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BC-304 Daedalus-Class Battlecruiser 1.0.0

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Hi there everyone, I joined combatace almost 10 years ago and, after several attempts I finally managed to make this monstrosity. The mighty BC-304 Daedalus-Class battlecruiser from the Stargate franchise.

It is the second generation of interstellar Earth warships made integrating alien reverse engineered technology obtained in the operations of the Stargate Command during the previous 8 years. It includes:

- 28 automatic railgun turrets around the ship.
- 16 VLS missile in the front deck silos, armed with conventional HE warheads or tactical nuclear ones. The range of this missiles are 150+ km. Since there is no name for these missiles I made it up as SSM (Standard Space Missile).
- Advanced Trinium-Naquadah alloy armour (Steel with lots of hitpoints).
- Reverse engineered sublight engines (that uses this naquadah as fuel, making the TSFC=0.01 as it possess a huge amount of energy so don't worry about consumption :) ).
- Antigravity drive which substitutes the landing gear allowing you to hover at about 300 meters above the ground. Now you can stay above the tanks shooting down Beagles, watching how enemy AAAs fail trying to shoot you down muahahaha.
- Shield generator that covers the entire ship, "theoretically" absorbing the damage before it reaches the ship itself.

For those who are also like stargate franchise, no, I haven't made the also mighty Asgard Plasma Beam upgrade, but I will try to do something in future releases.

I also included several skins of the different ships that appeared in the franchise:

U.S.S. Daedalus - The first to be commissioned for USAF which is assigned to assist Atlantis expedition in Pegasus Galaxy.
U.S.S. Odyssey  - The second to be finished which remains in Earth.
B.F.R. Korolev  - Commissioned almost simultaneously with the Odyssey, given to the Russian Federation in exchange for the operations of the stargate.
U.S.S. Apollo   - The second to be assigned to Pegasus Galaxy.
C.N.S. Sun Tzu  - The first ship to be given to People's Republic of China.
U.S.S. Hammond  - The last known to be commissioned for United States, originally was going to be called Phoenix but they changed the name to honour the first General in charge of Stargate Command, George Hammond, after passing away.
U.S.S. Phoenix  - The name given to that ship in alternate realities.


Some notes about this model:

I don't fully understand the damage mechanics in this game, so despite of the fact that this ship
have "advanced force fields" that withstand several tactical nukes, sometimes you can get shot
down by the rear gun of a Tu-95.

Since it is a very big ship (650m long) all the 28 railguns have difficulties aiming at small targets due to
the offset of the guns. But they still hit big targets such as other spaceships of the same size, and
sometimes big bombers like Tu-95. Anyways, if someone knows how to improve this, suggestions and ideas are
very welcomed!

The flight mechanics have been "developed" from FastCargo's F-35B, my goal was to have vertical
takeoff and landing functioning but I have not managed to achieve that properly.

This "plane" is quite special to fly, it has a 100+ times bigger inertias than the F-35 so don't
expect to dogfight with fighter jets, just wait until they crash in your force fields :)

Also, take into account that the size of this aircraft is such that you can not fly in regular squadron
formations as it crashes with the other ships. It is ment to fly alone in air combat missions (however
I would like to implement air to ground warfare in next versions).

It has no cockpit, I just put it in the place of the bridge. I will try to do my own cockpit in the future.

If you are wondering where I took these F-302 of the screenshots, they are from the A-Team Skunkworks. They
also have the Death Glider so if you get it from there you can recreate some pretty good stargate battles!

********Any commercial use of this mod is CLEARLY FORBIDDEN!!!


CREDITS for the material that made this possible:

- FastCargo's F-35 that I used as a base for the INIs.
- Effects included in Stary's EE3 for SF2 series used for the nuclear explosions in both ground and air.
I know that this material also involve more people who put their best effort on it, I want to thank them sincerely, and also the people involved on the Viper afterburner effect that I was unable to track. I hope I haven't missed anybody!
Also I would like to thank the modding knowledge in combatace which helped me to make this possible.


And finally!

The model itself is incomplete, I still have to add some parts like the communication deck and the sensors array and many more things, but Christmass time is over so I decided to upload what I have made.

It is my first serius mod after having joined Combatace 10 years ago, after several attempts of doing sci-fi stuff, and now I finally managed to make this "living insult to aerodynamics".

I really hope you enjoy it and of course I am opened to suggestions and feedback as this model is not perfect by far (a lot of things are not adjusted, it lacks more testing, it is like flying two carriers in a simulator not ment to do that, etc.).

All things said, have fun! :)


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Dogfighting against them among all these nuclear blasts is very funny. Not perfect but ts the best what if mod. tnks for sharin.

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