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    Version 1.0.0


    Shenyang FT-2 export version for JJ-2 (Jianjiji Jiaolianji – fighter trainer 2). Chinese Chinese production of MiG-15UTI two-seat jet trainers (NATO reporting name: "Midget") two-seater. Inside this pack: - 1 new planes - 12 new / tweaked skins; - decals made using new fonts too; - all data tweaked; - pilots, sounds: - screens; Operations: - Openable canopy (key 10) closing at take off; Credits: - Pasko for the plane model - Stary for the long awaited great pit; - Spillone104 for sounds - Y.Gordon for his Aerofax "bible" book; - Suhsjake for Temps; - paulopanz (me) for skins, decals and edits. Install: - Copy all in your mod folder and overwrite Enjoy. @ paulopanz (6. to be continued ......)


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