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Dassault Mirage IVP 1.0

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About This File

Dassault Mirage IVP


This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him.


The cockpit is a rough BETA conversion of a Mirage III cockpit.
It doesnt represent a complete Mirage IV cockpit.


Specificities :
- Recconaissance or Nuclear Strike
- with CT-52 Recconaissance Pod or ASMP cruise missile
- Self-Protection with internal Alkan 188 Chaff/Flare dispenser and external pods:
Barax ECM pod and BOZ-103 chaff/flare dispenser pod


Fuel system:
Internal fuel capacity is 14000 Liter / 11200 kg (with a fuel weight of 0.8 kg/L)


The 4-digit fuel counter is set to show only tens of kg and up, e.g. if it reads 0950 = 9500 kg
The counter shows TOTAL available fuel inclusive the drop tank fuel


The fuel transfer lights:
They are all off with full internal + external tanks.
If the external tanks (droptanks) are empty or dropped = wingtank lights are on
The internal lights are on after the respective tanks are empty.


Internal tank sequence is tailfin+rear fuselage tank, then the internal wing tanks, then the central fuselage tanks.
These tank groups are all indicated by the respective fuel transfer lights (lights are on if tank is empty).
With all lights on, 1400 kg fuel in the two feeder tanks (located on the fuselage sides along the intake ducts) remain.


Covered units :
Escadron de bombardement 1/91 Gascogne
Escadron de bombardement 1/91 Gascogne (Opération Tarpan)
Escadron de bombardement 2/91 Bretagne (1996 Farewell)
Escadron de bombardement 1/91 Gascogne (2005 Farewell)
Escadron de bombardement 2/91 Bretagne
French Air Force Generic Tactical Camo
CIFAS 328 Aquitaine


Installation :
- Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder.


Credits :
- Aircraft : BPAO and Sundowner
- Cockpit : BPAO
- Skins and decals : FRPignon, Geary, JAT, Sundowner
- Templates : Sundowner
- Avionics and data tweaks : FRPignon, JAT, Sundowner, Crusader
- FM : kreelin
- Weapons and seat : BPAO, Ravenclaw_007, The Mirage Factory.
- Hangars et loading screens : FRPignon via Google Images




This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware.


Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms.




The Mod Mafia Mirage IVP Team

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This is a fantastic model, fantastic skins, fantastic work in general for a fantastic plane.


Only one problem, the values should be in metric system. That includes the  Ceiling and range values, please check...


Also there is a new ASMP from Ravenclaw you can ask him to include it in your package.

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Corrected mission data (with metric values)



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