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  1. Good bye Glenn Campbell

    The one, the only, Rhinestone Cowboy.
  2. @Wrench: PT boat weps

    Should be good enough to beat the Somalian pirates, I think.
  3. Missing ya Crapgame-RIP

    Condolences to Mrs. Potatohead.
  4. Tomcat on russian carrier

    . Got me.
  5. John Glenn passed away today

    RIP. .
  6. Iron Front - sniper!

    Tough luck! Hope you succeed in your replay and don't forget the AAR.
  7. Chopper downed over Syria?

    No survivors? .
  8. June 6: Remembering D-Day..

  9. R.I.P. Muhammad Ali

  10. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam

    Queue "War."
  11. Chewbacca Face Mask

    She's really enjoying it!
  12. Egypt Air Crash

    Right, condolences to all the families involved.
  13. Congratulations! Didn't mention your video card, tho.

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