Naval Service.
      Petty Officer Monsoor is also the namesake of the USS Michael Monsoor (DDG-1001), the second in the upcoming line of Zumwalt Class guided missile destroyers.
      Updating from Version 1.03 or earlier:
      DCS World 1.2.7 changes the pilot and gunner texture files, so the textures have been updated accordingly in this file. In order to clear out the obsolete files, go to the individual folder and remove the following files:

      Copy the folders (except for TempTextures; see below) to your Liveries\uh-1h folder (either in DCS World\Bazar or Saved Games\DCS).
      The release of DCS World 1.2.4 added the ability to add texture paths using the file "autoexec.cfg" in your Saved Games\DCS\Config folder. This will allow you to save hard drive space as long as the skin filenames are unique. My skins support this, so any DDS file with the same name will be identical.
      In order to enable this feature, add the following line to autoexec.cfg (be sure to create the file if it doesn't exist):

      table.insert(options.graphics.VFSTexturePaths, "C:/Users/<username>/Saved Games/DCS/Textures")
      You can use any path (even a different drive), but you must use forward slashes for your path. Backslashes won't work here.
      Then, you can move all of the DDS files from each of the skin folders to this new folder you've added to your path. Allowing overwrites is not a problem, as I use unique names for each file. Finally, be sure to go into each description.lua file and change all "false" entries to "true."
      Special thanks to upuaut for assistance with the more "exotic" material names, as well as the assistance with custom rotor colors.
      You are free to use any of the textures (e.g. USN helmet) in other skins or projects as long as proper credit is provided in the readme file.
      Enjoy, and Fly Navy!
      -Home Fries
      Submitter HomeFries Submitted 05/15/2013 Category Misc/AI Aircraft Skins  
    • By HungaroJET

      View File 3GO-MW Su-27 Flanker model for DCS-World / FC3
      Su-27 Flanker for DCS-World (based on 3GO Su-27 v1.5 model) v.098e-7570
      How to "install":
      (probaly you will need to "reinstall" if the Auto-updater touched your program)
      Put all files into DCS World folder
      Please edit manually the following two files: Graphics.cfg and PlaneConst.lua
      (Step 2., 3., 4. is not essential)
      Open graphics.cfg file with an editor in DCS World\Config folder and search for these rows:
      path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\WorldTexturesTGA3";
      path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\WorldTexturesTGA2";
      path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\WorldTexturesTGA";
      copy and paste this row into graphics.cfg at VFSTexturePaths section near ...WorldTexturesTGA...rows
      path = ".\\Bazar\\World\\textures\\Su-27-3GO";
      Make a backup/copy of your original PlaneConst.lua file in DCS World\Scripts\Database folder
      you will need to edit PlaneConst.lua file in DCS World\Scripts\Database folder ...search for row ~214 and edit gear position rows:
      it should be look like after you edited:
      -- main_gear_pos = {-0.537, -2.186, 2.168},
      main_gear_pos = {-0.587, -2.16, 2.168},
      radar_can_see_ground = true,
      -- nose_gear_pos = {5.221, -2.186, 0},
      nose_gear_pos = {4.021, -2.175, 0},
      (Nose Wheel and Main Wheel corrections - More real: "nose lowering" movement when braking, tyre "compression" and turning on ground)...known small bug: AI nose tyre touchdown
      Delete original Su-27 liveries from ...Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Bazar\Liveries\su-27
      Backup folders and files included here...Backup-Old-CMD-Su-27
      (original 3D model files will not overwritten, except broken wings and seperated canopy model but these files are also in "Backup-Old-CMD-Su-27" folder)
      That's all
      If you like this and my other addons/mods please donate me here:
      Thank You
      Please write comments, problems, ideas, suggestions here:
      If you downloaded please read the "Read_Me.txt" file - if you are a skin maker
      Submitter HungaroJET Submitted 12/03/2012 Category DCS Aircraft Mods  
    • By zzzspace

      View File v1.2 UPDATE for zzzspace REAL SOUND for DCS World
      v1.2 UPDATE for zzzspace REAL SOUND for DCS World
      Version 1.2 is a large 'update' for the original mod, "zzzspace REAL SOUND v1.0 for DCS World.zip".
      This mod is for "DCS World" and provides sound support for the following DCS World modules;
      - DCS A-10C
      - DCS BLack Shark 2.0
      - DSC Combined Arms (in BETA testing)
      It does not provide any specific support for the P-51 Mustang (BETA) module. People using the P-51 module will need to use the originally supplied sound files.
      This update maintains compatibility for online coop multiplay games but some servers may object to non-standard .sdef files on mp client computers. There is no way around this, as realistic sound editing requires massive alterations to almost every standard DCS World *.sdef file.
      If server admins wish they may use these latest .sdefs to verify sdef contents on their mp client's machines, if thw admin or squad wish to require all sever users to have the REAL SOUND mod installed.
      This mod is not available for other of ED's sims, however it has been reported by a user that REAL SOUND MOD v1.0 and v1.1 did work when installed into DCS A-10C v1.1.1.1, but it was not designed for that version of the sim.
      This update must be copied ON TOP OF an existing installation of zzzspace REAL SOUND v1.0 for DCS World. You can obtain that mod from this link if you don't already have it:
      (1) Unzip to an empty folder using any preferred unzipping program.
      (2) Copy the extracted "DCS World" folder, as one block into this folder:
      C:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics
      Do not copy the extracted folder into any other location.
      Say 'yes' to any and all replacements of folders and files, when asked.
      (3) Go into DCS World main screen --> Options --> Audio Tab and ensure the audio sliders are set to their maximum (full right).
      But you may set the 'Music' slider and GUI sliders to preferred settings.
      YOU'RE DONE!
      Submitter zzzspace Submitted 08/26/2012 Category DCS Sound Mods  

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