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    I don't fly anymore, that often. But when I do, I still enjoy it!
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    how about this 2 depth charge , they should be able to do the work , some more in work
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    Upgrading an old aircraft: Wolf's Bf 109F-4. Data.ini updated and corrected, skins are WiP. This old model has some issues, making it quite hard to skin. But I like it, since this is the only freeware F-4 we have.
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    CF-107C Thunderstrike - No.416 Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Force, 1975
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    You simply a cannot make a comparison between the nature of air combat during the cold war and the Luftwaffe seal clubbing their way around Europe in the early 1940's... Nor can you make a comparison between he careers of those who served tours of a set duration and those whom through circumstance were forced to fight for the duration.
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    Fuel probe is optional now for AMI IDS.
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    Tornado full flap "heavy mass" take-off.
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    Danish Starfighters over the Faroer islands. and visiting the Shetlands
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    Version 1.0.0


    Feb 12th 2019 ============= Italian IDS (before MLU) version 1.0 --------------------------------------------------------- Italian Tornado IDS. CAUTION !!!! -------------------- Base LOD is using specular maps. They can really drop fps on slower GPUs [like my GTX 460 ;-)]. If you have this problem, there is archive of LOD without them in plane folder called : IDS-AM faster_no_specular_LOD Unpack and use this one. CAUTION 2: --------------------- Weapons : Since 1988 MBB-Aeritalia recce pod since 1992 AGM-88 since 1995 CLDP laser pod --> LGBs since 1998 JDAM-s Keys: --------- SHIFT+1 -> canopy open SHIFT+2 -> fuel probe SHIFT+3 -> weapon operator cockpit So, the most important part ... CREDITS: Fantastic five 1st. Nothing wouldn't be possible without these guyz : -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ravenclaw_007 - weapons, documentation, 3d lessons, BOZ, pylons yakarov79 - skinning lessons, testing, damages crusader - documentation, testing, avionics, HUD, air search radar baffmeister - flight model 76_IAP - 3d lessons Then Godfather of project: -------------------------------------------- fanatic modder - testing, documentation, flight model, engine datas, inspiration And last not least .. --------------------------------- coupi - hit boxes, damages, testing, GR.1B 12sqn decals and 617 Sqn decals. viper63 - testing, skins, loading and arming screens, pilots durasoul, logan4 - help with weapons, testing florian - some parts and ideas I used in my model from his German Tornado citizen67 - AMI loadouts, stencils, documentation menvra - testing, AMI loadouts spinners - hangar and loading screens svetlin - testing stratos - testing paulopanz - testing .. and all previous Tonka creators. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. guuruu - all bugs ********************************************************************************************************** This is freeware; it CANNOT be distributed unless permissions are granted by myself. The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact. The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes. This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. ********************************************************************************************************** THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, OR USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THIRDWIRE FLIGHT SIMULATORS, AND MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY ITSELF OR WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR MODS. ********************************************************************************************************** Have fun Wojtek
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    New thing, working WSO weapons panel. It's very simple, but better than nothing ;-)
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    Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star - Royal Canadian Air Force, 1952 Skin Credit: Charles
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    What's that thing they say about a good landing?
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    Rafales in 2018, on a runway denial mission over the Timor terrain in inclement weather. There were a pair of Australian F-111's, a flight of F-15c's, a flight of F-16's, and some RAAF F-18's all flying in the same area on different taskings. I still have no idea of who nuked the base in the distance as I was going by.
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    Great one mate! I will start painting the german early IDS ones...
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    A few winter shots from the Eastern Front.
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    Is there one already in sf2 ?....if not I will get this into game, as long as someone can do data.ini for it afterwards...etc
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    I have replaced my Warthog stick with a VKB MCG Pro, which has been great. But I have been getting the itch to make progress on making a more complete F-4 cockpit experience in anticipation of the future DCS World F-4E that may be only a year or two or three away. I have throttle handles, the panel with the slots and brushes where the throttle protrude, and the panels to either side on the way. I have a Warthog throttle that "bricked", so I am finally going to order a board and try to fix it, then hopefully use it as the base for making an F-4 throttle. I have two Warthog sticks as a result of buying a replacement for the broken throttle, so I am thinking about adapting it to my real F-4 stick so I don't have to clean pots like a did the last time I used the real F-4 stick. Alternatively, I may buy another VKB grip and gut it to adapt an extra B-8 grip I have to fit on the VKB stick. I may end up with two sim pits, one dedicated F-4 pit and one designed to be reconfigured to support several DCS aircraft. The F-4 pit would be in front of my PC and the generic/adaptable pit would be in front of my son's PC. I just need to upgrade his gpu or better yet build a new PC for me and give him my current PC. Just a matter of time and money along with some creative engineering.
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    Got snowed in, so I worked on some SCW stuff. These 1930's aircraft are a long term project, and I will return to WW1 stuff shortly.
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    just another update, even tho I am at vacation couldn't stop the temptation of completing this one. the soldier is free to download from the net but I had to do the rigging to the model
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    That is my WSO. He isn't very good at operating the radar or navigating, but he barks at anything that moves or makes a sound and stays by my side as long as he is fed a steady diet of treats.
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    Started the panel lines for the CR32...
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    Been busy with Real Life, but managed to squeeze in some work on the Bleriot rifleman.
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    Any chance of releasing the F15CX ??? Looks awesome ! mandatory Vulcan B3 Desert Storm screen shot
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    I know they are terribly incorrect and maybe even wrong... but I just needed more colour for my F-5 aggressors... ;-)
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    Would that be the Tasmanian Sea by any chance? The "poor man's" Tom-Kitty:
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