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    Every low pass I expect him to straffe the ground.....this was a sight a lot of RAF airfields in 1940-41 must have looked like...imagine having to leg it when you see this 109 awesome machine superb condition and flight...
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    Hello all!!!! So I'm building my picture/model collection of the Fitter family, however I can't find anywhere any references for the Su-17M2 cockpit!! Was it all grey? Or black panel and grey like the M? The sole picture I have is from a wall poster, I'll add it below. If anyone has a genuine picture of a Su-17 M2 cockpit I'd greatly appreciate it. This is the only "picture" of a Su-17M2 cockpit I can find anywhere!!! Only I don't trust it!!
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    Bloody things a White Elephant, and a white elephant that could get pilots killed , all because of political and economic philandering and penny pinching, what make it worse is the RAF has bought this pile of shit.
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    Hello. I'm just coming back from a nice trip in the incredibly beautiful Sultanate of Oman. As my hotel in the capital city of Muscat was located in the district of Ruwi, I spent a morning at visiting the nearby Sultan's Armed Forces Museum - and sure, I did not regret it! Below are some shots mostly related to the outdoor displays dedicated to RAFO : Two-seater Jaguar OB (commissioned 1977-2014), displayed at the place of honor in front of Bait Al Falaj Fort. BAC 167 Strikemaster and Hawker Hunter - Unfortunately, I did not collect full information about these models. Short & Harland Skyvan 3-SH1877 (passenger transport aircraft, commissioned 1970-2006). I can't resist adding these few shots from a missile boat quite unusually displayed in the open ground : RNOV Al-Mansoor, fast attack craft (commissioned 1973-1985).


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