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Third Wire A-4E/H/F Ahit upgrade/ Enhancement for SF2 1.0

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This is an upgrade and major enhancement for the stock Third Wire A-4E, H, & F Ahits (Skyhawks). The standard TW Ahits have a few issues with their historical accuracy. This mod corrects those issues and even adds a few more aircraft to the Ahit family.



Instillation: As usual simply drop into your mods folder and allow it to override when prompted. (This is important as there are changes to some of the aircraft.ini files etc)


Strike Fighters 2 Israel plus either Strike Fighters 2 or Strike Fighters 2 Vietnam are required.




Changes include:



- The A-4H Ahit was not delivered with a downgraded engine. It had the same J52-P8A engine as the F model Skyhawk. Israel latter upgraded the engines of the H and F Ahits to the P-408A as used in the A-4M and N Skyhawks.


- The 30mm cannons fitted to the A-4H Ahit were fitted at a 2.5 degree downward angle due to the emphasis the IAF placed on strafing after the Six Day war. However in reality it was less than ideal as there was no change to the A-4 gun sight so aiming proved quite difficult until the introduction of the HUD in the Crystal upgrade.


- A-4E Ahit was delivered with the avionics hump of the F model Skyhawk. The hump was installed in US Navy service in anticipation of receiving ECM equipment but these aircraft were delivered to Israel instead. Because it was empty the hump was initially removed in Israeli service.


- The A-4E Ahit was also refitted with 30mm cannons. However due to the problems encountered with the angle of instillation in the H model Ahit they were installed at a 1.5 degree downward angle in the E models.


- US Emergency Aid Skyhawks: During the Yom Kippur war A-4E as well as A-4F Skyhawks were sent to Israel as replacements for IAF A-4 losses during the war. These A-4E Skyhawks had the same standard of avionics as the F models.


- Additional early textures added to the A-4H Ahits with the Star Of David on the rear fuselage and two digit aircraft numbers.


- Additional texture added with the US 'Stars and Bars' and US Navy numbers which the A-4H wore during test flights in the USA.


- Textures modified so there are no squadron colors on the rudder before 1976.


- Textures modified so aircraft numbers are not on both the nose and vertical stabilizer at the same time before 1976. Before then the aircraft number was on either the nose or the vertical stabilizer- not both. Where it was largely depended on which squadron operated the aircraft.


- The hump and corresponding avionics upgrade that appear on the A-4H Ahit (73) and A-4E Ahit (73) were known as the Crystal upgrade. This upgrade was designed to bring the Ahit fleet up to the standard of the A-4N Skyhawk/Ahit so this upgrade also included a basic heads up display with computerized weapons aiming. This upgrade would also be applied to the US Emergency Aid A-4E and F Ahits after end of the Yom Kippur war.


- The triangular antenna behind the normal UHF/VHF antenna on the hump of the A-4H/E Ahits (73) as well as one of the nose antennas did not appear on the aircraft till the mid 80's


- Loadouts: the stock Ahit loadouts are not unrealistic but they certainly aren't the most realistic. As such they have all been redone to include things such as the use of the Walleye in the anti-amour role by particular aircraft etc.


- Opening canopy.


- Landing light.


- Cockpit armor changed to the same as the A-4F which the A-4H is meant to based on.


- Yom Kippur and Lebanon War campaigns edited to include additional aircraft and weapons where appropriate.




The Ahits will now appear in the game as follows:



A-4E Ahit - Delivery of ex US Navy Skyhawks in 1971 fitted with an empty hump, no ECM and no chaff dispenser.


A-4E Ahit (72) - The empty hump is removed in Israeli service, the aircraft are also re-fitted with 30mm cannons at a 1.5 degree downward angle.


A-4E Ahit (73) US Emergency Aid - US Navy A-4E Skyhawks with avionics hump and standard USN avionics rushed to Israel during the Yom Kippur War to replace Ahit losses.


A-4E Ahit (73) Crystal Upgrade - A-4E Ahits upgraded under project Crystal with ECM, RHAW, countermeasure dispensers, updated weapons delivery system, updated navigation system and a HUD. An extended tailpipe is also fitted.


A-4F Ahit US Emergency Aid - US Navy A-4F Skyhawks with standard USN avionics rushed to Israel during the Yom Kippur War to replace Ahit losses.


A-4F Ahit (74) Crystal Upgrade - US Emergency Aid A-4F Ahits are upgraded to the same standard as the project Crystal A-4H Ahits with a HUD, updated weapons delivery system, updated navigation system, 30mm cannons, extended tailpipe and P-408A engine.


A-4H Ahit - Specific model Skyhawk for Israel based on the A-4F with deliveries starting in 1968. The A-4H had a downgraded weapons and avionics capability.


A-4H Ahit (70) - Aircraft are re-fitted with 30mm cannons at a 2.5 degree downward angle.


A-4H Ahit (72) - Israel begins replacing the J52-P8A engine with the more powerful J52-P-408A and restoring/ expanding the aircrafts weapon capabilities.


A-4H Ahit (73) Crystal Upgrade - A-4H Ahits are upgrade under project Crystal with ECM, RHAW, countermeasure dispensers, updated weapons delivery system, updated navigation system and a HUD. An extended tailpipe is also fitted.


A-4H Ahit (84) Crystal Upgrade - Additional external antenna on the avionics hump and nose of the aircraft are installed.







-TK for the SF2 series and original Ahits


-ravenclaw_007 for his amazing weapon packs


- MGunny 331KillerBee's Ordnance Shop II






Dan (dtmdragon)

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