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Subscription Plans NOW Available

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Spinners has spun in :yes: (there goes the neighbourhood :wink: )


£3 per month. A weekly magazine for another hobby costs me that.


Keep up the good work!

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We thank you all!!


I believe this in-game screenshot says it all!!




Happy Holidays to everyone! Keep supporting the best simming site around!



kevin stein

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just curious...what is the approximate percentage of contributor/subscribers to downloaders?


and have you guys looked at flightsim.com? they have an interesting approach where one can only be logged in to download for about an hour...can visit the forums all the time but downloading is restricted to one hour/24 hour period.


just a thought


cheers and thanks for all that combatace does!

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Guest Eject

Hello Everyone;


              I'd like to take a few moments to announce some new opportunities and features here at CombatACE.com.


              Before I talk about the new features, it is important to outline some history and facts. Just a short year and half ago when MK2 decided to step up and provide for this community, our membership hovered around 3,000. Today it is nearing 30,000. In the early days of our community it was common for us to provide five to six hundred Gigabytes (GB) of data transfer each month. Currently, in line with our continuing growth in the community, our consumption demands have grown exponentially and are now measured not in GB but in Tera bytes (TB) (1TB = 1000GB) each month. We're pleased with the growth of the community and the popularity of all the available downloads and site wide features and assets. We would like to continue that forward momentum with an idea geared toward member support that will work seamlessly with the daily download limits currently in use.


              As I mentioned, CombatACE has been solely supported by a single benefactor, MK2, for over a year and half. Our monthly expenses average roughly 500.00 USD and in total over $11,000.00 USD have been invested toward the continuation of the community. That said, it should be no secret that the major expense here at CombatACE is the bandwidth and physical demand incurred by our download section. The download section itself is stocked with releases from the modding community and have a combined download count over 2.5 million transfers.


              With that in mind, please take a moment to sign our thank you thread for MK2        ::LINK TO POST::


              In the past we provided ad space which in theory should have covered the expenses, but the reality is quite another picture. Internet advertisers, even for the biggest sites, like to barter away exposure instead of paying for it. There are some exceptions but they are far and few between. For this reason our ability to offset costs with revenue generated from ads simply hasn't happened. More recent and for the past few months I'm sure you've all seen ads on the site for American Express, CompUSA, Match.com, and more. Those ads were part of our link share program we tried out as a way to generate some revenue. The basic design of this program allows for advertisers like those mentioned above to pay for actual sales instead of ad space. Using our site as an example we cluttered up the user space with banners in the expectation members would find the content interesting enough to click through to the advertiser's site and buy whatever they were selling. During our attempt at generating revenue through link share we gave away over a hundred million unique impressions, had 9,329 click throughs to advertisers, but $0.00 in sales which generated $0.00 in revenue. We've since discontinued our advertising link share program.


                When we rolled out the daily download limits they met with some stern objections from our members. We knew then that as a temporary solution to limiting our exposure we'd need to come up with a plan to allow members the option to upgrade their individual accounts. Our new member subscriptions fill that need nicely in an affordable way to not only give you unlimited access to downloads but provide you with an opportunity to show support for your community.


              Subscription Plans offer:



  • Unlimited access to downloads
  • Larger storage limits for onsite images and files
  • More flexible member benefits for posting and board access
  • More profile features
  • Member badges and identification identifying you as a proud contributor and supporter

              Today's new release of member subscription accounts won't affect our non-subscriber accounts. Everyone who has joined or will join our community starts with a free non-subscriber account, and those free accounts will retain the download limits. On top of this, we will now offer paid subscription accounts that will lift all the download restrictions. The new subscription accounts are easy to purchase and are handled through PayPal for secure, private, and convenient access.


              Member subscriptions are available in 1 month, 6 month, and 1 year plans. Designed to allow our members access to more site features, more storage, and more downloads it's a perfect fit for the CombatACE in you. Click the banner below to go to your subscription area and sign up for a plan today.


              Support the community that supports you!









Thank u Erik for the info on behalf of the Admin. Ur/their 'plea" is justified. I am myself, in fact, feel a bit ashamed for as a non-paying member I have DL-ed a lot of stuffs here without much complaints.



I wish I could right now do what u said, be a Paying Member, say, firstly, for one month, three months, or a max of six months.


I have been upgrading my turtle-neck, two-year old ACER -- piece by piece -- yet decided that I should buy a new one (No more ACER, Yuck!). So, I have been saving money in this difficult times (globally, except those greedy bankers!).


Hopefully, in a maximum of five months from now I shall register as a paying member. It's been a month now that I must meet four different prospective buyers of my late parents' estate and paddy field in the country in my hometown, 600kms away from Jakarta. By then I shall have had some amount of funds for ur Sites. Amen. 


It have been quite long that I have not been paid in USD. 


Please remind me of what I shall be doing as stated above. Best regards to all -- especially our mutual friend, Dave the cool guy. :salute:



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Just to let you know that i just reupped my membership.


With all the great things you could find here that took a lot of time and effort for someone to make, i would advise anyone here for more than a few days to give something!



Edited by Lt. James Cater

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I was just going to up my subscription,When I was warned I could lose my current until the new is approved?Guess I'll wait till end of month then and reup! There has to be a more efficent way to upgrade without being penalized!

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I think the software just doesn't know how to add on to the current one, so it just starts anew when you sign up for whichever term.

No big deal, just do like you're planning and wait till it expires to re-up.

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Just re-upped for another year. I love this community and the talent we have here. Thanks for all your hard work and I hope CA stays around for a long time!

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Hello again..


Just stopped here to remind people to the importance of subscription plans to help the site running  -  upgraded mine from prime membership, to premier membership yesterday.


(As some of you might know, one of our Armed Forces brand new drones crashed on the rocks weeks ago, causing the country to go bankrupt... still, here I' am helping CombatAce.)



Best Regards to all,


Pedro - from Portugal

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