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Mirage F-1CZ

This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him.

South Africa began looking for a replacement for the Mirage III in 1971 and purchased a licence to manufacture the Mirage F1 and its engine, the intention being to produce up to 100 Mirage F1s. This license was however cancelled because of the 1977 arms embargo. The SAAF then bought 16 Mirage F1CZs and 32 Mirage F1AZs which were quickly delivered by Dassault before the embargo was implemented, with deliveries starting in 1975. Both the F1CZ and F1AZ variants of the SAAF saw action during operations in the Border War.

Covered unit :

N°3 Squadron

A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered.
Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this.

This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware.

Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms.


The Mirage F-1 Team.

What's New in Version v2.7


  • Closing Velocity on Radar Display.
  • New pilot texture.

See the Changelog CZ_early.txt for more information.

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...and Iraqi F-1EQs to complete the ODS REDUX and 'modernize' the Iran/Iraq campaign...


(so great the new F-1s, one of the BEST Add-ons EVER...)

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152031_454.jpg Ir




Iran Mirages F-1's


Thats the only EQ4 in Iranian possession. Its the former # 4500 .

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Wow, Damn it a F-1  SAAF Version most beautiful camouflage is it the one with the middle silver fuel tank ?:ok: Simply outstanding:clapping: thank you, very much you made my day... It always amazes me how you guys can make such great mods spending your free time getting it along the community thanks once more it's really appreciated.:good:


Mirage F-1 CZ SAAF_1.jpg

f1cz_4 silver fuel tank SAAF.jpg

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