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Hey @Stratos, the above is supremely awesome and gives me a few ideas for a more plausible casus belli.  Maybe a few more partisan Japanese civilians try to take a Kuril Island and that starts the shooting?

That said, little update guys.  I am just pulling my hair out about trying to get a Su-35BM or Su-35S into my single mission pak.  About to have to give up... and maybe make a V 1.1 that has a modified Su-27 :-(.

For now, enjoy the visuals of a rather dangerous F-15J intercept attempt to get a Su-30 to jink clearly by in itself creating a diplomatic incident:large.img01918.JPG.56424299a1125b2b767986f2b6979da1.JPGlarge.img01915.JPG.0b4ed146883556fcdec8ead2e6c5ebd8.JPG

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Looks great! Looking forward to it.

Regarding land based anti ship missiles, I think there may be Iranian Silkworms in some of the Persian Gulf terrains or campaign packs that you could use or at least the data.ini may give you a steer to edit a Scud to simulate the more modern Russian systems.

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@JosefK Keep up the good work! The storyline can be improved with the time, what really matters at the moment is an accurate order of battle. SF2 does not really allow any storytelling aside from the written intros and outros of campaigns. Just a reminder (and small thread hijack); I have updated my realSKY mod package. Lightnings are now less noticeable in daylight, but it's a more realistic effect compared to the old one; now you might have difficulties in catching a lightning with the screenshots. Make a backup of the old RainEffect.ini file in case you want to keep the effect you've been showing in the past screenshots.

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OK folks, it's been a little while since I've posted an update.  Something about, "Fly, Fight and Do Admin" from the book about the modern Dambusters comes to mind with all the awesome GR.1 Tornado screenshots of late.

Before you see my new spreadsheet...

a) I found I was a bit underwhelmed by the number of single missions I had under some state of development.  

b) This is very much a living document.  Filenames will obviously change, times will likely change between here and 25 March (fingers crossed).  

c) I'd love to set things up where you've got a mission 100% separate from a strike package... 

With that, here goes:


OF course, once I get the air defenses on both sides all synced up... I need to make loading screens (which should be easy as I have the templates, loads of great screenshots, and Photoshop as part of my Adobe Creative Cloud membership) and get a soundtrack into this package (kinda easy).  Also working too slowly on getting enough video footage for a video.  Finally, need to start writing up a README with credits.

As time permits before my deadline I do want to do some work with the F-2A and the JS Asagiri.  The SF2 F-2A needs to be able to carry IR bombs like the real-life version and the latter needs a jammer to protect itself from anti-ship missiles.

For V 1.1, I will throw together some kind of kit-bashed late model Flanker to replace the early-model Flankers in the missions now.  Got most of the pieces, but want to do some professional research not just WikiPedia research.  Obviously any 1.1 will have to address any found bugs.

With that, enjoy a Flanker lifting off to intercept some F-2As...


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