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  1. Wind Effects

    OK, thanks for the informative reply. I've got the MultiMod but have neglected the wind settings, so will now take a look. Also took the liberty of downloading your FM models pack while I was at it - FMtweaksBHAH2ver1.0_VonS. And the Franken mod to improve FPS. Cheers
  2. Wind Effects

    Hello all - From reading WWI aviator memoirs I know that wind direction was regarded by British aviators as a major part of the flying environment. Account after account notes that the wind blew in favor of the Germans, since it blew from west to east, and thus British aircraft were put at a disadvantage when they attempted to fly homeward (towards the west). And of course when Richthofen shot down Hawker it is noted that during that lengthy engagement the two combatants were blown further and further into German territory, to Hawkers disadvantage. So is this effect modelled in WOFF ? Note: I have 'Wind' and 'Wind Effects' turned on in my WOFF setup but only notice wind effects - that is, my pilot's aircraft gets thrown about more on days when the wind blows strongly, especially at higher altitudes. But what effect should I be noticing from the 'Wind' attribute ?
  3. Intercept Missions (always a fail?)

    My experience is that my pilot can usually spot an enemy formation (i.e., some dots) flying very high (sometimes almost overhead) as my AI flight leader putters about. This enemy formation will disappear after about 10 seconds if you don't leave the formation and climb after them. And sometimes the AI flight leader spots them after awhile and follows my pilot. And once in awhile the AI flight leader is on the ball and spots the enemy right away and then leads the interception. Sometimes my pilot never spots anything. Seems like a lot of times the enemy's target is your home aerodrome so be careful when landing !
  4. BH&H 2 Screenshots and Movies Thread

    Never mind, turns out that last night my Esc 15 Nieuport 17 pilot probably encountered Richtofen one on one. The Baron is a, umm how shall I put it, a quick worker . . .
  5. BH&H 2 Screenshots and Movies Thread

    Great pics !! Which reminds me that in all my years of playing WOFF campaigns, I've never come across Manfred von Richtofen, Udet, or Mannock while flying as an adversary. Latched onto Fonck's tail once but he disappeared under a wing.
  6. BHAHII Missions and Campaigns

    -I wondered about this too but it turns out that the default skin for Esc 65 has the tricolor chevrons. Also, after the forced landing and the engine quits, it was nice to be reminded what a great a job WOFF does recreating the sounds of war while viewing that nice airshow.
  7. Andrew Ingraham (A.I.) pilot career

    I suggest performing the same experiment again, only this time with 'Forced Encounters' set to 'OFF'. As I understand it, 'Forced Encounters' skews the probability of air-to-air encounters.
  8. Wish List for WOFF BH&H II

    Think that there should be some sort of accompanying sound + jostling of aircraft when the player gets hit by Archie.
  9. BH&H II Crash to Debrief screen

    Is there an easy solution for this ? I believe that my WOFF BHH installation now has this problem as well. As far as I can tell, whenever my pilot (or the AI in my pilot's flight for that matter) fires at a balloon, the mission crashes and an error message is generated (see image). However, the WOFF game itself then continues to the debriefing screen. It is possible to fly more missions afterwards but that particular pilot seems to be 'marked for death'. That is, in subsequent missions he invariably gets rammed or happens to be dealt a critical wound such that he dies. (I take backups of the pilot files because I don't accept death by collision as a valid way to die, so in the event of a collision the pilot files get replaced and then I fly another mission. Which then results in another collision or a critical wound.) On the other hand, if I continue to play WOFF with a new pilot, all goes well. Until he gets assigned a balloon-busting mission . . .
  10. IIRC, When I played hundreds (300+?) of missions with the UE edition of WOFF, my pilots were hit by Archie (anti-aircraft) a grand total of one time. With the BHOH edition, my pilots have now probably flown more than a hundred missions by now. My current pilot, a Frenchman starting in the Flanders region during winter 1917, has flown 30+ missions. What is remarkable is that he has now been hit by archie 3 times, resulting in 2 woundings and 2 forced landings. I have flown several careers with British and German pilots using BHOH but none of them experienced damage from anti-aircraft that I know of. (Sorry, didn't start regularly reading 'Mission Review' to verify Archie damage until recent weeks) Does anyone know if this is just the luck of the draw or is BHOH archie really more dangerous than UE archie ? Furthermore, are some AA batteries more formidable than other Archie units ? And lastly, will comment that I do not recall hearing any sound on any of the occasions when my French pilot's aircraft was struck by anti-aircraft. Neither was his aircraft's motion disturbed. However, injury and damage penalties were immediately applied and corresponding messages were displayed. Shouldn't there be a loud sound, accompanied by the aircraft being tossed about, when a plane is severely damaged by Archie? Some kind of effect would seem to be in order.
  11. Night Flying?

    I think it's about 16:20 o'clock in the image file of a recent French-German furball.
  12. Night Flying?

    I have noticed that during the winter (nov-dec) that fighter squadrons, especially the French, will schedule afternoon patrols for 15:45 o'clock. Well, after about 30 minutes the sun begins setting so the return to base is in the dark. And a good portion of combats occur in failing light. The French are also the most enthusiastic about pre-dawn patrols. (in the spring iirc). With the combination of the darkness and the SPAD's unfortunate view from the cockpit, my French pilots lose sight of the enemy much more often than when flying as German or British.

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