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    Tanagra? I keep forgetting that was one of the main bases. Wonder if Darmok has been there .... ducks and runs..................................................
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    the 2 seat Tub, not the single seat interceptor. What I've been trying to find out is .... Did the Greek AF ever have their whole fleet (5 birds) in the ADC Grey before switching to SEA 3 tone? I ask, because my research has only turned up 1 in grey; all the others are camo Along that line, my research seems to indicate that the Turks (11 birds) kept their IN the grey throughout their service life. even the Detail & Scale book is letting me down on this ... and the internet just confuses me. more than usual. so, if anyone can shed some light on this; as the mod in nearing completion, I want to know if need to add those skins for the Greeks & Turks TIA!!!
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    Personally, I think "Darmok" is only surpassed by "The Inner Light". The 2 best TNG episodes
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    North American F-100G Super Sabre - 131st TFS, 104th TFW, Massachusetts ANG, 1982
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    TF-102...old version...I am waiting new
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    Temba , his arms open i think we are showing our age again Kev
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    i forgot about one of the places you can put stickers on.......
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    North American F-100D Super Sabre - 154 Gruppo, 6 Stormo, Aeronautica Militare Italiana, 1961
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    It will be reality soon.
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    Air Guard is getting there....... circa 1990
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    We're having fun now! Ravenclaw_007 updated the loadouts and she's now outfitted with LGBs..
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    A new campaign with the 94th Aero in France! I don't really have the system as yet for the latest version of Wings over Flanders Fields but I was inspired to start this campaign after seeing some of BladeMeister's screenies of the Nieuport 28 in a certain other new sim, over on SimHQ. I've always liked the N.28 ever since making the newly-issued Revell 1/72 kit back in the 1960s. I'm no big fan of SPADs so I decided to start with the 94th Aero 'Hat in the Ring' Squadron in late March 1918, before the SPADs arrived. We're based at Villeneuve les Vertus near Reims, which latter is behind the Lines to our north. I'm leading a patrol of four. We're new to this game and are starting out by getting used to the area, and to combat flying in general, well behind the front. So I'm not really expecting too much to happen today. Here I am, ready to start up. And there are the boys, shortly after doing so, engine smoke blowing away in the propwash. As well as my foursome, A' Flight is putting up a pair of Nieuports to patrol the same general area. As befits the flight leader, I'm first off the ground, into clear blue skies. Time for a quick look at my map, I think. Then up and away we go again. I throttle back slightly and begin a gentle right turn to help the boys catch up. I reckon that's Epernay, down there. If not, then I've wasted no time in getting us lost. Right, now for the boring bit, the long climb for height, before the patrol really begins. ...to be continued!
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    I would add the episode Family right up there too. in my humble opinion.
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    I took these photos from Türk Hava Kuvvetleri Müzesi in Feb of 2020.
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    The front in Normandy is collapsing - can a handful of Tigers save the day? Feeling like a bit of WW2 tank action, I decided to fire up Steel Fury. To be precise, my Steam version, modded with the excellent Japanese Community Mod. This is available here... https://wikiwiki.jp/pzfr/Steel Tank Add-on ...complete with links and installation instructions (Edge does a fine job translating the site).This is based around version 2.2 of the Steel Tank Add-on (STA 2.2) and is a good free alternative to the donationware ITM mod (itself based on STA 3.4 - I have installs of SF for both). The JCM adds many new theatres, tanks, troops and missions to vanilla SF, including some unique to this mod. As well as the British A-13 and Centurion Mk.I... ...and the German super-heavy E-100... ...there are some 'fakepanzers' which I understand are from a Sony Playstation Panzer game, like this 'E-79'. Scrolling through the JCM's long list of missions and campaigns, I decided to go for one that's included in the JCM's own mission pack - 'N158 Highway', with Tigers defending the locality of Cintheaux in August 1944, as the Germans struggled to prevent the Allies breaking out from their bridgeheads. The mission briefing doesn't tell me a great deal. I've got two Tigers lined up on the N158 with another apparently independent tank, off to my right, and another, covering our left. There are also some grenadiers in the woods north-west of Cintheaux. I decide to push my panzers out to the right, in the hope of reaching a hull-down position on the edge of a low hill, commanding the enemy line of advance. We'll be out in the open, but I hope better able to take advantage of our Tiger's long-ranged 8.8cm guns. A bad idea as it will turn out - this is 1944 and there are some enemy weapons more than capable of killing a Tiger. Panzer, marsch! ...to be continued!
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    It is very strange why this new file didn't placed in "Thirdwire - First Eagles 1&2 File Announcements" topic? Once more - THIS IS NEW FILE. So I don't submit any files until this file will be placed in it right place - " Thirdwire - First Eagles 1&2 File Announcements" for closed 24 hours.
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    If you use Google Chrome, it will translate from Japanese to English for you (it did for me, anyway - the translate button is on the top right). I often play a few missions of Steel Fury as break from combat flying. It is a great tank sim, I think the best I have ever played. Downloading the bits and pieces to upgrade it is always a bit obscure, though, the sites are usually in Russian or (now) Japanese. I have the STA add-ons up to 3.32, and all the seasonal weather mods. It would be great if we had a dedicated download section for Steel Fury and STA here at CombatAce, and maybe a forum too.
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    no worries personal opinion, if you can skin you can work tga. i find it pretty easy, once i set up the template for each project. from there its a matter of fitting the new pieces in, and adjusting opacity.
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    when i say "nation_insig" im using a generic name for your tga. it wont do you any good in the flight folder put that in whatever folder the other decals are going into. in the case if my Eagle work, i put the insignia tgas in the overall F-15A folder, and have unit specific stuff in each of hte unit folders (01_27, 01_71, 5FIS etc) in the case of the C-130 packs ive been doing, i put the insignia in each nations folder (Spain, Egypt, Libya etc)
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    No way! You survived against four Halbies in that old crate! Blimey .... I like this idea. Kinda like the Challenge(s) without the stress or winners prize.
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    one day soon we might upgrade and get the Slamm-ahs
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    In WoFF, the fences would always kill you if you hit one... now it's not always the case after a patch changed that behaviour. Sometimes you can get away with it, and sometimes you can't...
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    Now then...there are some woods to my right, but on the other side, plenty of promising fields and I have more than enough height to reach them. Better avoid the ploughed fields, methinks. Those grassy ones over there look good. The undulations in the land become a bit more evident as I settle onto a final approach, but I reckon I'm still doing fine. Suddenly, a fence comes into view! Fences and WoFF aircraft don't mix too well, I remember. I can't get down short of the darned thing so try to keep the nose up and get over it. But I just haven't got the airspeed! Crunch! The fence stops me dead lie a fly in a spiderweb. 'Dead' is the operative word, for the debriefing tells me I've been killed! WoFF's lethal fences have claimed another victim! Granted I had only just touched down and was travelling quite fast, but an animation showing my kite flipping over or breaking up would have been at least more convincing. That was probably my shortest-ever WoFF career! Next time, I'll be more careful where I force land!
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    ok, for the decal.ini set the decallevel to 0. brief reminder 0 is nations, 1 is units, 2 is serial numbers, and 3 is kills]. the easiest way on a new insignia (or even common one in new skin) is just to name it "nation_Insig" or something similar and the game will force it in. Im doing that right now with F-15s , naming the insignias insigNB (the early no border version) and insigBlack (the later subdued version). add copies into my decal folder and its done as for nations in game keeping it simple, you then want to extract a copy of the nations.ini into your flight folder. the nation entries will look roughly like this ------------------------------------------------------------ [Nation002] Name=USAF DisplayName=United States Air Force Alignment=FRIENDLY PilotNameList=NamesUSAF.lst RankList=RanksUSAF.lst CallsignList=CallsignsUS.lst Formation.Fighter=USFighter Formation.Attack=USFighter Formation.Bomber=USBomber Formation.Transport=USBomber Formation.Tank=USTank Formation.MobileAD=USAD PilotTrainingStandard=EXCELLENT GenderRatio=0 DebriefSuccessMusic=DebriefSuccess.wav DebriefFailMusic=DebriefFail.wav DebriefKilledMusic=DebriefKilled.wav SpeechFile=USAFSpeech.cat SpeechTextFile=USAFSpeechText.cat Medals=MedalsUSAF.ini MedalTextFile=MedalsUSAF.str UseFAC=TRUE ActiveDate=1948 AlternateDecal=USAF_OLD --------------------------------------------------------------- if you want to add a new nation then set it for the next entry in the bottom of the ini. for example if i added a new one to mine the sample might look like this [Nation258] Name=Atropia DisplayName=Atropian Air Force Alignment=FRIENDLY PilotNameList=NamesRussian.lst RankList=RanksRussian.lst CallsignList=CallsignsUS.lst Formation.Fighter=SovietFighter Formation.Attack=SovietFighter Formation.Bomber=SovietBomber Formation.Transport=SovietBomber Formation.Tank=SovietTank Formation.MobileAD=SovietAD PilotTrainingStandard=NORMAL GenderRatio=0 DebriefSuccessMusic=DebriefSuccess.wav DebriefFailMusic=DebriefFail.wav DebriefKilledMusic=DebriefKilled.wav SpeechFile=USAFSpeech.cat SpeechTextFile=USAFSpeechText.str AlternateDecal=Pineland other values can change, but he ones in bold are the most common if you dont have the 3W cat extractor, look around at the mods, many include a nations list ini (all of my airliner mods should) due to things the modders have done with them. they also often have some commonly missing nations like US Army, Dhimar and Paran
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    Heinkel P.105 - III/JG6, Welzow, Luftwaffe, 1949
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    I concur old stick... well done to all participants!
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    Great job Harry just for stayin' alive stayin' alive ah ha ha ha stayin' aliiiiiiiiive! Ahem, sorry about that gents. It does look like Balders has got it by jove with Harry as wingman. To all the participants, jolly well done. Outstanding. Top shelf. Thoroughly enjoyable for me and I hope everyone else. And of course, special thanks to Rick for hosting this memorable event!
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    Started again on the Fragata Niteroi F-40 ship hall is completed need to work on the top structure.
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    Saab-FFA Draken J-35H (Helvetia)
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    Version 1.0.0


    T-34A/B Mentor Trainer Set for Strike Fighters2 By Me Russouk2004............................... Converted from Fs2004 Alphasim Freeware model..(see bottom) Models covered................................. T-34A USAF..................................... T-34B USAF,USMC US NAVY ,AND RAF............... Templates to follow when ive sorted them out. ............................................................. C version may or may not follow Included............................................... Decals by me sounds,pilots and drop tanks Pilots modded by me from a freeware figure set,lost creators info... I did originally plan missile pylons but even smallest A2A missiles look far to big and even silly Cockpit modded\repainted etc,by me from one of Starys freeware ww2 3dmodels....thnx Stary Install.......................... Drop folders....Objects,sounds,Weapons into your SF2 mod folder. and ready to go. Animations................ Canopy Front shift and 9 canopy Rear shift and 0 Disclaimer........................ ThisPack NOT to be uploaded anywhere apart from at CombatAce.com unless specific permission given. Pack is totally freeware and may NOT be used in any form of payware or donation ware etc,or anywhere for money. COPYRIGHT INFORMATION These files are freeware. Please amend/distribute as you see fit. They are unsupported, so please do not e-mail us if you have problems. Under no circumstances may these files be sold or uploaded to a payware site or any kind of illegal warez site. All rights reserved - AlphaSim 2009 WWW.ALPHASIM.CO.UK


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