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What Have You Done For A Living?

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Curious is all...


Guess since I asked, Ill start.

Ive worked as a student, busboy, dishwasher, telegram delivery, truck stop attendant, security guard, US Marine Engineer and equipment operator, US Navy Boatswainsmate, Calif. Natl Guard ammo handler and refueler, Arizona Copper miner, Rodeo cowboy and ranch hand, sold auto parts, truck driver for military and as independant hauling hay and grain mostly, drafter, land surveyor, Able-bodied seaman Unlimited, maintenanceman for horse facility, and presently employed by the local school district as a school custodian.


None of them paid a lot but I generally was stress free and perfectly happy. :0)

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Good Thread idea!


High School to present:

Snack Bar at Fishing Pier in Norfolk (only lasted a couple days), Gas station attendant (3-4 years), Student Maine Maritime Academy, Naval Flight Officer P-3 Orion, Mate Supply boat, Mate/Crane Operator/Engineer/AB Jackup Boat (they would not let me cook because I was a Damn Yankee or maybe rumours of my cooking from the fishing pier made it that far south!), Mate Container Ship, Mate Dive Support Vessel, Dynamic Position Officer Drillship, Chief Mate Drillship.


The Job I enjoyed most is tied: The Gas Station was great for learning people skills and having fun, Feel the same about my current job as Chief Mate.






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:P Well,

Here is my jobs:

:huh: Private tutor in English as a student, artillery corps gunnery officer (Lieutenant)for 2 year in the Greek Army after 6 month's in Officers' School, 155 mm self-propelled guns and 105 mm towed howitzer, then teacher of English for 18 years. 2 years of highschool teaching, lecturer on American poetry and Professor of Creative Writing teaching American college students (71-72) on the island of Aegina. free-lance aviation writer for various aviation and modeling magazines, translator for international congresses, Examiner for Proficiency Exams in English,

Teacher of Modern Greek at the American School for Classical studies in Athens,

Poet with poems published in the US. Canada and South Africa literary magazines.. .and related such jobs in Academe. At one stage, for need of extra money, I sold furcoats to Russian girls in Athens making comissions of 100-300 dollars a piece in the summers of 92-95, in parallel with the teaching jobs--this was fun, dangerous (the Greek-Russians were after me but I out-tricked the bastards and stole their own clients from under their nose and they never knew it or suspected me) --also fun because I got me some of the best looking women from Russia then for quick sprees, aged 18 to 35. Professor of English at presnt and writing for magazines and doing translations.

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I graduated in 86'.... I joined the Navy from 87' to 91 onboard the USS Forrestal CV-59 was a ABE rate. My job for four years was to maintain and work the Catapult System on Cat 1 and 2....Launching Jets was a damn good experience..I love it..


Then I collected un-employment for a year..in the 1/3 qrt. of 92 I moved to Houston and left everything behind..just me and my car..


Stayed with a sister while I worked as a Machine operator at this company that made rivets and bolts... I ran the machine that put the threads on bolts and holes on vivets...did this for 8 years..



I then got layed off and began to do Hydrographic surveying. I surveyed with a boat dpths of Rivers, lakes, canals and identified and staked underwater pipe lines..That was a good paying job..I did this for about 6 months..


I also worked for a temp agency for about 2 months filling boxes with plastic pellets....that sucked.....but it was something to do..for several weeks..


Then I got this job about a years ago..I now work as a machine operator making plastic bottles.. I run the machine that makes the 1qrt. MOBIL 1 bottle. I have been doing this for a year and we also make the bottle for MINUTEMADE juice...and the bottle for an additive for Diesel fuel. We used to make the bottle for Pace Picante sauce, but we no longer do that..


and there you have it.. That's what I have done since I graduated from H.S.... :blink:

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So what a lot of jobs did every one.


Let I tell you what I did (shortlisted)

Get mine diploma in 1995 and I started from than with work (I did allready vacation work before).

I worked in factories don't know all of them now on this moment.

In 2 big bookstorages with whole lot of books.

I packed them in and did the shippings all over the world.

Worked in the summers in the city-green (don't know the good word of it). Get a brown face and arms and always looking to the ladies that passed by when I was at work. B)

And sometimes I had no job.......

Also worked (and still do) in archiv's. Sounds very boring, but it isn't.


No army/navy/airforce for me. :(




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I have worked as...a dishwasher, busboy, cook, restaurnt host, parks and rec marina employee, Earl May nursey worker (which includes watering plants, cleaning the store, stocking shelves, checking people out, and catching fish) and as of current, I wait tables at a steakhouse.

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First real job was a grill cook and prep guy (burgers, pizzas, nachos, salads, etc) at a little hometown drive in restaurant while in high school.


Left that for "more money" to be a dishwasher at a classy steak restaurant. I was making up to $3.50 an hour! Did that for a year before and after I graduated high school in '85.


Beginning of '86 I joined the US Air Force and became a Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialist. Worked as a Phase Inspection Technician and then a flightline Crew Chief on the mighty F-4E/G Wild Weasel in sunny Southern California.


'90 I seperated the USAF and after a couple months I went to work at Edys Grand Ice Cream (it's Dreyers Grand on the west coast...same company). I made the ice cream containers on a press for about a year, and then for the next three years I worked shipping and recieving/forklift/warehouse in the -20f freezer. Great benefits...free ice cream! :D Had a lil trouble trying to help organize a union and got fired after 4 years with about 15-20 other people. :blink:


During this time I went into the Indiana Air National Guard part time and was a Crew Chief on F-4Es and then F-16C/Ds from 90-94.


'94 went to work in a foodservice distributer warehouse. Over the 5 years there we were Monarch Foodservice, JP Foodservice, and then US Foodservice. I had to palletize orders for restaurant delivery...daily handling about 40,000 lbs of food by hand. After numerous back strains, a broken toe, and finally two hernias that needed surgery, I quit in '99.


Worked at a meat packing company as a driver delivering meat to restaurants within a 120 mile radius for awhile. Only stayed there for about 9 months until they closed.


Next I drove a delivery truck again, this time for a vending machine company. I had to fill your favorite snack/soda/sandwich machines. This wasn't for me either so I bailed after a few months.


Went to work for a hotel as a maintenance guy for a year until they layed me off.


Went to another foodservice distribution warehouse as a forklift driver for about 6 months until they decided we were going to have to do more hand picking. My repaired hernias started acting up with the physical labor stuff so I left.


Got in at Chautauqua Airlines in the parts room at their maintenance base in Ft Wayne in '01. Chautauqua moved out and their new sister airline (Shuttle America) moved in and set up headquarters here. I worked in the parts room for a year, and finally was allowed to become a maintenance apprentice. Finally got my A&P license last month and now a full blown FAA licensed aircraft maintenance technician (which means I'm finally getting paid what I'm worth for doing the same job I was doing as an apprentice for a year). :lol: I think I'll stick to this job for awile. ;)

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Bagger and Stocker at Winn Dixie grocery store. Worked retail at Ross and Dillards. Tele-marketer :lol::lol::lol: . Busboy at a country club (lasted like 2 days, really sh*tty place to work). And my longest lasting job, driver for Dominos for almost 2 years. Currently unemployed and broke because Dominos fired me for having too many speeding tickets..... oh the irony.

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Since I was 16:


Stocker at grocery store

Freelance Photographer

Stocker at same grocery store...again.

Computer Data Entry Person for Printing Company, worked in bindery

Student..Western Michigan University

Stocker Again...same grocery store

Student...Lake Michigan College

3rd Shift Gas Station Attendant

Student ...Michigan State University

Nikon Sales representative

Photo lab and cutom color/b&w Labtech..while freelancing weddings and events

Student...Southwestern Michigan College...while simultaneously working as a

Stocker...same grocery store

Molten Aluminum Blow furnace carpenter

Student...Purdue University..Teachers Assistant Position for Hydraulics

Aircraft Technician...Aretz Airport..pistons

Aircraft Technician...ACS...Corporate Jets

Director of Maintenance..Corporate Jets.

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History Goes:


8 yrs US Navy - VF101 from 82-85, VF-11 onboard USS Forrestal from 85-90 AT2

Painter (Construction)

Security Officer - Volvo GM Heavy Truck Plant

Construction work for the Celanese Corportation (Fence Post Driver) :blink:

Propane Gas Installation and Service Technician

Ran my own Fitness Equipment Repair Service for 3 years

Security Officer - Flint Hills Oil Refinery

Service Manager for the Copy Center of Alice Texas.


Here I am. Real excitement huh.... :D

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Cleaned swimming pools, one Spring, high school, Indianapolis

Worked at plastic bag factory, one Summer, Indianapolis

Joined US Navy, 1972, as AME (Aviation Structural Mechanic, Egress Systems)

Naval Air Test Center Patuxent River, MD, 1973-76

Left USN, as AME2 (E5) 1976; went to Purdue Univ., Summer 76

Worked for AMC dealership, parts dept., Indianapolis

Worked for fire exinguisher repair company, Indianapolis

Worked for AID (Ambulance Indianapolis Dispatch), as EMT

Went to Mankato State Univ. for Paramedics studies, for one year.


Re-enlisted into US Navy, December 1980, as AME2 (E5)


Attack Squadron 15, NAS Cecil Field, FL, 1981-1984

VFA-106, NAS Cecil Field, 1984-1987

VFA-83, NAS Cecil FIeld, 1987-1990

Saufley Field, FL (Pensacola) 1990-1993 Advancement Exam Writer for AME Rating

VQ-1, NAS Agana, Guam, 1993-1994

VQ-1, NAS Whidbey Island, WA 1994-1997

Retired from US Navy, 1 April, 1997


Worked for The Home Depot, 1997-2000


Retired, 2000


Loving life!


Navy Chief

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Started working at age 12 mowing lawns and delivering newspapers.

Got my first real job at 16 woking at a local stable, did it for a summer in 100_ degree weather. :blink:


Worked the snack bar at the local collage stadium.


At 17 went to work as a cook making pizzas.


Graduated High School and joined the Navy.


Was on board the Saratoga from '79-'81 as non-rated Airman refueling jets on the flight deck.


'81 got out of active duty, went back to school and the pizza place.

Stayed in the reserves and trained to be an Aviation Ordnanceman.


Made AO3 in '84


Repaired pneumatic tools for about 3 months, Repo'ed cars.


Worked for Beechcraft's Air Center One at Meadows Field for about 18months.


Worked at my uncles manufacturing plant as a tool operater/plant manager.


Made AO2 in '88


Went to work for Kern County in '88, still there.


Worked part time for the pizza parlor again :rolleyes:


Made AO1 in '96


In '98 I retired from the Navy reserves after 20 years and more deployments that I should have gone on.


As one of former employers said- "Jack of all trades,master of none."

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I'm on the short list here:

-Made advertisements for beer and wine distributerships for two summers.

-Mowed lawns on and off.

-Went to Ft. Knox, made E-5 pay for a summer at LTC.

-Currently a MDSN 4th Class, making $250 a month.

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