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    Forums Maintenance/Cleanup
    By MadJeff,
    In case you didn't notice or was wondering where some forums went, I've been doing some cleanup/streamlining of forums today. A lot of the older/stagnant forums were closed and forum posts merged into the sections General discussion. In some other cases I integrated like forums into one, such as the Pacific Fighters/IL-2 forums and the WoV/Project-1 General discussion forums. Hopefully this will go a long ways towards streamlining things.   I have also seperated the File Announcemt forums into a forum under the associated sim's Forum Category, such as LOMAC and Strike Fighters. All new file announcement messages will be posted in those forums from this point forward.   If you have any questions/comments, please feel free to PM me. :)

    Old inactive user accounts deleted
    By MadJeff,
    I just went in and purged all old user accounts with 0 posts that have not logged onto the board since April 2004. I wanted to do a little cleaning of the databases, plus make sure that was not an issue with some of the reported logon issues I've been hearing about. If you had an account created that fit those parameters you are welcome to create a new account. I will be doing this 1-2 times a year just to keep the DB fresh, but I will give a month's warning before I do it from this point on.

    New & Improved File Area is now Online!
    By MadJeff,
    I am happy to announce BiohazCentral's new and VERY improved file area! If you haven't noticed already, there is a new link on the top right link menu labelled "Downloads". Click on it and take a look around.   Some of the new features are: FULLY integrated with the forum user database. All your stats are linked to your forum account.
    Finally, and easy AND reliable upload mechanism, you can upload files up to 10Mb in size. If you have a larger file, please email me and we can work out other arrangements
    Uploaders can now manage all their uploads, such as uploading updated files, changing descriptions, etc. This is a great feature for modders, and keeps the multiple versions of the same file down.
    A new thread along with a screenshot (if uploaded) is created automatically in the associated sim forum announcing the new upload. This thread can be used for support and questions to the file author
    Screenshot upload support. In fact, in the skin catagories a screenshot is REQUIRED to upload. No more wondering what a file looks like.
    You can subscribe to files and receive notifications of updated files
    Automatic PM to a file submitter if their file is approved/denied (with option of PM, Email, Both, or None)
    Tons of backend stuff that only the mods and I care about, but suffice it to say it will be MUCH easier to manage the file area now.
    All existing files have been moved to the new system and all links now point to the new file area. I will leave the old system up for a week or so so remote links will still work, but then I will delete the old system. Please, try out the system and let me know if you run into any issues, and report broken links via the reporting link in each file page.   Now that everything is in place, I ask that everyone start uploading your mods and skins! And spread the word that BiohazCentral's file area is THE place to get thos files you need.

    LOMAC Manual Lottery!!
    By MadJeff,
    Ok folks, we are going to start doing some giveaways over the next few months so we can give something back to all of you that visit regularly. And best of all, it's easy to enter, even for you guys...   So, how does this work? It's easy. I'll create a Lottery Thread in one of the forums. All you have to do is post once (and only once) in the thread. The first 53 members to post after me in that thread get a number. The next post after mine gets gets No.1, the following post gets No. 2 and so on up to 53.   Once 53 members have posted, the next Powerball Lottery drawing after all the slots have filled will decide the winner based on the number of the Powerball. If this matches your post number you win the prize. I will number all posts so you know for sure what your number is.   So, to kick off our first official giveaway, we have one brand spankin' new Nic Cole LOMAC Enhanced Manual! This is from the last run, so get it while you still can. You will find the thread in the LOMAC General Discussion forum here. Spread the word in all the forums you frequent, and good luck to all!   UPDATE: Apparently i had a brainfart last night as any number multiplied by 2 is an even number, so i've changed the lottery to only 53 with no multiplier.

    Forum Upgrade Scheduled 10/05/2004
    By MadJeff,
    Tuesday evening at 5:00pm PDT I will be taking the forum offline for a couple hours while I upgrade it to the new version. I'll be making a complete database backup and then doing the upgrade, so we should lose nothing. If the transition does not go smoothly I will roll the DB back to the backup and bring the old system back online.

    New Forum
    By Fates,
    Oh Yeah...BTW...   Doom III Forum created in Tactical/FPS Sims.... hope you enjoy   <C> Fates

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