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SF2 F-104 Starfighter Super Mega Pack 2016 Version 3.5

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About This File

SF2 F-104 Starfighter Super Mega Pack 2016 v3.5
By Viper63a et al!



NOTE1: If you already downloaded version 3.1, you just need to download and install the patch to upgrade from version 3.1 to 3.5 Please read the Read Me in the Patch file.

NOTE2: This mod WILL replace stock F-104s and may conflict with any other F-104 mod you may have installed - SO BACK UP unless you crave drama! SF2 Europe (merged or not) and DLC28 is REQUIRED, REALLY. If you don't have these, this mod will not work for you.


After flying FastCargo's excellent "Classified Mission Mod (Version 1.1)" pack, I got re-introduced to the F-104 Starfighters. So take a look at FastCargo's mod in the link below. Some install work is required, but well worth it....


Firstly - I take NO CREDIT for the work contained in this pack. I made some of them better (All new skins, decals...etc), but I was not the creator. I am just a reflection of the excellent work that can be found here in CA. So here is my humble contribution to the collective. Thank you all for your mod packs!

What's in this pack? In a nutshell, I downloaded some F-104 mods to check out the 104s (turned into downloading almost ALL of them, two of the best being Wrench's DLC28 F-104 Pack and MigBusters "Thirdwire F-104A/C Pack 1 1.0 " pack. Then added a bunch of other packs that caught my eye. There were lots of conflicts, broken decal links, leaking LODs...etc etc...So I started merging - fixing - reskinning - re-decaling and generally upgrading all the packs into one merged and hopefully easier to install pack. This is my "Best of the breed" F-104 Super Pack and I thought you may like a copy. Again, SF2E and DLC28 are REQUIRED, but other than that, everything else is in this pack to start flying the F-104 Starfighters.


This pack includes F-104 skins, new pilots, hanger, loading, loadout, decals and everything else you need to start flying the F-104s...



If you find any issues or concerns, please let me know via the Support Topic section for this mod...



As always, I recommend that you back up your mod folder before you install any new mod...just in case.

* To install, simply unzip and copy the contents of the "To_Mod_Folder" folder to your StrikeFighter2 mod folder and Overwrite (if needed).

My StrikeFighter2 mod on Win97 64-bit was..(yours may be different)...

C:\Users\<your_id>\Saved Games\Thirdwire\StrikeFighter2...

Original "Readmes" are in the Extra folder with some other goodies...




Special Thanks!

I would like to take a minute and thank these people for taking the time to contact me with fixes, upgrades and assistance to make this a better package! THANKS!

KJakker - Major help with upgrading the cockpits! Thanks!

Fanatic Modder for his assistance, INI files and corrections!


Credits: Used alot, parts or refereneced the packs below...

Classified Mission Mod (Version 1.1) - FastCargo



Thirdwire F-104A/C Pack 1 - MigBuster


3rd Wire for the F-104 Models and pits

Skins / new Decals & Flight Model changes: MiGbuster
IR Sensor: Spillone
Cockpit grey repaint files: Ordway
Templates based on previous work: Paulopanz/Spillone/Soulfreak/Ianapa
Other decals and previous ini edits: WRENCH & USAFMTL Dave
Fake pilot mod: FastCargo


SF2 DLC #28: F-104A Starfighter, Pakistani Air Force - Wrench
SF2 DLC #28: F-104A Starfighter Skins Pak, Part 2 - Wrench
SF2 DLC #28: F-104C (61) Starfighter Skins/Ini Pak, Part 1 - Wrench
SF2 DLC #28: F-104C (66) Starfighter Skins/Ini Pak, Part 2 - Wrench




F-104A Pack - Spillone104
F-104C Pack 1.1 - Spillone104


Original F-104A: Ajunaidr
Added 3D parts and Fuel Tanks: Spillone104
Textures : Spillone104 and Paulopanz
Decals : USAFMTL (Dave) and Paulopanz
Fake pilot mod: FastCargo
INIs : Spillone104
Effects : Spillone104
Sounds : Spillone104

Beta testers : Starfighter2 and Paulopanz


Lockheed NF-104A for SF2 - Spillone104


Added 3D parts: Spillone104
Textures : Spillone104 with great Bobrock templates.
Decals : JimBib
Fake pilot mod: FastCargo
INI and FM : Starfighter2 and Spillone104
Effects : Starfighter2, X-Ray and Spillone104
Sounds : Spillone104

Beta testers : X-Ray, Starfighter2 and TheTestPilot

Special thanks to the Team that created the original NF-104A mod for SFP1. (original readme included!)


West German Marine Zippers - 7eleven
JaboG 36 "Westfalen" F-104G - Hopsten Air Base - 7eleven


original model by - Third Wire
GAF F-104G temp by - ravenclaw_007


AMI & KLU Recon F-104G with Orpheus pod 1.0 - paulopanz


- Spillone104 new 3D parts & Orpheus upgrades
- Steve S original SF-1 Orpheus
- BobRock F-104G temps
- Paulopanz skins, decals, screens, data.inis edits & upgrades


F-104G_ROCAF - ace888




Turkish Air Force F-104S CB for SF2 v1.2 - PureBlue


Based on Thirdwire's F-104G model, also drop tanks by TW
Skins from Spillone104's "F-104S Pack" by Steve_S and Bobrock
Avionics/Sounds from Spillone104's "F-104S Pack" by Spillone
Decals & SEA Skin from Soulfreak's "TuAF Zippers" pack.
Cockpit textures from "F-104G High-Resolution Cockpit Textures 1.0 2005/10/29 by ?
MK_GQ7 seat: Ravenclaw007
F-104S pylons and other additional 3D Parts by Crab_02
Historical information from Serhat Güvenç's article on Zipper magazine (pdf included)
INI Tweaks, Loadouts, Hangar screens and packaging by me, Pureblue


F-104S pack for SF2 1.0+Fix- Spillone104


Added 3D details, Fuel tanks, INI work, flight model, sounds and effects: Spillone104
Texture and decals: Steve_S and Bobrock
Cockpit: Starfighter2
MK_GQ7 seat: Ravenclaw007
Fake Pilot mod: FastCargo

BETA testers: Aleks, Canadair, Spitwulf, Silverbolt, Starfighter2, Steve_S, The Test Pilot
Inspired and basically based on the work of Crab_02 for the old F-104S mod.


SF2 WOV F-104C&D-10 Starfighters - snapper 21


F-104C-10 and F-104D-10 Starfighters Mod by USAFMTL
Original Model by Ajunaidr
Skins by Sundowner
Decals and data ini tweaks by USAFMTL
Avionics by Fubar
Drop tanks and data by Crab_02

Cockpit: starfighter 2


F-104A and C Pack for SF2 by SupGen 1.0 - SupGen


SuperGen, Wrench, Raven, and everyone else mentioned in Spillone104's download above.


Lastly - Alot of references from NATO Figters 5 - eburger68

This mod package builds upon "NATO Fighters 4+," previously released at CombatAce.com along with five update packages. In addition to carrying over most of the work from that earlier version of NATO Fighters, this new version incorporates a large number of new and updated items from the following modders, who generously allowed their use:

ErikGen ....................................... updated/upgraded F-101C & RF-101C
Spillone104 & Paulopanz ....................... updated F-104A/C
Paulopanz ..................................... F-104G skins

Crusader ...................................... F-105D & Harrier cockpit mods

Frank Rosato ...................................... F-104A/C Pack for SF2
Wrench ............................................ F-104C DLC 28 Pack for SF2
Soulfreak ......................................... F-104G MFG skins
Centurion ......................................... F-105D Hill AFB skins

Crusader .......................................... F-105 gunsight mod


I referenced so many packs, I am sure I missed someone, please forgive and let me know so I can properly credit you.

Thanks and Enjoy!


What's New in Version Version 3.5


  • ** Version 3.5 - 05/27/2016
  • Loadout fix for...
  • F-104G_82 - Data and Loadout typo prevented loading of some weapons
  • F-104G_GAF - Data and Loadout typo prevented loading of some weapons
  • F-104G_GN - Data and Loadout typo prevented loading of some weapons
  • Fixes for Weapons...
  • 2BR_GAF - typo caused this pylon to be ignored
  • LAU-3A - Decription typo wad "Rocked Pod" instead of "Rocket Pod"
  • LAU-51 - Was mission rockets so ignored by game
  • LAU-51A - More detailed version of LAU-51A created from LAU-3A
  • ** Version 3.1 - 12/22/2015
  • Added/Changed some decals. If you already downloaded version 3, you just need the patch to upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.1.
  • ** Version 3 - 12/20/2015
  • 1) Added Canadian, Japanese, Greek, More Germans, Dutch, Danish, Italians and many other skins...
  • 2) Removed markings from MANY skins and converted them to decals. So the skin itself is smaller for faster game performance with no loss in detail.
  • ** Version 2 - 12/07/2015
  • 1) Fixed issue with the RoCAF F-104G not jettisoning it's tanks.
  • 2) Fixed F-104C tractor beam (is that what it is called?) issue from cockpit.
  • 3) Fixed All F-104B Decals issues, many new decals and placements.
  • 4) Upgraded Cockpits, courtesy of KJakker. Thanks!
  • 5) Remade the decals for F-104Cs. Better placement.
  • 6) Added Italian and Turkish F-104S!
  • 7) A lot of cleanup - removed dupes and consolidated where possible.
  • ** Version 1 - 12/05/2015
  • Initial Release. I tested this pack as best as I can, but need your help to find anything I may have missed. Let me know if you find any issues or have any improvement ideas. Thanks.

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After initial public review...Version 2 is up...fixes, enhancements and new stuff...


If you installed Version 1, I recommend that you delete all the previous "F-104*" folders from the ...\Objects\Aircraft and Decals folders before you install version 2. You don't have to, but if you don't, you will retain a bunch of dupe files I removed in version 2.



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Specialized interceptor version of the F-104G for the Japanese ASDF, built under license by Mitsubishi for the air-superiority fighter role, armed with cannon and four Sidewinders; no strike capability. Some were converted to UF-104J radio-controlled target drones and destroyed. Total of 210 built, three built by Lockheed, 29 built by Mitsubushi from Lockheed built components and 178 built by Mitsubishi. After retired in Japan, U.S. delivered some 104J/DJs to the airforce of Taiwan.


Dual-control trainer version of F-104J for Japanese Air Self-Defense Force, 20 built by Lockheed and assembled by Mitsubishi. After retired in Japan, U.S. delivered some 104J/DJs to the airforce of Taiwan.

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Main article: Canadair CF-104
200 Canadian-built versions, built under license by Canadair and optimized for both nuclear strike and 2-stage-to-orbit payload delivery, having NASARR R-24A radar with air-to-air modes, cannon deleted (restored after 1972), additional internal fuel cell, and Canadian J79-OEL-7 engines with 10,000 lbf (44 kN)/15,800 lbf (70 kN) thrust.

38 dual-control trainer versions of CF-104, built by Lockheed, but with Canadian J79-OEL-7 engines. Some later transferred to Denmark, Norway, and Turkey.

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Well I have to say that I have several more F-104s sitting quietly on my HD for years.

Some "real" F-104D/DJ; F-104F and more ...

I have some AMI, RDAF, RCAF, RoCaF revised skins too, never uploaded and a whole new RF-104 mod.

All shared with my real friend Spillone (his name tells all).

All project were stopped when a new model seemed (as sometimes happens) to arrive.

Quality is quality.

Now I could even think to realise as new model seems to never take off.

But not to be part of this pack.

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Hi Paulopanz....Thanks for all your contributions. I don't mind adding anything you want to this pack. I was just trying to get a super pack of all the good stuff...hunting these down, finding all the good ones to save some time...


:) V

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