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SA-3 Goa / S-125 Neva SAM Pack 1.0

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SF2 SA-3 Goa / S-125 Neva SAM Pack 1.0




The S-125 Neva / SA-3 Goa Surface to Air Missile system was developed to supplement
the S-75 Dvina / SA-2 Guideline in Soviet and Warsaw Pact service. The SA-2 Guideline
was designed to provide medium to high altitude air defence coverage, primarily against
bomber aircraft. As such it was not well suited to the engagement of low flying targets,
especially fighter aircraft and cruise missiles. The SA-3 has shorter effective range and
lower engagement altitude than its predecessor and also flies slower but due to its two-stage
design it is more effective against more maneuverable targets. It is also able to engage
lower flying targets and being more modern it is much more resistant to ECM than the SA-2.


The system was widely exported and has been used in a number of conflicts, most notably:


War of Attrition
Yom Kippur War
South African Border War
Iran - Iraq War
Lebanon War
Gulf War
Kosovo War




This is the first version of the complete system pack. The following variants are featured:


S-125 Neva (SA-3A, 1961) - The first Neva variant. Limited export.


Volna (SA-N-1A, 1963) - The first naval variant. Available only for SF2NA.


Volna-M (SA-N-1B, 1967) - Improved naval variant. Available only for SF2NA.


S-125M Neva-M (SA-3B, 1970) - The standard Neva version with significant
improvements over the first variant. Widely exported.


Volna-P (SA-N-1B+, 1974) - Further modernization. Available only for SF2NA.


S-125M1 Neva-M1 (SA-3B+, 1978) - Upgrade for S-125M. Many S-125M operators
received this modernization in the '80s.


Volna-N (SA-N-1C, 1980) - Final modification. Available only for SF2NA.


S-125-2M Pechora-2M (2006) - Modern upgrade which included anti-stealth
capability, improved performance against heavy jamming and new missiles with
extended range.


* Since the early 2000s a number of manufacturers have built upgraded versions of the
system to make it more attractive to operators which used the cold war versions.
These upgraded versions have different characteristics in terms of mobility, jamming
resistance, missile range etc and thus for simplicity reasons only one "basic" upgraded
version (Pechora-2M) is included.




New features:


- Fire control radars have been set to their instrumented ranges


- PRV-11 Side Net radar was added to offer early warning detection. Originally PRV-11
was a height finder radar but since we lack Low Blow, Flat Face is being used as the
fire control radar and Side Net as early warning radar


- Launchers can perform 360 degree rotation and now all battery launchers can point
at the target


- More realistic missile ballistics


- Fuze distances were increased and thus a hit is not a guaranteed kill


- New launch effect and sound


- Guidance was changed from Beam Rider to Semi Active Radar Homing. The basic
type of guidance for SA-3 requires target tracking in azimuth, elevation and range and
when launched, the missile flies to a pre-calculated impact point, receiving signals from
the fire control radar. This type is similar to Semi Active Radar Homing


- Dramatically improved performance especially in low altitude




Things that need to be done:


- High resolution missile skins


- Low Blow model so that we can use the original SA-3 radar instead of Flatface




Known issues:


- Fire control radar can guide only one missile against a single target. Real SA-3 system
could guide two missiles against a single target.


- Fire control radar of Pechora-2M can track only one target during each engagement.
Real Pechora-2M fire control radar could track and engage two targets at the same time.


- Due to game engine limitations concerning the structure of enemy SAM sites,
each SA-3 site will appear with 6 launchers. Real system had 4 launchers.


- Missiles can fly longer at low altitudes as they tend to reach the missile duration time.






You must have installed SF2 North Atlantic to use the stock missile model otherwise
you need to use the 3rd party models (included here).




As always open readme.txt first to see installation instructions and credits.


Lot of research and hard work was made to make this SAM as realistic as possible.


Enjoy as much as you can this SAM and leave comments with your in-game experience
in the support topic!

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