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SF2 F-22A USAF Raptors Redux 2016 - More Skins and Squadrons Version 2.5

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About This File

SF2 F-22A USAF Raptors Redux 2016 - More Skins and Squadrons
by Viper63a


More F-22 skins and squadrons for the "SF2 F-22A USAF Raptors Redux 2016 Version 2.5" package. Blaze got me thinking about some of the old Raptors from the golden days of flight sim, so I brought some of those "What if" Raptors to SF2 levels!


You will need the original main pack for these skins to work. You can get that with the following link...




Included in this package are the 14th SEA, 22nd Desert, 80th SEA, 433rd Various/Black, 493rd Desert and etc... All squadrons have their complete compliment of decals for their "What If" scenarios. These are considered to be "Show Birds" or Mercenary jets deployed into the USAF mix of some future conflict. There are some other Raptors from Nellis and one special Raptor for Paris.


As always, I recommend that you back up your mod folder before you install any new mod...just in case.


* To install, simply unzip and copy the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" folder to your StrikeFighter2 mod folder and Overwrite (if needed).


My StrikeFighter2 mod on Win97 64-bit was..(yours may be different)...


C:\Users\<your_id>\Saved Games\Thirdwire\StrikeFighter2...


That's it, Enjoy!


* F-22A Raptor Templates - Jimbib






Special Thanks to Blaze for ideas!




What's New in Version Version 2.5


  • * Version 2.5 06/14/2016
  • > Updated title and description to match the v2.5 release of the Raptor pack. There was no change to the skins.
  • * Version 1 11/16/2015
  • > Initial Release
  • > Added some more pix

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Re-uploaded, last upload lost some pix...If you already downloaded this pack before I uploaded again, you don't have to download again. The change was just to the picture section of this posting, not the actual pack.



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You've been super fast, mate! Some of these are so gorgeous and colorful that I'm afraid Uncle Sam will never make them like this, lol, but who cares, we have SF2 for our what if day dreaming. Nice job!

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Thanks Blaze, yeah...think of some of them as Orange County Raptors....or as old birds revived in a future war by mercs....or Bill Gates gone bad....lol...possibilities are endless...



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