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Dawn Patrol (TSR) miniatures campaign pictures.

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I am starting a Dawn Patrol (TSR game) campaign game with my game group and the pictures below show the culmination of about 12 months of preparation:


1. Purchasing 1/144 WW1 air planes (and WW2 but those are not ready yet) painting them and having them painted.

2. Creating hand painted 8 X 4 air war board.

3. Created custom stands from scratch, bases, tubing, magnets, clips etc.

4. Plexiglass hand etched and inked to duplicate squares on dawn Patrol board (this 8X4 board is actually larger , has more squares, than the original regulation board but not by much).


Enjoy the pictures!













Original board being recreated at 8 X 4





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That looks very intriguing. The smoke and flames; did you model that with stretched out cotton? It looks really cool. Impressive work, thanks for sharing that.




I have never seen those WWI miniatures before, kind of reminds me of my old days of D&D and the hours of painting tiny little figures into the wee hours of the morning till I went blind .

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Fenris it is cotton and three paints, mustard, red and black, it literally takes 20 seconds to make the flame and smoke and then you let it dry.


Here is a picture of my mini collection, the ones on the top shelf are pre painted Wings of War miniatures (from fantasy flight games). You do not even have to paint them or assemble them. The bottom is old school assemble and paint 1/144 from skytrex http://www.skytrex.com/. I also have a bunch of two seaters finshed that are not shown.


speaking of D & D Dawn Patrol is a TSR role playing /combat game.



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Thanks for the info, I really like that game room you have there. That's a real mans room, I don't see the beer tap in any of those shots though. :drinks:

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That looks like a lot of hard work that will be rewarded greatly!


I was looking at the games on the shelf, the Victory Games Central America game was one of my favorites, I think I played every scenario at least 3 times.


I never looked into Dawn Patrol though...

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Wow what a nice gaming area and alot of old classic board games. I believe I see Richtofen's War by Avoln Hill in there. That was my fist wargame. Went from there to Gettysburg to Squad Leader and then sadly no one left to game with. These games I still own but they led me into computer sims. Great room enjoy it. Thanks for sharing.

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Myabe I'll post some pics of the entire room :-)


I posted some pics of the original dawn patrol board being recreated at 8 x 4 in the first post.

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Here is another board being painted (Trench board) and the completed original Dawn Patrol repaint









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Ok here is more info on the Campaign I am running including the Squadrons pictures below (The plane mix IS NOT HISTORICAL but my game group felt that variety would be better than strict accuracy due to all the cool miniatures represented). here is the exact email sent out to the group with real player names edited....we are actually toying with new rules we made up for Planes including serial numbers, replacements and how well the pilot knows the plane he has on any given day (helps with crash lands etc). Maybe someone can forward this thread to Mike Carr!


Ok guys Dawn Patrol 2009 is organized and here! I want to play this Saturday starting at XXXXX my house.


If you can't make it , do not worry, we have a system for pilot experience advancement even though you are not here (kind of like World of War craft double XP when you have been gone a long time etc.)


For those who have never played , Dawn patrol can be played with 2 people or 10, so the more the merrier. Let's have some patience this first time as we all need to relearn some of the rules but as most of you remember, once you get the hang of it it's as easy as riding a bike.


This email is about choosing your pilots. If you just want to sit back and not worry about choosing anything, we can assign you a pilot on Saturday...but don't forget your scarf and goggles and who knows who you will be flying for!


If you do want to get more detailed about your personal character and pilot read on.


We have worked on the squadrons and all characters (pilots) are rolled up. This campaign game has been designed with absolute flexibility to maximize the fun.


There are currently 4 Squadrons:


1. Germany Jasta 11

2. France Escadrille 3

3. America 94th Aero Squadron

4. Britain 203 Squadron RAF


There are currently 3 slots all ready taken :


1. Kalman Berthold Jasta 11

2. James Cunningham 94th Aero squadron

3. Hans-Joachim Werner Jasta 11


So respectively the two organizers command the German and American squadrons and I have chosen a German pilot as well (after everyone picks , I'll go in again and choose a French and British).


Anyone can play any country they wish on any game night. You can have 4 active pilots one in each squadron or even 4 active in the same squadron, the choice is yours.


Missions and kills matter....as an example if you play with 0 missions 0 kills you can't even tail someone during the tailing phase. So choose your pilots wisely.

That being said don't be afraid to choose a 0-0 pilot as your role playing reward will be much greater if he succeeds and the commanders will surely protect you in the air (as occurred in real life), you can survive.


The position for British commander and French commander are open, if you wish to command a squadron you will have other responsibilities ( commanders are keeping track of individual planes as well, serial numbers etc. which will matter for replacements as well as towards pilot experience flying the same plane etc.).

Do not feel obligated to command a squadron because the slots are open, the organizers can do the French and British as well but if you want that juicy 4 kill French Capitaine still available you will have other responsibilities.


I would love to have some other American flyers and I will make sure you get your own flight and a good pilot if you join (same goes for Jasta 11)


Commanders will also choose who goes up and on what missions etc.


I include the roster and the maps of where the squadrons are located for extra historical flavor.











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I totally misunderstood. You're taking that smaller scale board and turning it into a larger scale board all by hand? :ohsnap:

That's talent and patience. :bowdown2:

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I totally misunderstood. You're taking that smaller scale board and turning it into a larger scale board all by hand? :ohsnap:

That's talent and patience. :bowdown2:



Well the painting is all my buddy , he is the talent I organized it etc. Glad you guys like it!

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Ok update to the game.


8 Players showed up and we had quite a furball. One Albatros was shot down (pilot hit) and all others planes went home with plenty of holes (and one lightly wounded newly minted Ace).


Enjoy the pictures









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Here are pics form last night's game. The 94th Aero was escorting a Bristol Fighter over an enemy aerodrome. The Bristol was tasked with a recon mission. The Germans attacked fiercly and scored a mind bending 3 engine hits on one pass by an older Albatross! The Bristol started smoking yet ultitmatley completed the misison and forced a Fokker DVII down to boot!


I also include pictures on the Balloon hunting misisons that will take place in a few days and how I created the balloons by going to a craft store this afternoon.




Martin Von Scrub draws first blood!



Captain Luis scores a Fokker in his Bristol.




Balloon Prep






Balloons under attack just 30 minutes later!





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Quite a bit of time and effort involved there. Most impressive indeed. Looks fabulous!


You really must create a new rule though. NO open beverage containers on the board!!!




Thanks for sharing this stuff. Fascinating to say the least.









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Hi guys. First post here.


I have to tell you that I'm one of the lucky ones to be in MK2's gaming circle. The games we play are all as good as they look, and that's because of the effort that he puts into them.


PS. I'm the unlucky Fokker DVII operator who took a round through the fuel line and had to land. :-)

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Hey, MK2 - you seem to be the "crazy neighbour", I (and Rickitycrate) always wanted but never had.

When I came up with ideas like this, the guys rather responded with shrugs.


Often I think, I was born in the totally wrong country. Maybe the stork came out of a warp wrong.

I feel, I should have been delivered to Cornwall or somewere near (Polperro would have been nice...)


I didn't even know, Dawn Patrol was a board game, before the sim came. This looks incredible, and like

a helluvalot of excitement. Thanks for sharing, MK2!

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Crivens :shok: ! Just had a quiet peek. Usually I suffer an attack of narcolepsy when miniatures/board games are mentioned. But this is something else MK2. Amazing dedication !

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This was our 3rd mission on August 3, 1918.


We had a "what you see is what you get board" that included a trench line, with opposing balloon brigades facing each other. On top of that there was also random automated recon planes flying up and down the trench. It was equal parts dangerous and fun time for the hunters.


Jasta 11 and the 94th aero squadron really went at it and it was a draw.


There were 4 kills including both the German and American balloons as well as a DH4 and LVG 2 seater planes shot down out of the sky.


Lieutenant raymer of the French Escadrille also scored a very lucky balloon kill where he was almost shot down.


Enjoy the pics and read the captions for details...


The mission starts! Jasta 11 and the 94th jockey for position.




Pilots James Cunningham (3 kill pilot and Captain of the 94th) and Delvechio (12 mission pilot of the 94th) aggressively strike the Drachen on the second turn.




The balloon goes up in flames, Cunningham gets lucky and scores 5 hits to Delvechio's 4 and confirms the kill.




Emil Vogel and Helmut Stenier of Jasta 11 sandwich Charles Burdick of the 94th with a bottom and top attack at 50 feet! Burdick gets away unscathed.




Von Liebau of jasta 11 scores his 4th confirmed kill! he needed to score the maximum amount of hits on the right wing to bring the DH4 down.





Emil Vogel scores an allied balloon after braving enemy fire




Emil Vogel in his trusty Pfalz stalks an American SPAD XIII




The Balloons are down and the chase is on!



Cunningham blast a crippled two seater for his second confirmed victory of the night (at 300 foot altitude, 4 turns of firing...) and becomes an official ace!




Jean Raymer sustains 3 engine hits on first pass at balloon and scores a killing blow.





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