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    Long Range BVR shots with a Tomcat/Phoenix combo never end well for Mig-23's
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    The designation AGM-65H was assigned to AGM-65B/D missiles upgraded with the new CCD seeker , the AGM-65K is an AGM-65G upgraded with the CCD seeker. At least 1200, but possibly up to 2500, AGM-65G rounds are planned for conversion to AGM-65K standard. The CATM-65H and CATM-65K are the captive-carry training versions of the AGM-65H/K the CCD seeker section for both versions are the same and named HK-2 here is a renamed AGM-65B , this AGM-65B was renamed to AGM-65H and changed to an CCD seeker at Ramstein AB , the missile in your picture above is a AGM-65D with CCD seeker renamed to AGM-65H
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    So... delete 2 files: MAPENEMYICON.TGA HUDDATA.INI here c:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\ThirdWire\yourmodname\Flight\ and thats all folks
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    @Soulfreak – that looks outstanding. Look at that attention to detail; side stenciling, placards, texture gradient/weathering, just love it! I know not everyone appreciates these kinds of details but it looks terrific. I guess I owe a picture since I responded here in the screenshot thread, so here's something similar in detail as we work to at long last to finalize the Thud after many years... but just to be clear the push buttons are inop (LOL).
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    This is my next project, I will be trying to create this control tower, hopefully, it will come out nice.
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    New Dhimar, the land of fruits and nuts...............................................
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    From my huddata ini [HUDLabels] EnableLabels=TRUE LabelFriendlyAir=TRUE LabelFriendlyGround=TRUE LabelEnemyAir=TRUE LabelEnemyGround=TRUE [MapLabels] EnableLabels=TRUE LabelFriendlyAir=TRUE LabelFriendlyGround=TRUE LabelEnemyAir=TRUE LabelEnemyGround=TRUE you can just delete it too and game wil use default file. back up if you want.
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    https://www.cybermodeler.com/index.shtml https://www.milspeccoating.com/Federal-Standard-595-Colors-s/41.htm#products-595 https://trucolorpaint.com/military-aircraft/ https://acrylicosvallejo.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/historical-color-references-guide-for-aircraft-and-afv-series-vallejo-colors.pdf The Subject & Color references tab on the Cybermodeler website is quite informative.
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    Another way is to look for a photo of good resolution without to much sun, pick the colors from there and adjust them here and there to get a good result.
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    The meaning is that game looks for files first at folder with MOD and find HUDDATA.INI in mod folder and use it. if gme do not find this file it begins to use default HUDDATA.INI builded in game engine. And if you do not see at some mods enemy aircrafts, trully they are at a map, but they are "transparent". Modmaker did file transparent and puted it in his modfolder. So you can just delete the "HUDDATA.INI" and that transparent aircraf icon in your modfolder and game will use own default files.
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    File c:\Users\yourusername\Saved Games\ThirdWire\yourmodname\Flight\HUDDATA.INI you need to change all strings kinda "LabelEnemyAir=FALSE" to TRUE and delete an empty .TGA file. Sorry, i do not remember the name it could be kinda "enemyaircraft.tga" or something about it/ I am to lazy to see its name. Its for moded game.
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    The F-35A sure can attack somewhat stealthily, but I wouldn't recommend taking it down low.
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    My Current and First attempt at modelling something, NOW, it is not my model, i am just trying to fix and give it a bit more of reality. Among the fixes made, i got: Tail round up Elevons round up Rudder cut Spine round up Fuselage round up Engines round up and reposition (they were a bit low) Fuel tanks round up and reposition Wing fence re making Aileron cuts and round up of the edges Wing re shaping Gun re shaping Pending or in the make tasks: Nose re making Cockpit re shaping Landing gears re shaping and repositioning Some antennas and other bumps and humps missing Some decent mapping (Including BMs and SMs) And last but not least... some good skins :) Some shots of the making: I will be making a whole post of all the Yaks i have on the workbench soon (25/27/28)
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    I was given this one from Daniel, i may be polishing it in due time, is that ok?
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    Something new (and a little bit more dangerous)
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