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    Version 1.0.01


    Fiat G.91 Gina Pack (R.3, R.4 & T.3) I´m happy that after a long time these babys are finally out. 1st of all I want to thank ErikGen, Stary & Ravenclaw 007, without you guys this would never been released. Thank you so much guys. 2nd read the f***ing readme!!!! WHAT´S IN: - 8 new Planes (Versions of R.3, R.4 & T.3) with 53 skins - new Cockpit - new weapons CREDITS: - ErikGen - 3D modeler of the planes - Stary - Cockpit - Ravenclaw007 - new weapons & ini dance - Soulfreak - paintwork, ini dance, screens etc. TO INSTALL: - extract into your mod / objects folder Remember, this is only a Beta version. 3D model can´t changed, due to the fact that ErikGen is no more active in the SF2 world. Flight model should be tweaked, but I´m not the guy who can do it. Schapen, September 13th 2019 Carlo "Soulfreak" Vecchi THIS MODEL IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE AND IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL IT BE USED, EVEN IN PART OF ANYTHING THAT IS PAYWARE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMBAT ACE MODDERS AGREEMENT
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    when we get 'round to it. Baff was working on a updated FM, some months ago, but Real Life (tm) intervened. Be paitent
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    Not a bad idea, but that will require TK to come here and talk with the modders.
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    Ran into a pair of Crusaders over Cuba.....His wingman left him.
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    Tactical Recon during the Cuban Missile Crisis
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    Moved to the proper Forum. Why it was originally posted in the Sci-Fi/What If is beyond me. In the future, TRY and pay attention as to which forum you post in. ========================================================= You wouldn't have white tracers, espeically on Russian aircraft. They have always used green. More than likely, you've installed something improperly. I would delete EVERYTHING, to make sure you're "clean". Then, MAKE SURE YOU READ THE ENCLOSED READ ME FOR THE MOD, IN CASE YOU MISSED A STEP OR REQUIRE SOMETHING EXTRA, AND START OVER. That's just my advice
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    I agree with jeanba. I still think there is some room to improve the low speed performance of the TW MiG-21 but in general you want to keep the speed up. Better, and I think more realistic low speed behavior would improve the defensive capabilities as well as improve the potential for firing solutions during lower speed turns but only in certain situations. I've been trying a few things with the Bis FM to better match the low speed behavior as described in the flight manual but it involves too much conjecture at this point. I'm still taking a look at the charts from the CheckSix site but I need more data to test against before releasing anything. From the flight manual, it seems the MiG-21 can easily get into the higher alpha zone while the TW MiG-21 FM tends to get "stuck" at about 28deg AOA. There seems to be a number of reasons for that. TW modeled quite a bit of nose down pitch moment in the stall region and the lift distribution is almost 70% on the outer/aft wing panel which makes it more difficult to get the nose up at low speeds. It will take some research and a lot of testing to see what might be improved regarding the low speed/higher alpha performance.
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    Download file includes now the ejection seats.
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    Hello Michael, great Terrain, but i have a Problem with it. When i create a Mission with the Mission Editor from TW, the game freezes in the mission Editor screen.
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    As far as I am concerned : Boom & Zoom, vertical plane, high subsonic, high altitude Avoid Dogfight, missile attack mainly. Be carefull of improved IRM missiles such as AIM-9D or Shafrir II, compared to AIM9B The only time I make hard maneuver is to avoid being in the missile arc. I fight in Early VN environments, Six days War (early migs), Yom-Kippur (Mig21MF) and Ogaden (vs F5s or even otehr Migs 21)
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    Hopefully it will be approved tomorrow 😇
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    I'm just thinking out loud (or in writing) ... if TK confesses that the game did not sell as planned and we add that the community does not generate significant new profits, will it not be appropriate to redirect your business to the community? modder and mod consumers? Instead of creating a new saga that cannot be financed, it could give a new air to what it has with small patches that apply very specific functions, I remember as an example the mods of mirage of Dennis Olivera needed his DLC and I bet that many do not resisted acquiring it only to use the mod, according to that idea, you can work with refueling in flight, A/G radars, etc., so you can pay the programming time, a part finances it with crowdfundings and the result sells it in the royalty-free DLC style Of course for taxpayers who would be largely the modders of this community ... comments ??? Is what I am thinking very silly? we will have to put ourselves in the skin of the programmer and propose a business idea that benefits us all
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    What do you mean ? No tactics here Topolo's work is an estimate of performances based an available Flight Manual. The data and curves were then converted and adapted to a format which made them easier to compare under the NATOPS framework
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 VF-114 F-4B (65) Phantom Skin/Decal Pack by Mytai 9/4/2019 = For SF2 (Any & All, Full-5 Merged Prefered) and/or SF2:V = *Can be used in any install that has access to the F-4B_65 which is stock in all merged installs, excepting SF2:I (well, actually it's probably there as well!). This a new build of Mytai01's 1stGen skin for VF-114 Aardvarks durning 1965/66 Southeast Asia cruise about USS Kittyhawk as part of CVW-11 (tail code NH). This is within the time frame of the camo experiments the USN was conduction, as many of the aircraft aboard were using this 2-tone green camo. Records seem to indicate VF-114 did not. The aircraft remains in the standard Gull Gray/White scheme. With this skin set, you should have all the strike/fighter/attack aircraft of CVW-11 for this cruise. The skin is in jpg format, 2048x, from Sundowner's templates. Mytai's original decal have been 'refershed' to remove any oddites or edge 'ghosting'. Decal randomization is TRUE. Also included, within the skin folder, are all of Mytai's original research material that came with the 1stGen Package. This includes photos and other text files. Also included are slightly modified data and loadout ini that correct a few little faults. Wingfold and canopy are now manually activated, using the Standard Animations Keystrokes (tm); shift/9 for wings, shift/0 (zero) for canopy. Lighting has been tweeked so the wing lights follow the wing when folding/unfolding. A landing light and the 3 approach lights have also been added (see "Notes" for more details). When in-game, on the Loadout Screen, on the skin selection dropdown you'll see: VF-114 Aardvarks 65 (Mytai) As the Aardvarks are a unit listed in the stock squadron list ini, decals are set to make the displayed name active. As always, fairly easy to follow, detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them ....
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    It's not really that straightforward as 1977Frenchie says, though. The Desert4 terrain contains additional target areas and alters some names of original target areas, IIRC. To have a properly working campaign, target area names referenced inside the campaign's _data.ini file must be changed as well, and it's a time consuming job. Luckily there's a mod updating all Desert campaigns to be used with the Desert4 terrain, here at this link: PS: the above mod also requires the user to install an additional terrain update by Centurion1, which alters the names of airbases. All the required stuff is linked in the mod's page.
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    Go to your campaign.ini file and right at the start you will see this : [CampaignData] CampaignName=590901 Operation Burning Sands DataFile=Campaign1_data.ini CampaignMap=DESERT4 ------- change this line to DESERT4 and this map will now be taken instead of the default desert one Historical=FALSE Service001=USAF Service002=USN Service003=USMC Service004=Merc
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    For the Spanish Civil War - The NiD 52 was a French designed plane built under license in Spain in the early 30's. It was used by both sides (mostly by the Republican forces) during the Civil War. I am making a version for each side. The model, decals, and skins are finished. The cockpit is built but I've only just started the skins for it. And I still have a lot of work to do with the FM, damage, etc.
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    Topolo on checksix forum extrapolated from fligh manuals comparisons between various planes of the 60s 70s : http://www.checksix-fr.com/documentation-performances-f-5e-mig-21-mirage-iii-f-4/ Globally, the Mirage III is outclassed by the Mig21bis except in manuevrability below 15000 ft
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    Thanks to Wrench i was now finaly able to get my hands on a F-4B/N/J tactical manual , with that manual i was able to correct some of my weapons like the AERO 7D / LAU-3A/A and LAU-3A as well as my LAU-32 series launcher and the LAU-59 series a lot of work to change everythink but im almost done witht it here are the new MK-77 fire bombs MK-77 mod2 MK-77 mod4 MK-77 mod5 AERO 7D 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher ( U.S. Navy ) LAU-3A/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher ( U.S. Navy ) LAU-3A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher ( U.S. Air Force ) LAU-32A/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher LAU-32B/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher LAU-59/A 2.75 Inch Rocket Launcher Guided Weapon Walleye I different Mk versions Guided Weapon Walleye II different Mk versions AN/ALQ-164 U.S. Navy and Italian Navy version MK-83 AIR with Thermal Protection Coating
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    2 months ago i bought a new ASUS ROG Strix GTX1070 O8G Gaming graphics card and everthing worked fine antil 3weeks ago , on that evening i started my game Tank Crew by pressing the start button i got a very loud fan noice from my computer , i instantly stoped the game and checked my graphics card temp , showing 47° , and the fan rpm , showing 0 althoug the 3 cooling fan´s from that graphics card was running at max rpm so i removed the graphics card from my computer and by doing so i notice that a fan blade was falling in my hand , i thought no problem , i have warranty an after a short call to the vendor , who agreed that this is a warranty case , did i send the card back to the vendor 2 weeks later i got the graphics card back , still defekt and the vendor is rejecting the warranty by claiming it was my own fault by overclocking the graphics card and overclocking the fan´s , but i didn't do either of this !!! i always used the card without overclocking it , i called the vendor and told him that this would be not acceptable and that the graphics card was always used within the manufacturer standards , the vendor is still rejecting any warranty claims and is not willing to give me the rejection in writing now my only help would be ASUS , so i thought , but after a short call all my hopes a shattered , ASUS say´s that this is a warranty claim and in this case the vendor has to send the graphics card to ASUS for repair or he is giving a written statement why he is declining this otherwise they are not able to help me after all this back and forth i dicidet to take maters in my own hand i checked for a replacment fan in the net and found one by Amazone for about 20 euros , i bought it and started to repair my graphics card by my self and after 10 minutes work i installed the graphics card back in to my computer , sinc now 2 days the card is running without any problem , i made a furmark test and played all my games to check if there is any problem but sofar everthing is fine so THANK YOU , Webinstore AG and ASUS , for not helping me , as for ASUS this is the last item i ever bought from you


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