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Stary in Krakow

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Don't know how often it happens that members from different countries meet up, but visited Krakow Polish Aviation Museum with 2 of my daugters and  dear old friend Stary.... Fantastic collection of old and newer Polish and  Soviet planes, missiles, radars and Western planes..... Great afternoon ........

Krakow Museum.jpg









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2 hours ago, Stratos said:

Glad to see you're still kicking Derk! Planning a Krakow visit myself for this year, luckily!

Hi Stratos, nice memories of your visit to Amsterdam lóóóng time ago !!!!!!  Hope you finished your F-16 !!!! Next time you're around we'll go straight into the National Military Museum, where I do voluntary work as a museum guide ........

 All the best for 2020  !!!!


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Just for clarification, Stary is the younger looking guy :rofl:

We had awesome time with Derk and his family, thank you! :drinks:

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On way home you could have visited the Flugplatzmuseum Cottbus or Luftwaffenmuseum Berlin Gatow. Both have nice plane collections.

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