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Recently i just downloaded the mod for the Su37  

and uhh i cant find a way to make the Missiles work, the R77 and R74 wont show up in the weapon list nor would the aircraft automatically choose  a loudout. 
is there a way to fix this, Same as the F-22A mod but there the Aim-120's are available but the radar is absolutely broken. Help?

p.s made a Indonesian skin cuz why not


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Only options for the sukhois are below, i installed everything like it should but these weapons wont show up



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Check dates for missiles etc...some wont be modern and may be time limited.

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Maybe that the Su-37 need a special weapon pack. Check the read me file. Perhaps you will find there the solution of your problem.

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check weaponstations in aircraft data.ini  maybe there is specific station code for those missile stations. And then check if this correspond with missiles in your weapons folder. 

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R74 is listed but its not with the a\c you may need a weaps pack.....

I just d\l it and all is well except I dont seem to have the R74...



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Wow! so many answers! i will write mine tooo!!!))) Change loadout.ini file. change all R-77 to A-12, R-27 to AA-10.... all russian names to NATO codes which correspond your weapons pack installed. By the way i did this work for you already


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Change loadout.ini file. change all R-77 to A-12, R-27 to AA-10

That would be my guess too. Improper "type names" in the load out ini. Edit to match the exact name in the weapon's data ini

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