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    Work continues.....
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    primera piel muy temprana y con pocos detalles
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    Ding Hao...Col James Howard
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    Ojcar recommended this late-war German fighter/ground attack plane. It has a 160hp water cooled 6 cylinder engine capable of speeds up to 165 kph. It carries a synchronized Spandau in the fuselage and has a Parabellum on a ring mount for the observer. There is a rack of 10 stick grenades on the port side - the grenades will drop one by one. This is about half done, I'm hoping to be finished by Christmas. The real world is keeping me busy, but I'm hoping...
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    A Hind exits the battlefield, leaving death and destruction in it's wake..
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    Had to make a crash landing on Plei Me camp after being hit in my RAAF Canberra.
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    Maybe this has been posted before, but I could find the answer using the search option. If you want to start from the ramp in a single mission. edit this line in the MSN File. Change Waypoint[01].Command=TAKEOFF in to Waypoint[01].Command=TAXI [AircraftMission001] Name=SHOWTIME AircraftType=MiG-21bisN Size=1 Alignment=ENEMY RandomChance=100 MissionType=RECON TargetArea=Bad Hersfeld ObjectiveID=5 RatingForSuccess=50 StartOnGround=TRUE CarrierBased=FALSE Position=569000.000000,557000.000000,500.000000 Heading=239.487961 Speed=207.887314 StartTime=0.000000 BaseArea=Köthen Airbase LandArea=Köthen Airbase Waypoint[01].Command=TAXI //Waypoint[01].Command=TAKEOFF Waypoint[01].Position=568081.500000,557000.000040,0.000000 Waypoint[01].Size=100.000000 Waypoint[01].Speed=202.929993 Waypoint[02].Command=DEPART Waypoint[02].Position=559147.825109,554563.392422,3048.000000 Waypoint[02].Size=1500.000000 Waypoint[02].Speed=202.929993 Notice the different "Tower" command (Tower taxi to runway 27 etc)
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    here's the promised screenies. sorry it took so long, it's been a screwed up day 2 views of Tan Son Nhut, one of the asphalt paving at Cat Bi
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    Last summer, I enjoyed a trip in Albania (took off from Tirana and took pictures over Durrës just 4 hours before the major earthquake that mauled the area on 21 September, by the way!) There, I visited the nice medieval Castle in Gjirokastra, which was once the National Museum of Arms during the Communist era (still contains dozens of WW2 artillery guns). And on the top of this fortress, I unexepectedly stumbled on this wreckage faded by 50 years of careless outdoor exposure. On 23 December 1957, this USAF Lockheed T-33A Shooting Star (number 51-04413) was forced to land by two or three MiG-15bis, while flying off-course over Communist Albania during a transit from France to Greece. Major Howard J. Curran claimed he planned to land anyway due to instruments failure and lack of fuel; he was relased as soon as 9 January 1958. The plane has been exhibited in Gjirokaster since 1969, as a captured spy-plane and a war trophy over the Imperialist powers. Typical Cold War era...
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    Menrva, I don't know what you did brother, but that water bmp works!!! Gotta be how my photoshop was not saving it correctly. proof below, Seafire departing Arromanches! (SBD, SB2C, F6F all tested and working!) This is a GOOD thing, as most people love to play the single missions, and with operating bird farms!!! Oh Yeah!!!
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    Tail view...cable disappearing into your face.
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    The Pink Team in Vietnam war...
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    That did the trick Russ! Many, many thanks! Now, I have to go back and rebuild a couple of airfields that I wanted that large hangar on. Below is a TE view of Hanoi and the surrounding regions. You can probably guess, the "white lines" are roads.Highway 1 connects the southeastern tip of the SEA all the way to Hanoi and beyond
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    I was looking for my old files and found FV601 Saladin one of the first models that I made a long time ago using 3d max 3. but what happened after that, is I stopped modeling until last year when I found this forum, and that made me start to model from the beginning as everything was new to me again. So I think I need to add this to my do list to remodel it.
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    Its a beauty! What a pity, that the development was canceled in favor of Ye-231, the later MiG-23S.
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    I should point out that in addition to his suggestions, Ojcar has done a lot of work for all my planes. He's made all the FMs for my planes, he's also corrected problems and made improvements for most of the things I've done for First Eagles. It seems like he only gets one line in the Read Me file each time, he deserves a lot more credit. Concerning the Sopwith Triplane - I need to finish the Halberstadt first, then I'll look at the Tripe again.
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    things seen while testing ok fine, heres the two seater as the center of attention
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    I haven’t contributed in a while but I always check in to see what’s going on. This is a good one Stephen. I always liked the CL.ll. Lots of great skins for it. I still fly when I get a chance. I’m definitely getting this one when it’s finished cooking. Thanks Stephen1918 Cant wait for the Sopwith Triplane you are going to work on next! 😉
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    We may drink lots of tea but we know how to build classic jets eh ant ?...lol
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    Instrument[026]=Throttle [Throttle] Type=THROTTLE_CONTROL NodeName=TQhandle MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-0.03 Set[01].Value=0 Set[02].Position=0.01 Set[02].Value=0.5 Set[03].Position=0.12 Set[03].Value=1.0
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    Improving the skin, and putting the proper pilot. Next step, the decals.
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    Personally speaking I think Stephen 1918 would make a good job of this, If he had the time to take on the project and make it available here at Combat Ace.!!!! I have always rated his work for First Eagles as good quality mods.!!!
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    This was WTF moment during testing......... lol
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    my 3ds max computer is still down and needs a new MB , CPU and RAM i hope i get everything done by January , Sophocles is working on the Cockpit reducing the lod size
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    There is nothing better than meeting and conversing with people that lived through major historical events. We are losing so many so fast from WW2 to through Vietnam. The saddest part of watching the WW2 generation fade away is knowing that their history is slowly but surely being forgotten by the majority of people who simply don't care about history.
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    they sure kept it in great shape.......
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    Had to have a little fun with the Tommy... as if the Libyans tried to actually launch an anti-ship strike: OF course going to guns is a must in the Tomcat...
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    View File Aereonautica Militare Italiana F-84G Skinpack Italian Air Force operated 256 Republic F-84G from March 1952 until May 1957 They served with 3, 5, 6, 51 aerobrigate (wings). What's In: - 7 new Skins - Historical decals Credits: - RussoUk F-84G model - Geary Hi Res templates - Steve S. original SF.1 5/&^ AB skins - Mue Lodviewer (this mod'ld be not possible without it) - paulopanz skins & decals Notes: W l'Italia (lo diciamo sempre troppo di rado ...) Enjoy @paulopanz Submitter paulopanz Submitted 12/07/2019 Category F-84  
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    The Hentai image should have aerial refueling hoses in it.
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    And if you want the stick and rudder pedals working as well as the mirror, add this to the Cockpit.INI Instrument[021]=Mirror Instrument[022]=Rudder_Left Instrument[023]=Rudder_Right Instrument[024]=Stick_Roll Instrument[025]=Stick_Pitch and then at the end of the file [Mirror] Type=MIRROR NodeName=Mirror [Rudder_Left] Type=RUDDER_PEDAL NodeName=PedalL MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=0.04 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=-0.04 Set[03].Value=1.0 [Rudder_Right] Type=RUDDER_PEDAL NodeName=PedalR MovementType=POSITION_Y Set[01].Position=-0.04 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=0.04 Set[03].Value=1.0 [Stick_Roll] Type=CONTROL_STICK_ROLL NodeName=Roll MovementType=ROTATION_Z Set[01].Position=-12.0 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=12.0 Set[03].Value=1.0 [Stick_Pitch] Type=CONTROL_STICK_PITCH NodeName=CStick MovementType=ROTATION_X Set[01].Position=12.0 Set[01].Value=-1.0 Set[02].Position=0.0 Set[02].Value=0.0 Set[03].Position=-12.0 Set[03].Value=1.0
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    Nicely done ... I'm surprised the Engines on the Japanese one isn't pixelated.
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    Short status update of the 104S rework project: F-104S CB - done F-104S ASA CB - done F-104S CI - done F-104S ASA CI - to be done F-104A ASA M - to be done
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    Some Iranian Navy choppers...


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